Alan Normandy, of Battlecomp, posted this Glock on Facebook. If you look closely, the slide has the Battlecomp logo engraved into it as well as forward slide serrations. The slide was milled for a RMR and suppressor sights were installed. The most interesting item is the repurposing of a Battlecomp muzzle brake to fit onto the threaded Glock barrel. I am curious to find out if this would actually help with muzzle climb or if it is just for looks.


  • Sianmink

    9mm has some muzzle pressure but not huge. It’s probably doing more for recoil by being a big weight hanging off the end of the barrel. did they have to mill out the comp? Don’t think they come in calibers over .30.
    Something like that would make a difference in 10mm, 38super, or .357sig, probably.

    • Vitsaus

      Its not about that. Its about spending $1,000 (or more) modifying a gun you spent $500 on. Then going on boards and talking about how “perfect” they are out of the box.

      • Sianmink

        Kind of like a Honda Civic or Acura Integra. Best tuner cars evah made!

        • no

          I’ve seen some crazy-fast Civics and Tegs. Just because 98% of them are a joke, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some running around that will eat your food. Most of the time, if they’re on some clean TE37’s or Work’s with clean/minimal exterior mods, there’s good money/products under the hood too.

          • I have never, ever seen a fast civic or teg and I have raced a bazillion of them (mostly for laughs). And yes, I am sure you could show me a video of a fast tube framed one.

          • Sianmink

            You have to really watch out for the ones with speed-holes in the rear bumper. That’s a clear indication that the builder knows what he’s doing.

          • Fo sho!

          • Dan

            This thread went down hill with the honduh fanboyism

          • Nicholas Chen

            Alex C. have you seen the reported times of the new Civic Type R at Nurburgring? It beat the GTR.

          • I am not aware that it beat the GTR, but if a civic can cut faster than a 7:19 then that would be impressive as all get out.
            I don’t think I have ever seen a civic or integra at a road race. They do go to the drag strip and high five one-another after running 13’s though, lol.

          • no

            Seriously? There’s a fair amount of civics and Tegs at HPDE’s and autocrosses, Miatas too.

            Oh, and Realtime did very well in their Integras in the Speedvision World Challenge’s Touring Class:

          • Yes I have seen them at autocrosses before, but never at a road race. But it certainly has been a long time since I have done an HPDE (of course any run-what-you-brung will bring out anything).

          • Nicholas Chen

            Yeah the Realtime Integra Type R is awesome. I copied their intake setup in my GSR when I had it. NSX air on with a cone filter. It really made a noticeable difference at higher VTec RPM.

            I saw another well built Integra Type R whomp a built Corvette at Button Willow when I was in College in Socal.

            Google “new turbo Civic Type R” it beat a bunch of times on Nurburgring including the GTR. Very impressive.

          • no

            There’s a guy at the local strip that run’s low 10’s in his street-legal hatchback, that’s fast.

            As far as your “video” comment, I’ve never seen a pornstar in my life, but the internet has proven to me that they definitely exist.

          • Lol, that isn’t fast.

            And you haven’t seen a pornstar?

          • no

            Nope, not in real life. I don’t go to strip clubs or anywhere else they do appearances though. It’s not a morals thing, I’m just too cheap to blow money like that.

            And if low 10’s isn’t fast, then I guess Z06’s, Challenger Hellcats, Vipers, and GT-R’s aren’t fast either. I have nothing to say to that, I don’t know a single person that doesn’t think low 10’s is fast. Mind sharing what your car is and what it runs? I’m just trying to get an idea of what you think is fast.

          • Let me say it: 10s are not fast. Quick would be accurate.
            As for what I run, well, it depends. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

          • Avid Fan

            ok, I’ll bite. What about a 10 second car isn’t fast. Ok, pretty da** quick might be more accurate; cars are getting faster these days. But to get anything much faster would require more of a track car than a street car.

          • JS

            Alex, there maybe some more of us here that would be interested in what you run also.

          • Shoot me an email 😉

        • wolfenstein

          I modify my Corvettes and Porsches. Does that make them bad cars? No.

          • You have my attention. Cars? Mods?

          • wolfenstein

            All of the mods!

      • Nicks87

        Blah, blah, blah. Are you going to repeat the same comment every time there is a Glock article on TFB? Some people like to personalize their guns. It’s not about making it perfect, it’s about making it yours. If you don’t like it that’s fine but your weak attempts at trashing Glocks and their owners is starting to sound like a broken record.

        • Dillon

          Well you’re the guy that does the same to every TFB 1911 article, so he sort of brings balance to the force, no? 😀

      • wolfenstein

        I’ve spent about 17$ making mine perfect with a grip plug and a stronger trigger/firing pin spring.

        So total that makes 417$.

      • Nashvone

        I’m sure an employee discount from Battlecomp helped ease the pain from the modifications.

  • Giolli Joker

    Well, considering how poorly that muzzle device performed when independently tested on its intended platform, maybe this re-purposing makes sense…

  • Spencerhut

    You can clearly see where they bored out the end for 9mm. Perhaps it wasn’t loud enough for him?

    • Ethan

      I think is was more so that he didn’t like shrapnel in his face. Unless I’m mistaken, that is a muzzle brake for an AR-15. Its exit hole was originally about Ø.250″ – a 9mm bullet is about Ø.356″.

      Both 9mm handguns and 223 rifles typically use the 1/2-28TPI thread pattern, though the devices that attach to each a rarely, if ever, interchangeable.

      • Spencerhut

        Well duh. I meant the reason he went through the trouble to install the thing on a Glock was it wasn’t loud enough. Battlecoms are LOUD!

        • Ethan

          Ah, gotcha. 🙂