Meprolight releases Optimized Duty Sight

    Meprolight from the Mako Group has come out with a new handgun front and rear sighting system that consists of strips of tritium that line up with each other to almost form a sort of “cross hair” in addition to a center front sight dot, when everything is aligned. The design comes from the R4E Evolution that came out last year. Their video announcement of the product is pretty well done. From Meprolight-

    The Meprolight R4E Optimized Duty Sight with the brightest tritium technology was designed in close collaboration between two decorated U.S. Army Special Operations veterans and Meprolight, an Israeli-based combat weapon optics and night sights manufacturer. The Meprolight R4E Optimized Duty Sight is available in the United States at

    Meprolight R4E sights are based on R4 Evolution’s ODS (Optimized Duty Sight). The MEPRO R4E sights are uniquely designed for faster target accusation, enhancing accuracy and quicker shots on target. The rear sight has two horizontal lines and one vertical line, which align with the front vertical line and front dot that causes the eye to naturally focus on the front sight. Utilizing Meprolight tritium night sight technology, the R4E enables clear and bright day-and-night sight picture under any lighting conditions. The MEPRO R4E models are available first for Glock pistols, with additional versions for other makes and models coming soon.


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