Polish Dynamic Handgun Video Is Well— Dynamic!

With dramatic music, dropped saturation and copious amounts of camera zoom and panning Wilk Tactical makes an intense video showcasing some women going through their dynamic handgun course.

There is an awful lot of malfunction drills. You can see use of high capacity Glock magazines and one guy is using what looks like a Roni carbine.

Nicholas C

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  • Hokum

    Sztuka dynamicznego pistoletem

  • MrEllis

    This video needs The Inception sound…

    • HenryV

      This video needs to be an hour long and have a regular slot 8pm on Friday nights…. 🙂

  • Goody

    How come after they shoot a string they pull the pistol back in? For weapon retention in a brawl?

    • HenryV


  • Tace

    So many issues with that video. But hey, they look tacticool, right?
    2 of them that I just couldn’t let go;
    1) why do they have a holstered gun without a round in the chamber?
    2) lady, you are at slide lock, fix your gun instead of standing there scanning with a paper weight

    • Nicholas Chen

      Unchambered and holstered guns is the norm for a lot of foreign countries. Israel does it like that.

    • Bungameng

      Poland is “may issue” concealed carry country on par with no issue. This is more likely “dynamic shooting training” that includes racking the slide for more dynamism rather than effective defensive gun use training.

      As a side note – Estonia has shall issue CC, however pistols may be carried only without round in chamber (curiously, revolvers may be fully loaded up). Czech Republic has shall issue CC with bullet-in-chamber legal.

  • mike

    Its like pop and lock dance with guns. Looks tacticool but only useful in front of a camers.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    Most of their shot will miss the target, to much flinching, too soft pistol gripping.
    I absolutely can not understand that drill when the lady draw and shoot two rounds into the “feet” of the target.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Many foreign countries teach warning shots. I’m not sure if it is SOP or someone saw a Russian Spec Ops person do it so they copy it.

      • iksnilol

        Oh hell no, warning shots are more dangerous (legally) than actually shooting someone. Because you can only use lethal force if the situation warrants it, a warning shot means you didn’t need to use lethal force. AKA you dun goofed.

        Though specops and the like might fire into the ground to scare or spread a crowd.

        • Canadian Vet

          May I state that not all jurisdictions might have the same view on warning shots? I won’t claim to be a use of force legal expert in any way but it stands to reason that in some countries warning shots might be a legitimate use of a firearm in self-defence if not legally mandated if time permits.

          Also, those two low shots at the 2:12 mark could also be intended to be “flinch shots” supposed to be sent in the pelvic/abdominal cavity from retention. Especially based on the fact that she steps back and immediately follows with 2 aimed shots.

          • iksnilol

            From what I know, in general warning shots are a bad idea since you can only use firearms as a last resort. Warning shots don’t count as last resorts.

            Though ask a local lawyer is the best IMO.

          • darthcoder

            which i never understood. If I fire a warning shot, and you keep coming at me such that I have to ACTUALLY shoot you, then how was the warning shot not necessary? For some percentage, just showing the gun makes them run. For some percentage of the rest, just looking down the muzzle is enough. For some percentage of the rest a few bullets in the dirt is enough. For the rest only actually getting shot will change their minds enough.

            Not saying warning shots are smart, mind you. I just never understood the “warning shots == instant jail”.

          • iksnilol

            Well, that warning shot was unnecessary if it did nothing to stop them from advancing. While at the same time it endangered other people (most warning shots are fired into the air).

  • Bungameng

    Having finger on the trigger while reloading/racking the slide seems like a bad enough idea not to include that into a presentation video. Not in Poland I guess.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Given all the malfunction drills, I wonder if the instructors loaded dummy rounds into mags. It would definitely add to the stress and stoppage awareness–how many waste seconds trying to figure out why the gun isn’t working?

  • Guy in va

    I hope those were snap caps or dummy rounds… So many Glock failures has my stomach in a knot haha

  • santi

    Well, I enjoyed how it was shot. @2:16 it was reminded me of Kata, karate practices.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Polish Girl Scouts practicing for collection day.

  • Halon330

    Bother anyone else that at 2:00 she is scanning instead of reloading the weapon while the slide is locked back?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Don’t think about it too much, this is just for entertainment.

