NSFW Photo – Liberty Ammunition’s 100 grain, 3,500 FPS .308 Load Now Shipping

liberty ammunition

Liberty Ammunition announced its new .308 Win load is now shipping. This load uses a 100 grain monolithic copper hollow point that is loaded to a velocity of 3,500 fps.

According to the company this load holds 1 MOA to 500 yards, plus offers reduced felt recoil. “You’ll love the match grade accuracy and your shoulder will thank you for the lower recoil,” said Matt Phillips, the vice president of sales and marketing for Liberty Ammunition.

The new load is part of the company’s Animal Instinct line of hunting ammunition. The below photo shows the exit wound of one of these rounds on a 150 pound hog. The shot was taken at about 75 yards.

308 Hog

Liberty Ammunition states the hollow point bullet is completely lead free and is designed to fragment.

Although it is marketed as a hunting round, it is possible that it could have other applications as well. The company states the round creates a wound channel that is greater then 5″ wide and roughly 16″ deep. Assuming the round does offer excellent accuracy, it may be worth investigating for law enforcement and other sniper use. The traditional 168 grain BTHP match loads are notorious for over-penetration in soft targets, and many law enforcement agencies have moved or are moving away from them.

The rounds are not cheap, however. The suggested retail price on these is $51.99 for a box of 20.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Just a Lonely Stalker

    I’d buy them if they were FMJ…….for science reasons

    • Twilight sparkle

      And in 5.56

      • DwnRange

        100 grain 223 rounds were tried and actually tested by B&T ammo labs over at AR15 dotcom many years back and if you Google it you will find they were quite devastating – unfortunately all those bullets were sold off by the company that made them, before they went out of business and only of few folks that I’m aware of actually purchased and tested them.

        Loaded mag-length and around 2400 fps they were not really practical for any real distance, but as defensive rounds up close (out to 100-150 yards) they worked very well.

        • Twilight sparkle

          I think I may have read something about it on arfcom

          I was actually thinking regular 55 grain solid copper non-hollow point just for shiggles to see what it would do to armor. Something like that shouldn’t be classified as AP by the ATF since its solid copper instead of brass… unless I’m remembering the laws wrong

  • Mother Demanding Action

    This may sound ridiculous on a gun site and to some of you… but regardless gore warnings would be polite. I’ve got nothing against hunters but I personally don’t like looking at dead animals. Just chalk it up to me being a puss millennial I guess.

    • Dan

      Just think of it of steak with patches of fur and skin.

      • nova3930

        Come on now dead flesh and blood is only acceptable if it’s wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam in the grocery store cooler….

      • John

        Wait, you mean steak SHOULDN’T have patches of fur and skin? …..DAMN YOU DENNY’S!!!

    • FriendOfJohnnyM

      Awwww, you should probably ignore all Nature and Nature films- since there are so many carnivores, and maybe never go to a butcher shop, the meat section of a grocery store, never look a the road while driving (roadkill might be there), never go fishing, etc., etc., etc…..

      Reality is just SUCH a hassle, huh?
      Maybe you should “demand” psychiatric help.

    • Ma’am, I believe we normally include such a warning for photos like that. I looks like Richard has edited the article title.

      • jay

        No, just can’t read.

        “NSFW Photo – Liberty Ammunition’s 100 grain, 3,500 FPS
        .308 Load Now Shipping”

        Know all the texting codes, but not “NSFW”? ;-}

      • Mother Demanding Action

        Cool, thanks. It’s just a convenience.

      • The title “NSFW Photo…” was how it was published from the get go. It was never published without that.

    • John

      It kind of looks like a satellite picture of a forest fire.

      • Smokey_the_Bear

        The fire was started when the red paint factory exploded.

    • Bill

      Sorta yeah. I don’t hunt, but have seen plenty of GSWs. A photo like this doesn’t do much without a scale and other forensic features. And no cantaloupes. Ballistic gel with scales is the gold standard.

    • jay


      NSFW Photo – Liberty Ammunition’s 100 grain, 3,500 FPS .308 Load Now Shipping Know all the texting codes, but not “NSFW”? ;-}

      • Cymond

        …. Dude, the author changed the title later.

        • The title “NSFW Photo…” was how it was published from the get go. It was never published without it.

          • Cymond

            Sorry, I wrongly trusted Nathaniel F’s comment.

          • No worries.

      • DwnRange

        NSFW = not safe for work…… ; )

    • You are correct; it does sound ridiculous. Prior to posting the article, I included “NSFW Photo” in the title. Considering it is an article about ammunition, what did you expect to see if not an animal that had been shot? Porn?

