New Meprolight Sights

Meprolight Fiber Tritium

For 2016, Meprolight will have a number of new products available to customers in the United States of America. one of these new items is a fiber tritium sight system for Glock and Springfield Armory handguns.

The Fiber Tritium (FT) sight is a combination handgun sight that pairs a fiber optic rod with a tritium insert in an effort to provide bright sights for all lighting conditions. The fiber optic rod portion of the sight will be available in both green and orange.

However, what is particularly interesting about this sight system is that it is a rear sight only. The sight uses a wide notch with the post physically in the middle of the notch instead of being a separate piece located toward the front of the pistol. This is different than the Quick Sights used by Caracal on some of its pistols.

In recent months, Meprolight released another new handgun sight called the R4E Evolution. This system uses a crosshair style aiming reference.

The FT sights were originally announced in January, but never shipped. The Mako Group, the importer of Meprolight sights, lists the FT sights in the 2016 catalog. A representative I spoke with at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers advised the sights would be available in 2016. No pricing information was available, however, the January announcement pegged the suggested retail price at $139.

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  • Anonymoose

    When you say “Springfield Armory” do you mean XDs or Novak-cut 1911s?

  • kipy

    Could have swore this existed already. Pretty sure Mrgunsngear had a video on it

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Um… Aside from these being “somehow” different than those sights on the market that already look just like this…

    Are you supposed to focus on the rear sight? Where the front sight would be? Or the target?

    Because I’m pretty sure these are joke sights.

  • Rob

    This is the T.A.S TJ sight, or looks just like it…it came out 2013 Shot show, retails on the TAS page for $110. I think other places cheaper.