  • Newbiedave

    Hmmm… can I see more of the blondie doing hip-press on the ground please, won’t matter to me much if she has a gun or not ;0)

  • Why is everyone giving these guys a hard time? Especially if those girls were beginner shooters, I’d wager that most men couldn’t engage targets in the positions they were in. Can we not post anything about women in the firearms world without them being viewed for their sexuality instead of their skill? And then we wonder why we’re such a male dominated sport. Sure they had some errors or whatever, finger on the trigger while reloading, searching and assessing while an empty magazine and slide locked back, but who cares? competency comes with practice, and these girls are well on their way to that through these sort of drills (provided they actually work on them off camera). They’ve probably only been shooting for a couple months or so, give them some slack. The first girl seemed to be better at clearing malfunctions than most men I’ve personally ever seen on any range, civilian or military.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      It doesn’t have anything to do with being a woman. Not for me anyway.
      The fact is if they cant do the simple things like reload then they should be at home practicing with snap caps or something not rolling around on the ground like Sonny Crockett. I love the dramatic build up putting on all their cool gear and leather jackets with the action movie music then getting out there and making a bunch of rookie mistakes.
      But hey, at least it looks cool.

      • Out of 20 comments, 4 of them include sexist attitudes towards the shooters in the movie. You’re missing my point, yea they’ve got some issues with their drills, but so what? And who doesn’t have a perfect training session? They’re being proactive, they’re out there shooting and training, they’re committed enough to be out there, they’re probably working out those kinks as well and for women who usually shy away from firearms, these women are out there doing more things right than wrong. And you’re going to slam them for a couple bad procedures? They deserve alot more credit than people are giving them.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Its a little harsh to say im slamming them but the fact is they are making amateur mistakes.
          They are the ones who said “Hey, aren’t we the sh-t lets make a cool video so the world can see how awesome we are!”
          Don’t know what to tell you other than if youre gonna put it out there like that you better either be perfect of have thick skin when it comes to criticism or else stay home and practice more.

        • Bungameng

          You should engage those 4 commenters instead of labeling everyone as being sexist.

          Otherwise this video clearly is a showcase of what they can do, and what they can teach people. It is not just some unedited footage of a training session. If they want to showcase something, they should have done it properly.

    • Muchas Mujeres


  • USMC03Vet

    Whole video is retarded. Might as well start posting airsoft vids too.

    I hope I offended everyone. This is the internet and all so expect to be offended.

    • Dan

      You have not offended me, and that offends me! Wait…you just offended me so nevermind you offensive jerk!

  • Fruitbat44

    Interesting little video. At 1.48 it looks as if they’re practicing responding to a grenade drill.

  • Ron Fox

    If I were to engage these girls in a gunfight the probability of my death is high. ????


  • Jacen

    I can see the slight hesitations when they chamber their guns from condition 3. Not that good of training really since I don’t subscribe to gun chamber empty in holster

  • Tierlieb

    Very well done video, nice to see women in it, too, but a bunch of not so nice things:

    Finger straight off the trigger when your dropping prone – just taking it to the side does not help with the hand-clench reflex when hitting the ground (1:05)

    If a gun is jumping that much in your hand, even if your grip looks good, either grip stronger or get a more manageable caliber. No shame in it. (1:17)

    Finger off the trigger during reloads/malf drills (1:21, 1:28)

    Don’t scan and access with an empty gun. (1:54)

    Some are debatable:
    Not using the thumb as stand-off help when shooting from pos 3 (2:13)

    If it takes you so long to shoot from the hip before going for aimed fire, don’t. Also: If you got your hand on the gun because of racking it, don’t take it off again and shoot two-handed (2:18)

    Shooting from compressed ready works better if you hold it closer to your head, especially when bent over, as your offset moves to the side (2:23)

    We all do weird things under stress, but that was neither just a reload nor a complete type 2 malf clearance, was it? (2:40)

    Really, twisting yourself to shoot backwards one-handed instead of turning? (3:16)

    Anyway, everyone makes mistakes, and this is still a high level of competence demonstrated by everyone. I would definitely go to a course like that.

    Also, I need a leather jacket like that.