Cory purchased a chopped barrel Mosin and turned it into a beautiful Obrez-style Mosin Nagant. “Obrez” in English literally means sawn-off or cut-off.  These sawn-off Mosins were apparently a popular side-arm in Russia at least as early as the Russian Civil War. Cory writes …

1942 Mosin Nagant “Obrez”. Picked this up recently in a trade. Previous owner chopped the barrel to 16.5″, created a custom PVC barrel shroud, added a scout scope rail (temp red-dot currently installed – doubt it will like the recoil!). I decided to sand and paint the chopped butt stock to match. It’s installed with a large double threaded bolt. I can take it from carbine to pistol in about 10 seconds. Next phase is threading the barrel for some type of muzzle brake.

The stock can be re-attached …


I want one of my own!


  • comrade

    He should use a smith vortex flash hider for it.

    • Cory Frost

      Hoping to thread it for some type of brake.

      • John Yossarian

        For quicker follow-up shots? I’d think it has enough blast already, without adding a brake. Prong or birdcage style flash hider would have been my recommendation too.

        However – If you want to maximize flash and blast, getting one’s kicks with purposeful obnoxiousness as some do, then I could understand.

    • RICH

      I have one for an AR15 that’s never been fired through…..(1/2 x 28) if you know anybody lookin’ I’m not goung to use it . Great flash suppressor.

  • Dylan

    What’s the OAL without the wtock attached? Is it still Title I in the current configuration?

    • M

      If it’s the original Mosin, is be about 35″ OAL chopped

      • So, it isn’t *legally* a “pistol”, just a really stubby rifle. 🙂

    • RICH

      As long as it’s 26″ overall, I believe. It also has to have a 16″ (minimum) barrel.

  • SD3

    I bet the 7.62 x 54r ‘pistol’ was as fun to shoot 90 years ago, as it is today!

  • mike

    yes, these were popular with criminal underworld types. some of rifles were left behind and hidden away during and after Russian Civil war and made their way to criminals whom chopped them down for ease of concelment. they were not popular with any military or paramilitary branch because not suitable for anything beyond ‘gop-stop’ stickup.

  • Tassiebush

    Shortenened firearms are an interesting topic. So many variations exist. I’d love to see an exploration of merits of what the most practical shortened rifle is. short barrel vs short stock. SouthEast Asia seems to have had plenty of examples of old Arisakas with shortened or homemade stocks with pistol grips. I guess the intended use is a big factor.

  • Zebra Dun

    A handgun looking for a Josh Randal.
    Нога кобылы?

  • USMC03Vet

    Another gun in a tree.

    Somebody please call the fire department. I don’t want these guns to fall and hurt themselves.

    • Cory Frost

      All my guns live in that tree. It’s ok, my neighbor is a firefighter.

      • RICH

        Sweet piece, Cory. you could use the Advanced Armament Coro. ‘blackout – 51T’ brake…. that brake also serves as an attachment for the AAC suppressor…… oh boy ! ! !
        Enjoy it & Stay safe…..

        • Anonymoose

          Why not 90T?

    • skusmc

      I, too, lost all of my guns in a horrible tree climbing accident.

    • HenryV

      It isn’t guns in trees that worry me but guns on wooden railings.

    • Eric X Ericx

      I’ve fired a “real” Obrez… it WILL set fire to anything 10 meters in front of it!

  • RICH

    “OUCH”….. !

  • kyphe

    does kick ass mean the same as break wrist?

  • Alex Barlow

    Nyet, Aleksy, no other guns. Only Mosin. Is good for sniping, is good for pistol, is good for beating in filthy capitalist pigdog heads. Is only gun glorious proletariat need.

  • Sulaco

    Sorry, the reason for this escapes me….

  • HenryV

    You need a pair of them. 🙂

  • HenryV

    Needs one of those compensator. This has made my Sunday. It is a thing of beauty.

  • HenryV

    One more thing. I wish these POTD were more desktop wallpaper friendly.

  • Fred Johnson

    Cory, how does the buttstock reattach? Got pics or a link?

    • Cory Frost

      I’ll get a photo, but went to the hardware store and picked up a double ended thread bolt – probably 1/4″ in diameter. Carefully measured the taps on both sides.

  • J S

    Did this with a PSL years ago. these are great when you want to piss off the Range officer.

  • Capn Stefano

    PLEASE NEVER offer these for sale!!!! The minute you do all steel core mil surp will be banned from import. Just because you CAN do something, that does not mean you SHOULD. If anyone does such a foolish thing I pray the gun dogs of hell drag them down below

  • milesdigby

    All I can say is that thing is just silly. But for some reason that ugly wonderful bastard of a gun makes me proud to be a American.

  • Eric X Ericx

    I’ve seen a REAL Obrez (well, a chopped up Nagant like they’re supposed to be)… it had a 6″ barrel and would not only blow a hole through anything within 30 meters but at 10 meters it would set fire to it!
    The cartridge is a little excessive with a short barrel… if you’ve ever shot a full-sized Nagant then a carbine variant, you understand this… but the concept is good.
    I could see this in an intermediate cartridge like the 7.62×39 (AK food).
    Also, the red dot was a little over-sized for this type of beast… I would recommend a mini (Aimpoint, Vortex, etc) or a micro (Trijicon, Burris, etc).