POTD: The Modern M60 E6 Machine Gun (plus lots of brass)

    Trevor Weston sent us this photo showing two M60 E6 7.62mm machine guns with a whole lot of empty brass. The M60 E6 is an interesting gun. It is a modern version of the 1950s M60, designed quite a bit later than the 1990s version, the M60E4/MK 43. Wikipedia says this …

    An improvement on the M60E4, this weapon won the Danish Army’s GPMG replacement program to replace the M/62 in March 2014 against the HK121. The weight has been reduced to 9.27 kg (20.4 lb), 3 kg (6.6 lb) lighter than the M/62. The weapon’s slower rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute is significantly less than the M/62’s 1,200 round per minute, but it allows for better control, greater accuracy, more conservation of ammunition, more versatile firing positions, and less risk of collateral damage from losing control while shooting. Changes to the rail system and bipod have been made, and a significant number of internal improvements have also increased reliability.

    Thanks Trev!