OT Defense Stipple kit

Oregon Trail Defense has come out with a “stippling” kit of sorts. Comprised of 5 screw on heads, these mount to a Wall Lenk 25 Watt Stippling gun, so if a gunsmith or a shooter is so inclined, they can stipple the polymer frame of a handgun, without having to use the current method of a small prick to stipple each individual dot on the frame. The main stippling tool is in the shape of a circle, with pyramid like texture to allow a multitude of individual holes to be created at once. The other screw on heads are of different shapes and sizes, to aid with the larger depressions that might need to be created as well. The entire kit sells for $39.95. This includes the Wall Lenk 25 Watt Stippling gun, and the five individual head pieces. If you want to just buy the head pieces for a heating gun that will take them, they are $17.95, while if you just want the one piece with the circular shape and pyramid shaped indentations, that’ll be $8.95 on its own. For those who still want just that individual prick, the kit also includes one of those, so you can still get in that really detailed work, or drag the piece across the frame to create lines instead of dots.

DSC_0079 DSC_0087 DSC_0110 DSC_0101 DSC_0075 DSC_0088 DSC_0080


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  • Adam Withem

    Anyone have a couple dozen glock frames you don’t want back? I need some practice before doing mine.


    • otdefense

      P-mags work ok, the floor plate of a glock mag works, and you can even practice general patterns on the OTDefense kit case, as it will hold most patterns. All polymers and plastics melt different, so take your time!

      • DAN V.

        The price is right. You may have a hit on your hands (Fathers Day 2016)

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Try finding broken Airsoft guns?

    • boardsnbikes

      A2 grips for practice. Sand them down if needed.

    • nobody

      Pretty sure Sig P250/P320 frames are about $40 each.

  • USMC03Vet

    Or you could just buy a handgun with good factory grip to begin with…

    There is no shortage of options out there these days.

    • 2ThinkN_Do2

      Or buy replacement grip panels ; )

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    This ought to increase sales of replacement frames, grip panels etc.. any part that a do-it yourself person might mess up.

  • SemperFlyBoy

    We have a new competitor to the Dremel tool as the gunsmith’s best friend. But I am sure I can make this work perfectly. Watch this! (Here, hold my beer)

  • Jow Blow

    Not a bad price for what is essentially a wood burning kit/tool for arts and crafts. I’ld expect some cross over the leather working folks also.

    I’ll be glad when this stippling fad dies off because 10-15 years down the road people will have a hard time undoing this damage/burning holes in polymers which will wear down and leave less material to even attempt a repair. Can’t wait to see what the warranty claims department says about this modification….

    Early generations of pistols will be like the surplus military weapons people chopped up, butchered into in the fudd craze of the day. Because “they were cheap”, “there were plenty”, “it was the cool thing to do”….. Sadly most of these modifications will not be easy to replace or return the weapon back to original quality. Worse are is the stippling on the receivers which permanently alter that receiver for the rest of its life. The used resale and/or pass down through the generations value is hurt. Who wants a gun that was ghetto accessorized.

    I just hope the people doing it are protecting their lungs and eyes from the fumes coming up off the process. Well ventilated isn’t the same thing as a filter mask.

    • Pranqster

      You seem to have a lot of anxiety about this, seek help immediately!