POTD: Russian Alpha Group Spetsnaz Inspired AK

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Red Beard Cerakote wrote …

I built this after watching Larry Vickers’ video on his inspired Alpha Russian AK.

It was made with:

Arsenal SGL 31
Zenitco Top cover
Zenitco Handguard
Lynx Stock Adapter
B5 Sopmod Stock
Magpul AK Grip
CNC Warrior Muzzle Device
Troy Sights
Aimpoint T1 on a Seekins Mount
Soon to be ALG AKT Trigger.

It looks great. Here is Larry’s video in case you missed it …

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Guest Guest on Nov 08, 2015

    So let's look at the practical side:
    - adjustable stock is not really necessary, and folding unmodified AK stock is better and more practical.
    - slowmo reveals what I thought was happening, and that is extreme wobble of this whole idiotic Micro setup on the dust cover. There is a f***ing rail for optics on the side, much more solid, use it!
    - one more disadvantage of the dustcover setup is that there is no quick release. IMHO having a rifle with iron sights of any kind (folding or fixed) is instantly defeated by not having a QR functionality. In whatever situation the optic needs to be changed or just jettisoned there must be that possibility, and having it leave along with the dust cover is stupid. Considering that the rear peep sight sits on the same dust cover - double the stupidity! And considering that BOTH the trunnion AND the original front sight are also present - stupid times square. So in effect if the cover, with the fixed (tools needed to remove means "fixed") Micro is jettisoned, the extra front folding sight is useless and the original sights are obscured. Are you f'in kidding here? Stupidity SQUARED!
    - some stupid big flash suppressor which could/should have been a stock AK supressor. If it's that big - it better be a can, otherwise the weight/size penalty is completely in vain.
    - Paint - meh... judging by the looks the whole rifle was painted with the same paint(s), meaning somewhere it will peel off because of soft substrate and some places it will chip/burn like hell. Unless all the different surfaces have been coated with different, fitting paints which is doubtful and if indeed true then expensive and actually pointless.

    So yet again another hollywood prop rifle, catering exclusively to "tactical fashion" or whatever one might call that.

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    • Max G Max G on Nov 13, 2015

      @guest Agree on all except the adjustable stock. There is nothing wrong with being able to change the length of pull on a weapon. Different season will make you wear different amount of clothes and you might need to shorten/lengthen the stock. Same goes for people with different length hands.

  • Korbindallas II Korbindallas II on Nov 10, 2015

    The extra sights are unneccesary and the optic could sit right on the rail, A hogue rubber grip is much better than the plastic one in the pic, it gives amazing control. The stock adaptor for the 100 series stock is too high up, there are standard ones that do it better without the bulk from CAA, lots of Russians use those and not what is on that rifle. also, Why the handguard length ? totally unneccessary. Here is My AK-103/Saiga/SGL done right