HK has a multi tool for their 416. According to one post on, it costs $863! That is a bit high for what looks like just a castle nut wrench, spanner wrench and muzle device wrench all in one. It does not even have the torque wrench or a socket wrench with it. You must provide you own. I know some H&K accessories are rather pricey but this seems a bit much for hunk of metal.

You could get the Gerber AR Short Stack and accomplish most if not more with the Gerber than this HK416 tool. Although, the Gerber AR Short Stack is lacking a spanner wrench for the barrel nut.

Nathan S. wrote an article about the Gerber Short Stack.


  • Nobody Inparticular

    >it costs $863

    well yeah, it’s an HK brand tool… for HKs… who thinks you suck and they hate you

    • Twilight sparkle

      At least they’re giving me us mp5s again

      Don’t forget this gem from them though

      • John Yossarian

        HK invented the Boberg

        • Twilight sparkle

          Haha that would explain the pricing

      • Nameson

        The MP5’s are almost three grand. I’m not convinced they don’t hate us.

        • Twilight sparkle

          I have a feeling that price will drop considerably after a few months, ether that or they won’t sell many.

  • Mark

    You can’t make this up.

  • Scott Tuttle

    its probably too early to jump to conclusions based on a forum post.

  • MrEllis

    That’s just the government price.

    • Marc

      The government pays less for a G36. More likely some inofficial distribution channel price.

      • MrEllis

        It was a joke, and I doubt they pay less for a 416. If they buy them it’s not in lots, it’s a per unit basis.

  • They do not cost anywhere near that amount to the end user. If HKpro (a third party website, and not a website affiliated with HK) sells them at that price then its because collectors are (for some reason) willing to pay that much.

  • hkguns

    The quote below pretty much sums up the price.

    “Folks always want to know why HK tools are so expensive. The reason is
    because they are not made for the masses. They are made in limited
    quantities to satisfy military and LE contracts. The smaller the batch,
    the more they cost.”

    It is what it is……..

    • Bradley J. Alexander

      HK is a corrupt, disgusting government creature that holds the general public in the greatest of contempt.

    • Mark

      Wouldn’t the proprietary KAC tools fit this description as well? They certainly are expensive but no where even close to this.

    • Paladin

      Even for a one-off $863 would be excessive.

  • Kevin Marchiando

    No bottle opener? What a rip… 😉

  • LazyReader


  • Ambassador Vader

    $831? my god that’s cheap. I mean it’s hollowed out titanium filled with gold and platinum powder, blessed by the queen, had been briefly flown to outer space for cosmic ray surface hardening, and then shot into the surface of the sun where it slumbered for 4 billion years before being sold to HK collectors. What an investment!

  • Ambassador Vader

    Meanwhile at HK………………..