Red Beard Cerakote wrote …

I built this after watching Larry Vickers’ video on his inspired Alpha Russian AK.

It was made with:

Arsenal SGL 31
Zenitco Top cover
Zenitco Handguard
Lynx Stock Adapter
B5 Sopmod Stock
Magpul AK Grip
CNC Warrior Muzzle Device
Troy Sights
Aimpoint T1 on a Seekins Mount
Soon to be ALG AKT Trigger.


It looks great. Here is Larry’s video in case you missed it …




  • Lance

    Tacti cool AK…..
    Again….. Yawn!!!!!!!

    • Mrninjatoes

      Lance being a smart a**….
      Again…… Yawn!!!!!

  • NDS

    Nice and clean build. Looks great!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Cool build.
    Good job.

  • Mrninjatoes


  • USMC03Vet

    $2k+ AK.

    Commrad, vodka on you!

  • Dracon1201

    Looks overgassed as hell.

    • iksnilol

      Every custom AK should include an adjustable gas block IMO.

      • Dracon1201

        Agreed. Preferably a 105 integrated sight on the gas block.

        • iksnilol

          Myes, adjustable gasblock with integrated sight.

          Does anybody make that? Closest I can come is putting a front sight on adjustable gas block or converting a gas block with sight to adjustable.

          • Dracon1201

            I don’t think so. You could make your own if you are good with a welder.

          • Joshua Knott

            …..thats the same style the bulgarians use currently on some of their own models, its actually a comp.

    • Hedd Wyn John

      Yes, it’s trying to be a M4 but with it being so overgassed its accuracy will be affected.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t think the overgassing will affect accuracy, but it will beat itself up.

    • Mr_X

      Lol, it’s not a booster, nor is it overgassed. It’s a 4-piece flash hider. They work quite well too.

  • Darhar M.

    Great looking build.
    You have given me a 2016 project gun.
    Thank you.

  • John H

    Do all the TWS top covers shake like that one does in slow mo?

  • Kivaari

    I am curious, does the paint hold up when heated? All I did seemed to bubble up and slough off. What is the best paint? I’ve used “bow camouflage” and it wont stand up to Hoppe’s No, 9.

    • iksnilol

      Cerakote or Duracoat won’t come off as easy. Expensive tho.

    • Otm Shooter

      A lot of paint holds up to heat well. Abrasion resistance really sets most apart. Take note of the paint on the actual Alpha Russians AK. The only area where the paint is coming off is on the grip. The grip is an overmolded ERGO Grip, something not noted by LAV when discussing the American parts on the actual Alpha AK. The grip is soft and the paint doesn’t stay on, same as on the buttpad of his stock.

  • hkryan

    Just curious, how much does this setup weigh?

  • forrest1985


  • Sam

    If I were a rich man, I’d start a company that makes low flip-up sights. Every rifle I see that has a lower cheek weld than an AR still uses AR BUIS. It doesn’t make sense to me. I hate a chin weld. And nobody makes really low iron sights. The new CZ Scorpion Evo has really low irons, but I’m guessing they’re impossible to get aftermarket.

    • Otm Shooter

      They are available on CZ’s site as extra parts.

    • Jesse Foust

      Troy makes some too

      • Sam

        I have a serious aversion to purchasing anything from Troy anymore.

        • Jesse Foust

          Ok, but they’re on the AK pictured

  • shooter

    did everyone miss the accidental discharge at the beginning of the video when the guy was pointing the handgun at the ground???

    • sean

      That is part of their training, it wasn’t accidental….but not sure of why

      • Otm Shooter

        I assumed it was some sort of crowd control/intimidation technique.

    • FarmerB

      Was in the original clip as well and many people commented on it.

    • iksnilol

      Not accidental, on purpose. Allegedly it is supposed to scare people. I can see it working, the noise, the flash, and the debris getting kicked up should have some effect.

  • Uniform223

  • Levi

    This is a mid length AK, not an AR. it’s definitely not any more over gassed than any other AK. And besides, that’s not a booster, it’s an extension made to look like a booster.

    • Mrninjatoes

      If that were a real booster that gun would destroy itself. Analogous to sticking a can on a carbine length ar-15 with a 16 inch barrel. Cyclic rate, gas port erosion, chamber and bolt would all wear out faster. Sweet looking rifle though.

  • guest

    So let’s look at the practical side:
    – adjustable stock is not really necessary, and folding unmodified AK stock is better and more practical.
    – slowmo reveals what I thought was happening, and that is extreme wobble of this whole idiotic Micro setup on the dust cover. There is a f***ing rail for optics on the side, much more solid, use it!
    – one more disadvantage of the dustcover setup is that there is no quick release. IMHO having a rifle with iron sights of any kind (folding or fixed) is instantly defeated by not having a QR functionality. In whatever situation the optic needs to be changed or just jettisoned there must be that possibility, and having it leave along with the dust cover is stupid. Considering that the rear peep sight sits on the same dust cover – double the stupidity! And considering that BOTH the trunnion AND the original front sight are also present – stupid times square. So in effect if the cover, with the fixed (tools needed to remove means “fixed”) Micro is jettisoned, the extra front folding sight is useless and the original sights are obscured. Are you f’in kidding here? Stupidity SQUARED!
    – some stupid big flash suppressor which could/should have been a stock AK supressor. If it’s that big – it better be a can, otherwise the weight/size penalty is completely in vain.
    – Paint – meh… judging by the looks the whole rifle was painted with the same paint(s), meaning somewhere it will peel off because of soft substrate and some places it will chip/burn like hell. Unless all the different surfaces have been coated with different, fitting paints which is doubtful and if indeed true then expensive and actually pointless.

    So yet again another hollywood prop rifle, catering exclusively to “tactical fashion” or whatever one might call that.

    • Zachary marrs

      An adjustable stock is a billion times more practical than a folding stock.

      Did this guy insult your mother?

      • guest

        And in what situation is it “billion times more practical”?

        Also, pro tip: this ain’t yo hood, we don’t to “your mama” jokes here.

        • Zachary marrs

          When you have to shoot in multiple positions

          When the normal stock is too short, or too long

          If you go take a remedial english class, you will see that i didn’t post a your momma joke.

          You should go seek psychological help

        • All the Raindrops

          I gave your mama a pro tip last night.


    • anon

      The fact that you took enough time out of your day to literally write a 302 word essay on how much you like somebody else’s thing is the most autistic thing i have seen so far in 2015.

      Jesus dude.

    • Max Glazer

      Agree on all except the adjustable stock. There is nothing wrong with being able to change the length of pull on a weapon. Different season will make you wear different amount of clothes and you might need to shorten/lengthen the stock. Same goes for people with different length hands.

  • Korbindallas II

    The extra sights are unneccesary and the optic could sit right on the rail, A hogue rubber grip is much better than the plastic one in the pic, it gives amazing control. The stock adaptor for the 100 series stock is too high up, there are standard ones that do it better without the bulk from CAA, lots of Russians use those and not what is on that rifle. also, Why the handguard length ? totally unneccessary. Here is My AK-103/Saiga/SGL done right