Air Powered M&P 40

Umarex USA

Umarex USA is now selling an air powered version of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 handgun. The new pistol is a close replica of the firearm, complete with a working slide, three dot sights and a removable magazine. This gun is different from the previous M&P as it has a blowback design and 15-round magazine.

The Umarex USA gun fires .177 caliber BBs using a 12g CO2 cartridge. The gun design has a regulation valve that prevents pressure loss when a magazine is removed. Each magazine holds 15 of the BBs and is weighted to mimic that of a loaded Smith & Wesson M&P 40 magazine. Magazines drop free.

Umarex uses a polymer frame similar to that used by Smith & Wesson. There are three backstraps included with the gun so the shooter can fit the airgun to his or her hand. Under the barrel, the frame has a Picainnty type rail for the addition of a white light or other accessory.

There is a variety of opinions regarding the usefulness of an airgun doppelganger. While shooting the centerfire firearm is probably the best for training, I can see how having a close replica that could be used in a garage or warehouse makes sense as well. Presuming the replica is well made and offers the same controls as the real firearm, I can see how practicing movement, use of light and even presentation techniques may be enhanced with such a gun when range time is limited.

Umarex makes a variety of air pistols including 1911s and P.08 replicas.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Anonymoose

    I’d rather have a .177 M&P9, so I’d get more capacity. 😛

    • thedonn007

      Yea, why do they call this the M&P 40 anyway?

  • Joe

    How about a .22 M&P45, heavier pellets with serious knockdown power.

    • DW

      Already on market, size is based on the 9mm M&P not the .45

      • VIPER5051

        I think he means .22 caliber air pellets not .22lr

    • iksnilol

      Flatter trajectory, even cheaper. Doesn’t need registration in some countries.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Thats kinda cool for backyard plinking.
    Do you have to be 18 to buy one?

    • Ken


      • Anonymoose

        Pretty sure you do in Ohio.

        • Ken

          I couldn’t find anything to that effect.

  • GT Strickland

    There’s one being sold thru Bass Pro Shops, etal, but it comes in desert colors. The Umarex model looks too much like my M&P40 and I’d hate to grab the wrong one when I needed it the most.

    • I cover all of my airsoft training pistols with blue painters tape for this reason. A piece running the full length of the slide on each side + both grip panels.

  • Will

    And just as sure as God makes little green apples every spring some dumbass kid is gonna point one of these at someone, probably a cop, and is going to get shot for it.
    Then there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth about “Its just a BB gun, he was a good kid who wouldn’t hurt anyone.”
    This is irresponsible.

    • Red McCloud

      If they’re pointing one of these at a cop, I think they’re TRYING to get shot…

      Plus these aren’t toys, they’re airGUNS, made for shooting pellets that can KILL SMALL ANIMALS. Children shouldn’t even have access to these, and if they do, it’s the parents fault.

      • copywriter

        Neither powerful enough nor designed for pest control Red. However, you are quite correct in saying they are not toys and should only be used by youngsters under parental supervision for target practice/ plinking and as an introduction to shooting. IMHO these replicas are interesting and fun to shoot, but as with all types of gun, should be used in an appropriately safe and responsible fashion. They are also ideal for when you don’t have time to go to the range… and are very inexpensive to shoot! They are also ideal for countries where cartridge firing handguns may be heavily restricted or even banned such as in the UK (PS… Great blog TFB — love reading it 🙂

    • The toy guns should already be marked in orange but then kids take the orange piece off so you can’t tell if it’s real or not.

      • smitty26

        Here In Holland these air guns are illigal.Because of their model and colour.To mutch looking for the real deal.About 15 years back Umarex made a few models in the colours:red and green and these were legal to buy.But they were bought ,spray painted
        black and used for crimes.Now the coloured models were no longer for sale.

    • iksnilol

      You do know that airguns aren’t toys?

      Like, these things break through the skin.

    • Or…instead of blaming S&W for a BB gun that Umarex is making, we could instead take responsibility for properly raising our children not to take things that look like guns into public places and point them at people such as police officers. Seriously, can we stop blaming inanimate objects and start taking responsibility for our own actions which includes raising our children?

      • lol

        THANK YOU.

    • Pastor Dan

      I was thinking the same thing about the orange, but it’s not S&W here, it’s Umarex — although, S&W ought to have some say in how their product is replicated.

      It happens that I’ve had one handgun stolen in my lifetime: an M&P 40, stolen by a minor. Yes, it was locked in a drawer; they trashed the furniture getting into it.

  • Just say’n

    I’ve got the Umarex Legends Makarov PM, spitting image (well, close enough) of the real thing. Great for practice sessions in the basement and garage. Much better quality than their competitors too.

    They make numerous CO2 copies of “real” guns including a Luger, the broomhandle Mauser, Berettas, HKs, 1911s, Walthers, etc.

  • Alex Nicolin

    I live in a country where you need a permit to own this too. You have to go trough medical, psychological and criminal background check and have your home metal locker inspected by the city block cop before you get the permit. And that’s no joke.

  • Julio

    “Air Powered M&P 40”
    It really is NOT “air-powered”. That would be interesting. This is just another CO2 pistol.

  • BigFED

    Oh, great news!!! Now there are even MORE facsimiles of real guns that can get the user shot by a cop!!! I know, I know! Don’t do stupid things with ANYTHING that looks like a gun! But, you do know that things are going to go wrong and the poor cops are going to get dumped on because “it wasn’t a REAL gun!”

    • Pastor Dan

      Mrs. just sent some older models to the scrap yard. One of the boys left them in a drawer. I nearly blew a hole in our newest TV with one of them. Yes, I felt really stupid, but no instruction manual to read, and no idea how to unload it — at first. No, not a lick of orange on them.

  • Wynter

    I have the Umarex M&P40 without the moving slide. Apparently the reciprocating slide is more realistic but significantly increases how fast you run out of CO2. It was a gift from my sis because I also own a real M&P40. For the low cost of these things they are great little air guns. I haven’t owned a CO2 air gun in many years because back then getting a cylinder to actually seal was rare. Things have changed, mine seals perfectly and shoots very accurately all things considered. I was amazed just how accurate it was, granted I haven’t shot an air gun in twenty years so it’s probably not as shocking to most people.

    It fits perfectly in my 5.11 Thumb Drive holster so it’s proving to be a great tool for training. The fiber optic rear sight is actually easier to see than my real guns white dots. The sad thing is the trigger on my CO2 M&P40 is MUCH. MUCH, MUCH better than that POS that my real gun came with. Unfortunately being disabled with no income means not being able to buy an APEX kit so I’m stuck with the crappy trigger. It’s also why, sadly, my M&P40 has been relegated to “back up” home defense status. The trigger is literally so bad it shoots shotgun like patterns and useless for any kind of accurate shooting. My sis and I laughed about a BB gun shooting better than it’s real gun twin but it’s one of those laughs that isn’t funny.

    If you have an M&P full size and want an extremely affordable training tool, I recommend these Umarex CO2 versions. Mines only a couple months old (Christmas present) but, so far, its been an impressive little shooter. I’ve left it for weeks with the same cylinder in it and it never leaked a bit. Which is good because you get a LOT of shots out of each cylinder.

  • Wingbert

    I’ll take the .177 BB over a .40 cal bullet version any day of the week