Manticore Port Cover and Switchback Charging Handle

Manticore has finally released two long awaited products for the Tavor rifle within the past week. The first one is their Gasketed Port Cover. This is a piece of metal that replaces the factory ejection port cover. The original cover is designed so that an end user can switch out the cover, and bolt face to make the Tavor eject from the left side of the rifle, as opposed to the factory configured right side, for right handed shooters. Some shooters of the Tavor have complained about excessive gas leakage out of the factory cover, especially during suppressed fire because of the amount of gas running through the rifle. This new ejection port cover will replace the factory one, has a built in QD mount, and is specifically designed with a rubber like material that is pressed in between the inner and outer portions of the cover, thus making a proper seal. This won’t allow gas to flow out of the small openings that would have existed with the factory cover. Gearhead Works has a similar system, except that they don’t use rubber and just have a metal on polymer seal. In addition their QD mount can be switched around so a user can choose whether they want the mount closer to the buttstock or towards the muzzle. As opposed to the Manticore product which has the QD mount in the center of the cover. These are going for $42.95.

The Tavor Gasketed Port Cover uses the proper solution to sealing off gas from the closed off ejection port- a gasket!

An inner and outer panel are pulled together by two screws and the gasket is sandwiched and compressed between the two, thus giving a comopressed seal against any gas flow coming out of the covered ejection port.

Even better, the Gaskted Port Cover is ambidextrous, meaning it can be used on either ejection port, and also has an integral QD sling swivel pocket.

The Gasketed Port Cover is made of 6061 anodized aluminum, rubber for the gasket, and is completely made in the USA.  Includes all hardware and tools necessary for installation.

GPK parts


In addition, the Tavor Extended Charging Handle is now in stock and shipping. The handle can be installed on either side of the rifle, and folds down when not in use. These are going for $75 on the Manticore website.

The Tavor Switchback is a folding charging handle that will work on either side of the Tavor.  It offers the lowest possible profile when folded but a good two finger grip when deployed!  The handle is folded out by hand, pulled back comfortably, and then released.  The force of the handle going forward will cause it to flip forward, i.e. “switch back”  to the stowage position and lock there via a spring loaded detent and small tab on the handle.

The Tavor Switchback is made in the USA of 6061 aluminum that is anodized black, and consists of an inner lug and rod assembly and an out handle assemble which are attached by two screws.  The Tavor Switchback not only can be mounted on either side of the Tavor but with a small modification to the inner plastic gas cover it is possible to run two handles on the rifle at the same time.


Screen shot 2015-12-13 at 1.17.43 AM


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  • stephen

    I have some MA stuff on my Tavor and I like them. I don’t have a suppressor so I will pass on the cover. As for the switchback, I like the idea but I don’t know if I want to get one due to the added time it would take to fold out the handle then charge it. Still debating on that.

    Just don’t know if the benefits of the folding handle is worth it. Can anyone point out some pros besides just being low profile.

    • Jewgatzach

      It’ll be a lot harder to knock your Tavor out of battery by bumping your charging handle on stuff if it’s folded our of the way.

    • Anomanom

      I don’t have a Tavor, but Manticore makes the switchback handle for the Steyr Aug/STG556, and it is very nice. I put one on my wife’s STG556, and it is far superior to the default handle. Deployment time is really not an issue. It folds up securely (it won’t fall open) but unfolding it is quick and easy.

      But the best part is that the handle is beefy. The pics here don’t show it well, but the handle is metal,and unfolded it’s almost as long as the rifle is wide (see the Manticore site). It provides a very solid gripping surface. From my experience using it on the AUG-type, i would definitely get one if i had a Tavor.

      • JamesRPatrick

        Looks like a tiny spring pin though.

        • Anomanom

          The hinge pin between the body and the handle is a tubular pin of some kind; i’ve never tried to take it out. But it has a good solid feel to it. It’s not loose, and there’s little to no wiggle, except in the direction of rotation.

      • BattleshipGrey

        I haven’t had any experience with folding charge handles before, other than getting to shoot an FAL with one once. I’ve always wondered if it would be a little bit harder to manipulate a folding charge handle under stress though. But, if I had one, I’d definitely practice a lot with it, so perhaps my concern is undue.

  • Jack

    If you’re a cheap bastard you can seal the factory ejection cover with some rtv. It ain’t pretty but it works and it peels off easy.

    • phacops

      Yep, I just forced a bead of clear silicone around my port cover… sealed it tight.

  • Kyke

    As an AR guy the idea of putting a QD mount on the ejection point cover is sxrewing with my head.

    • Dan

      Don’t worry you’re not the only one. I was wondering why the hell someone would mount anything to the ejection port cover. Then the brain fart cleared and it made sense.

  • Patrick J

    I bought the Midwest Industries port cover and didn’t notice much of a difference, but according to the camera it works well (there is a video online that shows it in slow motion vs stock). I used the back cover as a stop and poured plastidip in there 3 times until in poured over the edge and then I sandwiched the front plate down onto it. Looks like a formidable seal now.