      • Jwedel1231

        Yeah, I was thinking it might be that. I had no idea how nor why that would be in a TFB article and was curious.

    • Dragonheart

      Looks like a poorly placed shot. The mark of a slob hunter! To kill is one thing to make an animal suffer is something else.

      • DwnRange

        A shot through the backbone in this case is an instant DRT shot. No suffering involved here and as it is the exit wound and we cannot see the the entrance, (do not know the angle as hog could have been uphill from the shooter) from what I see you are wrong about this pig suffering.

        You might consider taking a closer look next time before making such a foolish comment.

    • RickOAA .

      You big baby.

      Did shooting an AR-15 scar you for life, too?

    • Zebra Dun

      That is what we call, Pork Chops, Bacon, Snout, Feet and Ham.

  • Giolli Joker

    “According to the company this load holds 1 MOA to 500 yards”
    I hope this claim will be soon independently tested… odd bullet weights rarely perform particularly good in the accuracy department from barrels designed to stabilize much more common bullets.

    • micmac80

      As its a hollowpoint solid bullet its much longer than jacketed lead core bullet for same weight , stabilisation is about lenght not weight of the bullet.

      • Giolli Joker

        Stabilization is also about weight distribution and several other factors other than just length, conventional bullets usually aim to hit a sweet spot…
        Anyway, I’m curious, it might really be as good as they claim, I just hope to see some proper testing.

    • John

      That is a heck of a claim to make but if you can charge over $2 per shot, you had better make them perfect. JMHO

  • Cal S.

    Holy Cow! They’re nice for reducing felt recoil, but for that price?…

    • Smokey_the_Bear

      I’d rather see a reduced felt price tag.

  • lowell houser

    How do they cycle in an M14 pattern rifle, anybody know?

    • El Duderino

      For $52/box we may never know.

  • nova3930

    Holy $%()*&# $2.60/round? That’s .50 BMG price range there…..

    • iksnilol

      What you’re saying is that we should eradicate hogs with 50 BMG instead?

      Hmmm, somebody should test this. I bet Alex C. has an M2 that he can mount on his truck.

      • PK

        That seems inhumane. Let’s see what things like 20x102mm or 20x110mm or 30x113mm or 30x173mm do.

        For science.

        • M1911.A1

          I think you mean “for the childrens”…

          • Jwedel1231

            For the science children.

  • John

    Is it just me or does that seem like a tiny exit wound for a .308, especially at just 75 yards! Maybe not much expansion?

    • Guess What’s Back on the Menu

      Bullets travel fast friendo ……. ain’t got time to make wide would channels

    • CommonSense23

      Thats a pretty good expansion. I’ve seen a lot worse from point blank in pigs from dedicated hunting rounds.

  • El Duderino

    $52 for 20? Umm…no thanks.

  • gunsandrockets

    11% less recoil than 150 grain?

  • Bob

    what is the ballistic coefficient of that bullet?

  • Sasquatch


  • Günter Groß

    The exit wound doesn’t matter that much. It’s the channel between entrance and exit, where things start to work or fail.

    • ozzallos .

      If it works like their pistol caliber rounds, I promise you it’s ugly. Hell, I’m not even sure you would want to use it for most hunting.

  • Steve

    The NSFW title is misleading. There’s a disturbing lack of boobage in this article.

  • mazkact

    A bit much FPS, I like my barrels.

  • DwnRange

    hummm, on their website it states: “Will ship when available” – guess they haven’t updated it yet…….

  • Old Gringo

    To the guy who is bothered by the sight of the blood on the exit wound of the hog, I am sure that you can become less offended by such a sight if you will just watch those pictures where planned parenthood crushes the skull of the little fetuses when they do a late term abortion and the little head has gotten to big to pull out thru the birth canal…..I have eaten probably over 100 deer and antelope and every time I walk up on a kill I fill a little bit of sadness as you just have to admire how beautify some animals can be….suck it up buttercup…

  • Old Gringo

    Sounds like a great prong horn load…..like the 300 Weatherby loaded with 125 grain ballistic
    tips flat as a lazer and hits like the son of Thor…3500 fps is never shabby in any caliber…..and they dont hurt the barrel unless you do stupid stuff like shoot with a hot barrel…duh? At $55 per 20 I dont see many barrels being damaged…

  • ABeiruty

    At 3500 fps would burn down the barrel fast, I mean really fast?!

  • dltaylor51

    If you want accurate devastation and light kick just get a 7mm Rem mag and use 115gn spire points,shoots flat as a pancake for as far as you can see.

  • jeffrey melton

    Can you say BLOOD MIST?