Polish Dynamic Handgun Video Is Well— Dynamic!

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

With dramatic music, dropped saturation and copious amounts of camera zoom and panning Wilk Tactical makes an intense video showcasing some women going through their dynamic handgun course.

There is an awful lot of malfunction drills. You can see use of high capacity Glock magazines and one guy is using what looks like a Roni carbine.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Jacen Jacen on Jul 22, 2015

    I can see the slight hesitations when they chamber their guns from condition 3. Not that good of training really since I don't subscribe to gun chamber empty in holster

  • Tierlieb Tierlieb on Jul 24, 2015

    Very well done video, nice to see women in it, too, but a bunch of not so nice things:

    Finger straight off the trigger when your dropping prone - just taking it to the side does not help with the hand-clench reflex when hitting the ground (1:05)

    If a gun is jumping that much in your hand, even if your grip looks good, either grip stronger or get a more manageable caliber. No shame in it. (1:17)

    Finger off the trigger during reloads/malf drills (1:21, 1:28)

    Don't scan and access with an empty gun. (1:54)

    Some are debatable:
    Not using the thumb as stand-off help when shooting from pos 3 (2:13)

    If it takes you so long to shoot from the hip before going for aimed fire, don't. Also: If you got your hand on the gun because of racking it, don't take it off again and shoot two-handed (2:18)

    Shooting from compressed ready works better if you hold it closer to your head, especially when bent over, as your offset moves to the side (2:23)

    We all do weird things under stress, but that was neither just a reload nor a complete type 2 malf clearance, was it? (2:40)

    Really, twisting yourself to shoot backwards one-handed instead of turning? (3:16)

    Anyway, everyone makes mistakes, and this is still a high level of competence demonstrated by everyone. I would definitely go to a course like that.

    Also, I need a leather jacket like that.