Developments from Gear Head Works

    While at Bullpup 2015, I got to spent some time at the Gear head Works booth with Paul Reavis, the founder and current owner. Gear Head Works and Manticore are probably the most prolific and dedicated Tavor accessory parts makers out there. Midwest dabbles in all sorts of products other than Tavors, while Rat Worx’s contribution to the rifle is really only their 9mm suppressor, that was actually made in partnership with Manticore.

    Of these two Tavor parts makers, both have outstanding qualities and attributes that can be seen in their products. However, for the sake of this post I’ll specifically talk about Paul and Gear Head Works. Paul Reavis doesn’t do Gear Head Works for a full time job, he does it because his passion is small arms and machining. He works in the automobile industry in Tennessee, but this is where his background in machining came from and what lends himself to being an excellent machinist and churning out the parts he has available. On that same note, this is why he can take his time in prototyping parts and designing them, his career doesn’t depend on when he gets parts out to the market.


    Probably one of the longer awaited products for the Tavor is an aftermarket charging handle, either in the form of closing, or otherwise. This one folds very nicely and out of the way, yet can be readily switched up to charge the rifle. This isn’t available for sale yet. 


    In order to produce a .300 Black Out version of the Tavor, Paul designed and created this entire jig, built around an actual Tavor rifle barrel and action, in order to really see what needs to be tweaked and changed when it comes to the design of a .300 Black Out barrel.


    The current .300 Black Out barrel that Paul is still working on. He is having issues with certain loads of .300 Black Out, and thus wants to do some more serious testing before he releases it the general public. Notice his other creations with the ejection port cover gas block, built in QD mount, upper rail, and handguard. 


    A close up of the QD mount/ modified forward assist. This part isn’t for sale as pictured, and thus is more of a prototype that probably isn’t going to come to market. 


    This Tavor has been making the rounds on Facebook  and is a Jabba the Hutt themed paint scheme. It actually isn’t owned by Paul but instead by a friend of his who wanted him to showcase it at the shoot.


    Left side of the .300 Black Out barrel testing jig that Paul put together. This one has an IDF model barrel and action within it. 


    Folding Tavor charging handle in the raised position.


    Opposite side of the .300 Black Out barrel installed in a standard Tavor.


    Folding charging handle and raised rail for the Steyer AUG from Gear Head.


    A QD mount forward of the magazine that Paul came up with.


    Paul showing one of his rails in a final stage of production. I really wish I had the machining knowledge to describe what is going on here!


    A forward mount designed for the KSG shotgun, incorporating QD mounts, a semi flash suppressor, sling swivel, and the serrated edges are for non compliance tactics in use by prison guards.  


    It also protects the inner controls and mounts behind the muzzle.


    View of the KSG shotgun with Gear Head forward muzzle mount installed. 


    This is more of a novelty item that Paul created more for himself than for actual retail sale. It is a suppressed .50 caliber bullpup rifle with a cartridge made by Paul. It’s a .50 caliber bullet in a smaller case with only about 200 grains behind it. He said he loves it.


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