Trevor Weston sent us this photo showing two M60 E6 7.62mm machine guns with a whole lot of empty brass. The M60 E6 is an interesting gun. It is a modern version of the 1950s M60, designed quite a bit later than the 1990s version, the M60E4/MK 43. Wikipedia says this …

An improvement on the M60E4, this weapon won the Danish Army’s GPMG replacement program to replace the M/62 in March 2014 against the HK121. The weight has been reduced to 9.27 kg (20.4 lb), 3 kg (6.6 lb) lighter than the M/62. The weapon’s slower rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute is significantly less than the M/62’s 1,200 round per minute, but it allows for better control, greater accuracy, more conservation of ammunition, more versatile firing positions, and less risk of collateral damage from losing control while shooting. Changes to the rail system and bipod have been made, and a significant number of internal improvements have also increased reliability.

Thanks Trev!


  • myndbender

    I can dream about an American society where those gpmg’s & all that ammo to feed it were a real possibility

  • Darren Hruska

    Anybody else have the urge to dive into that pile of brass and cuddle with them MGs? :-p

    • that would hurt quite a bit I would imagine

    • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

      I would totally go full “Scrooge McDuck” on that pile of brass.

    • Paul White

      if you need me, I’ll be in my bunk

      • Tassiebush

        Bring back firefly! (Assuming you were referencing Jane)

  • USMC03Vet

    10/10 would clean

  • John

    Why is it M60 E6 and not M60A6 ?? Confusing.

    • It is strange that the M60E2 and M60E3 were never given “A” suffix. Perhaps the US Army never believed that there were enough of them in the USMC’s inventory to justify it. The M60E4 received its own US Navy designation as the Mk 43 Mod 0. The M60E6 will never receive an “A” suffix as its is not officially used by the US military.

      Oddly enough, the aviation variants of the M60 went off the reservation by receiving suffix that were neither “E” nor “A”. These are of course the M60C and M60D. I think this set the trend later used for the M240’s many variants.

      • JSmath

        Might seem odd-duck, but weapon systems in (USAF) aviation very often use incremental alphanumerics to represent respective revisions. For example, F-15A –> F-15C / F-15E, etc.

        Now insane was the AF id’ing their Colt carbines as GAU-5, really disproportional given the proximity to all the other GAUs, including the GAU-8. If you don’t understand what I mean there, just google the terms and compare images.

        • Uniform223

          The USAF in general is just weird. Don’t even get me started on their enlisted rank insignia…

          • Martin M

            Pre-McPeak it wasn’t an issue. It’s gone downhill ever since.

        • To be fair, the USAF already had the GAU-2 7.62mm Minigun.

          • whskee

            Poor Mini’s suffer identity issues so severe. GAU-2/A, M134D, Mk 44 Mod 0/1/2 GWS, GAU-17/A. I’m Navy so I follow the Mk 44 designation, but even that gets confusing sometimes because there are OTHER Mk 44’s out there (30mm Bushie II).

  • Kivaari

    It sounds like a great weapon. The HK M21 was very hard to work with. It took too men to work the charging handle, and it self destructed from the heavy and fast moving bolt carrier group. This is a huge improvement.

  • Uniform223

    Brings back happy memories of my first unit. For some reason we had some old M60s still in armory. Before we were to ship them off we decided to give them a proper send off. Belts of disintegrating links of 7.62×51 standard NATO M80 ball with a tracer every 5 rounds. I guess these machine guns weren’t used often or were very well taken care of because we didn’t any issues on the range. There is something so iconic and beautiful about the M60’s cyclic. I’ve fired your standard SAW and 240Bs, the old M60 is so much easier to stay on target and “walk” your fire. Yes… everyone who participated (including me) did the “Rambo stance” at some point. I think soldiers and marines would prefer or appreciate the “new” M60E6 if given the training and option.

    • Dan

      Larry’s reponse after his rambo challenge about made me fall on the floor laughing. Yes B*tch! I imagine I would say something similar.

  • SP mclaughlin

    These are the right kind of pigs I’d like to shoot.

  • Gabriel Owens

    bring me the gun of Rambo.

    • HKmaster

      Loved Lord of War

  • Green Hell


  • concernedreader

    I am getting pop-up-giveways with every bloggpost here now, redirects you to some obscure website that gets my virus-radar tingeling

  • jerry young

    I’ve fired many rounds from the old M60’s, this brings back some great memories!

  • noob

    So glad to hear that after 50 years of service the M60 has finally been promoted to Staff Sgt.

  • Lance

    I want that brass that’s a life time amount to a good reloader!

  • iksnilol

    But Scrooge is a duck, they’re hydrodynamic in stark contrast to people

  • Jeff Heeszel

    You saving your brass, bro?

  • Uniform223

    Here is the M60E4

  • Phillip Cooper

    Soon to appear in a John Ringo novel…

  • BrassBalls

    Here’s my guess for the amount of brass casings – 22,750. If I’m closest I’ll take the whole pile – that’s got to be worth about $1500 at a scrap metal shop.