The Palm Carbine

Remember the good old Palm Pistol from Constitution Arms? We posted about it way back in 2008, what the heck is it you ask? It’s basically a single shot self defense gun that was designed to be easy to shoot for those who might have issues with dexterity or grip strength such as the elderly or shooters with a disability. It’s chambered in .38 special and it has no bore axis which Constitution Arms claims helps with muzzle rise because the recoil is directed into the palm.

palm pistol

Anyways, Constitution Arms has plans to release a .22LR version of their Palm Pistol in the future. They also have something else new in the works, they’re working on their new Palm Carbine which we posted a sneak peak of earlier this year.

Their Palm Carbine is, “intended for competitive target shooting, small game hunting and plinking”. Right, it’s essentially their Palm Pistol with a longer barrel and a Keymod rail with an AR stock attached to the rear. It’s still chambered in .38 special and they’re planning on releasing a production run of 100 units with a .22LR version in the works as well. No word yet on pricing however, sorry CA, DC, MA and MD you won’t be able to buy it.

Check out for more info.

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  • Sianmink


    I demand Alex C do a run and gun with this.

    • Vhyrus

      minimum 30 rounds. It should take at least 2 go pros to capture the whole thing.

      • Swarf

        And about an hour.

        • Flounder

          i don’t know… Alex has done single shots before…

          I see no reason why this should not happpen! Especailly because Alex is running out of old bolt actions to use. I’m waiting for him to start running and gunning with modern bolts by next year!

  • KestrelBike

    “sorry CA, DC, MA and MD you won’t be able to buy it.”

    ADA lawsuits are rabid things. Although there have been/are some serious issues with accessibility for the disabled, there are many bad apples in that crowd who make a living out of going into stores, finding the smallest discrepancy/non-compliance with ADA law (that the non-litigious disabled person would never notice/consider/care-about in the first place), and suing the business who quickly just pay out $$$ to get them to go away.

    I’d LOVE to see those same jackwads troll the F out of CA/MD/NYC/DC/MA and sue them for not being able to purchase these weapons from an ADA compliance standpoint.

  • PeterK


  • politicsbyothermeans

    Does muzzle rise matter in a single shot?

    • Anon

      Yes? No? I feel like this is more of a philosophical question rather than a technical one.

      • politicsbyothermeans

        How so? Muzzle rise only matters because of its effect on follow up shots.

      • Bob

        If one of these is shot in a forest, does anyone care about the muzzle rise?

  • DIR911911 .

    looks like that bipod has an adapter plate affixed to the bipod plate and the rail adapter has it’s own rail to bipod adapter . . . that gun is 50% bipod

    • Giolli Joker

      It’s 100% BS.

  • 1911Junkie

    > sorry CA, DC, MA and MD you won’t be able to buy it.

    Why not? If it’s a single shot rifle, no detachable magazine and OAL is 26″, it is perfectly legal in CA.

    • m-cameron

      more than likely the Manf. doesnt want to bother reading the actual laws in those states, so they just dont sell there……pure laziness…….not that anyone is actually going to buy one, so its really a moot point anyways

      • gunsandrockets

        True. Many is the time I’ve seen individuals or businesses which refuse to sell to California even though their product is perfectly legal under California law.

        • Flounder

          To be fair, California probably has some tax on all the guns that come into the state.

          I know that the roster operates largely on this. The roster of handguns also requires that the manufacturer submits multiple guns for Testing and pay a testing fee. No one can submit the pistols or the fee for a manufacturer.

          Yes it is a garbage situation. But hopefully it is bad enough that the supreme courts will eventually get around to dealing with it.

          • gunsandrockets

            The California “safe handgun” roster doesn’t quite work that way for imports, it is both worse and not as bad as you think.

            There is no California tax on handgun imports. But the legal supply of handguns is very restrictive because of the roster.

            California FFL dealers can sell to California residents only those handgun models which appear on the roster, including any handguns imported into the State. The tiny exception to this is private party transfers. If one California resident wants to sell his handgun to another California resident, he can do so even though that handgun model does not appear on the handgun roster.

            The practical effect of this California law is to severely restrict the supply of handgun models which do not appear on the roster. This makes many handgun models almost impossible to purchase, and also drives the price upward of those handgun models which still appear on the roster.

          • Flounder

            I’m referring only as to how a pistol gets put onto the roster. I am familiar with how it works.

            You also left out the stipulation that all firearm transfers must go through an FFL in California. Except certain familial transfers.

            Last i checked the manufacturer had to submit 3 guns for testing that they would not get back and pay a fee in order to be tested. Then if it passed the tests (easy enough) the handgun could be listed on the roster.

          • gunsandrockets

            Well, I didn’t want to get too far into the weeds of California transfer law or we could be here all day.

            Many absurd exemptions exist for the handgun roster, which proves what a lie the whole “safe handgun” law has been from the start. Like the law enforcement exemption, after all police need unsafe handguns! Like the single action revolver exemption, after all old-style Colt single-actions are notable for how safe they are!

            As long as a gun company keeps paying the yearly blackmail, they can keep a handgun model on the roster. And new requirements have been added for any new handgun model added to the roster, like micro-stamping to any new self-loading pistol model. That’s the reason Glock keeps making third generation Glocks, because they could only sell newer generations to Californians by adding the unicorn technology of micro-stamping.

  • Giolli Joker

    I believe every gun with a barrel has a bore axis…

    • commenter1

      What Giolli said.

  • Bob

    This seems a little ridiculous, but I want to try to keep an open mind, as I thankfully do not fall into the target demographic and don’t want to bash something that could have a legit niche.

  • Anon

    This thing is seriously making me reconsider that weird little .22 Zip gun thing as a practical weapon now that I know how low my options can go

  • randomswede

    I’m going to assume that this has merit to someone, but if I had cash to burn this is a prime example of the kind of one off gun I’d like to make. My version of art i supose.
    The rifle that is; the pistol makes perfect sense in comparison.

  • iksnilol

    Why care about muzzle rise if you don’t have a second shot?

    • Doom

      maybe muzzle whip so it doesnt hurt your wrist as much?

  • noob

    I get the impression that this weapon isn’t about muzzle rise but more about being legally allowed to stabilize the weapon with three points of contact on your body (and potentially a bipod or sandbag rest too) opening up plinking to shooters with nerve damage or muscle damage.

    That being said, i have wondered if an index finger trigger may be one day supplanted by some other kind of trigger that arranges the hand in such a way that you can’t put lateral forces on the gun while using the trigger.

    You know, like those remote cables that photographers use for cameras or something.

  • AD

    Hahaha, that’s a funny joke!

    … it is a joke, right? Yeah, it’s got to be. I think.

  • phuzz

    So how exactly did this press release get delayed for almost two months?

  • Mystick

    Why is muzzle-rise a concern with a single-shot firearm?

    • David Sharpe

      Muzzle flip could hurt the wrists of those with physical limitations.