Meprolight EOTech Trade-in Offer

The Mako Group recently announced that they’ll give you a rebate towards one of their Meprolight optics if you trade in your “tired, old” EOTech optic. Ouch, in case you forgot EOTech got into some serious trouble last year when the United States government sued EOTech’s parent company L3 Communications over false claims about their holographic sights. Apparently some of their products suffer from a shifting zero in either very cold or very hot temperatures. L3 Communications immediately settled with the United States government for $26.6 million. L3 Communications has since offered EOTech customers refunds plus shipping on their optics if you no longer want your EOTech.

The Mako Group posted on their Facebook page about their new promo for EOTech owners, they’ll give you $250 towards a Mepro RDS PRO or $400 towards a Mepro MOR. The Mepro RDS PRO retails for $695, it’s NVG compatible and works with magnifiers as well. It’s very energy efficient and can run for thousands of hours on a single AA lithium battery. The MEPRO MOR retails for quite a bit more at $1,285.70, it’s available with different types of reticles. It features a fiber optic collector to power it during the day as well as a tritium light source and battery power for night time operations. I like Meprolight’s optics, but I’m still sticking to my EOTech 512 for the time being. If you’re interested in trading in for a Meprolight check out for more info.

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  • Alex

    Trade in a sight that has a cash value of more than $400 for credit? Sounds like a deal to me.

    • Giolli Joker

      Many ninjas might be worried about zero shift if they enter the mall in summer and they go straight to the freezer area of the supermarket, therefore they might be in a hurry to replace their optic and Meprolight is ready to offer the fastest solution. 🙂

      • hydepark

        Either that or they just don’t like trash optics.

        • Tritro29

          I what sense Eotechs are “trash”? That L3Com screwed up with its line and QC, that’s one thing, but calling their products trash is another. If anything MEPRO sights until very late, would give a bad name to trash. MARS was an abomination and the MOR is not any better than “trash Eotech’s”. Short battery lifetime, no cowitness, sitting tall, obscuring FOV, big ass dot. Yeah trash optics.

          • Timothy G. Yan

            Get a clue? MARS is not make by Meprolight. The only Meprolight that runs purely on battery has 17000 hours from one AA battery. Much better than the 200-ish battery life on the typical EOTech.

          • Tritro29

            The former line of MEPRO (which has been out since 1994 yeah) was running on battery (Tru-dot. MARS was indeed ITL, i messed up that one my bad, yet both Israeli products were VERY similar until late, hell the MARS was supposed to be the better sight. M/True Dot series (and they operate with a battery). Only got good from 2010 onwards. Before that it wasn’t any better than Eotech. So if Eotech was trash, so was the Mepro range.

          • hydepark

            I’ve had limited interaction with Eotechs, admittedly. One was on a friend’s DSA FAL and wouldn’t hold zero (it was trash). He exchanged it for another. Same thing plus other problems like the lens was glued in all weird. He swapped over to an Aimpoint. Enough said. I’ve also had a couple Trijicons that I wasn’t thrilled with. Just get an Aimpoint.

          • Joe Schmoe

            MARS was made by ITL in the early 2000’s.

          • Tritro29

            I know, read the follow up, I messed up that.

      • RealitiCzech

        That’s also a problem with iron sights – see ‘thermal expansion.’ Your zero will change depending on the temperature of your gun – which is why I have multiple red dot sights on my M4 that I use to protect a significant supermarket chain – one zeroed at freezing, one zeroed at ambient temperatures, and one at high temperatures for times when I have to work in the bakery. At times my job requires me to wear a frozen dinner ghillie suit (Marie Callender’s makes tier 1 arctic fatigues, if you have the right credentials) and camp in the freezer for 12 hours with my rifle, trying to catch shoplifters.
        Moisture is a big problem, too. I keep my frozen goods M4 in a low temperature, low humidity environment before taking my post to ensure optimal reliability in those harsh conditions.

