Manticore, Circle 10 release AK side folder

by Miles

Manticore Arms and Circle 10 AK are jointly releasing a proprietary side folding stock for the AK platform.The stock was a collaboration between the two companies and costs the same on both their websites: $139.95. It allows the stock to fit completely flush against receivers with scope mounts, in addition to receivers without scope mounts. One of the more important things to note about the stock is that it is not compatible with the Russian 5.5mm rear hinge blocks, but instead for 4.5mm versions.

The F3 Stock Adapter (F3 stands for “Flush Fit Folder” which was too much of a mouthful to say easily!) Stock Adapter is the first of its kind!

Developed in conjunction with Circle 10 AK t he F3 Stock Adapter is designed to mount on the standard 4.5mm Bulgarian side folding rear stock trunnion found on most Arsenal AK’s (may be found on other models too). The tube offers 9 adjustable positions for a milspec AR-15 carbine stock (commercial stocks will fit but will be a touch looser) and is cut out on the side so that the tube will lay completely flush against the side of the rifle when folded, even if the rifle has a side scope mount on it.

Additionally, the back of the tube has a screw in plug, and will securely hold the “lipstick” cleaning kit tube- no, it won’t fall out even though the side is partially cut away, and yes, you can still fold the stock flush with the cleaning tube in there!

The F3 Stock Adapter is made of 6061 Aluminum with a black anodizing and is 100% made in the USA.

(Please note the F3 Stock Adapter is not designed to fit “Russian” 5.5mm rear hinge blocks, make sure to verify which your rifle uses before ordering)


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  • Arturo Bergmann Arturo Bergmann on Oct 22, 2015

    Looks like it will rip the hair out of your head, which will get wedged between that slot in the support and the actual stock.

  • Arturo Bergmann Arturo Bergmann on Oct 22, 2015

    Also it looks like you can't fold the stock when the stock is collapsed. Crap product. Just get a short length of pull triangle stock, or AR-15 AKM stock that folds legit like the one from Jemak Customs.