Liberty Ammunition .308 Load

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
liberty ammunition

Liberty Ammunition will announce a new .308 Win load later this month. The new ammo will use a 100 grain monolithic copper hollow point that is nickel plated. Muzzle velocity is said to be greater than 3,500 fps.

For the .308 Win, this is a light bullet. The lightest bullets I’ve seen commercially loaded in the caliber is 110 grains, but there may be others that are lighter. The Hornady TAP line has a 110 grain .308 load rated for 3,165 fps at the muzzle. Nosler sells a 110 grain load in its Varmageddon line that is also rated at 3,150 fps.

This will be one of the lightest, fastest conventional loads available for the caliber from a commercial source. (The discontinued sabot style Accelerator from Remington probably was the lightest and fastest.) There may be other conventional loads at or below 100 grains or that are faster. I encourage feedback if you know of any.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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