        • Abram

          Thank you for the levity, Operator.

        • Giolli Joker

          Thank you for your Service.
          I instantly felt a bit safer.

          • RealitiCzech

            Thanks, but you shouldn’t do that. Yes, you are safe from terrorist forces at the supermarket, but if you step into my former employer’s property (one of the nation’s largest indoor retail establishments) you take your life in your hands. If you must go there, avoid the arcades and the GAP, and wear an extra trauma plate duct taped to your back.

      • Kivaari

        We have 5 month’s of winter, where we get lows hovering just above zero. Since that is where I am I lost confidence in EOTech. My first one wasn’t much of a sight so I traded it back to the dealer. I reconsidered and found that without trifocals on they work better. I bought another one, but lost a month in hospitals over our shooting season. Just when I was good to go, the refund deal showed up. Thanks to TFB, I sent it in after getting all the proper paperwork approved. I am still waiting. They had $26 million set aside for the feds, but not for us users.

  • thedonn007

    I wonder what they would do with the Eotech sights that they get? Turn around and send them to Eotech for money?

    • iksnilol

      And make a profit considering Eotech is offering about 80 bucks more (in cash btw).

  • Harrison Jones

    Smart business move. They should be close to covering their cost and might convert a sizable portion of eotech users giving them more foothold in the american market. Then dump the eotechs somewhere.

    • Giolli Joker

      Or sell it in bulk with high mark-up to Armies forbidden to buy them officially.
      Just a wild guess.

    • Joshua

      No it’s a BS move because Eotech is offering $480. This means they make $80 per eotech received, plus the extra they make per optic sold that the $400 doesn’t cover.

      They are in essence ripping off their buyer base.

      • Harrison Jones

        Is the $480 for real? I’ve seen so many rumors I don’t know what to believe.

  • McThag

    I am trying to figure out why I would be enticed by $400 off a sight from Meprolight for trading in my EOTech when L3 is offering me $474 for it.

    • If you have one of those Eotechs that got sold as surplus on the market when they really weren’t, this might look like an appealing offer… the MOR is still a hundred bucks under what you would pay at ArmsUnlimited, and you’ve disposed of an Eotech that was de facto unsalable.

  • Lance

    Or just get a decent red dot like a Aimpoint or Trijicon reflex and not deal with either of these products.

  • jimlongx

    Has anyone received their EOTech refund ? I returned the three I owned and received an email from EOTech saying that my refund was ” Being processed” but, as yet, no check.

    • Bill

      Another forum seems to be reporting that they are coming out, and that L3 has pulled in a subcontractor just to process claims.

      I haven’t gotten mine yet. Part of the glitch was that they wanted to know how much I paid for it. I don’t even remember who I was married to when I got it, so I just gave them the current retail.

    • Kivaari

      Same here. I do hope we all didn’t just get scammed. After paying the fine to Uncle Sam they may be short on funds. Although they had set aside that money in anticipation of what was coming down the pike.

    • Pseudo

      Ahh should have read more comments first. Just posted on this myself. I haven’t even received an e-mail from them after I shipped mine back a month ago.

  • Kivaari

    EOTech owes me $515 already. I sent back a new-in-the-box EXPS2 awhile back, and no money has shown up. I am still out the sales tax of $30, but that’s OK. Well, it would be OK if the damn check would show up.

    • GaryOlson

      If the website is correct, you’ll be waiting a lot longer for that Mepro RDS Pro than your EOtech refund.

      “Expected ship time Mid December” 11 months is a very long lead time for manufacturing.

  • Pseudo

    This is only slightly off topic. What’s the deal with the EOTECH refunds? Has anyone actually received one? How long did it take? I got mine approved and sent it in a month ago and I’ve heard nothing, including in response to a direct e-mail.

  • InfiniteGrim

    So are they going to give you $250 off a $500 optic and then return the EOTech for full MSRP? LOL

    I think the Mako optics were cheaper with the black friday coupon codes.