Meprolight EOTech Trade-in Offer

    The Mako Group recently announced that they’ll give you a rebate towards one of their Meprolight optics if you trade in your “tired, old” EOTech optic. Ouch, in case you forgot EOTech got into some serious trouble last year when the United States government sued EOTech’s parent company L3 Communications over false claims about their holographic sights. Apparently some of their products suffer from a shifting zero in either very cold or very hot temperatures. L3 Communications immediately settled with the United States government for $26.6 million. L3 Communications has since offered EOTech customers refunds plus shipping on their optics if you no longer want your EOTech.

    The Mako Group posted on their Facebook page about their new promo for EOTech owners, they’ll give you $250 towards a Mepro RDS PRO or $400 towards a Mepro MOR. The Mepro RDS PRO retails for $695, it’s NVG compatible and works with magnifiers as well. It’s very energy efficient and can run for thousands of hours on a single AA lithium battery. The MEPRO MOR retails for quite a bit more at $1,285.70, it’s available with different types of reticles. It features a fiber optic collector to power it during the day as well as a tritium light source and battery power for night time operations. I like Meprolight’s optics, but I’m still sticking to my EOTech 512 for the time being. If you’re interested in trading in for a Meprolight check out for more info.

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