POTD: Kick-Ass 1942 Mosin Nagant “Obrez” Pistol Conversion

    Cory purchased a chopped barrel Mosin and turned it into a beautiful Obrez-style Mosin Nagant. “Obrez” in English literally means sawn-off or cut-off.  These sawn-off Mosins were apparently a popular side-arm in Russia at least as early as the Russian Civil War. Cory writes …

    1942 Mosin Nagant “Obrez”. Picked this up recently in a trade. Previous owner chopped the barrel to 16.5″, created a custom PVC barrel shroud, added a scout scope rail (temp red-dot currently installed – doubt it will like the recoil!). I decided to sand and paint the chopped butt stock to match. It’s installed with a large double threaded bolt. I can take it from carbine to pistol in about 10 seconds. Next phase is threading the barrel for some type of muzzle brake.

    The stock can be re-attached …


    I want one of my own!