William wrote …

This is a pic of my Hungarian FEG Hi-Power clone. I’ve always wanted a Hi-power, and these were recently made available for a song due to their rough condition. Originally I was going to refinish it, but the “to hell and back” look has grown on me.

Great photo William. I don’t think I have ever seen a FÉG in real life (or if I have I did not notice it was a FEG).



  • David W.

    I have one of these and aside from the mostly vestigial sights they are amazing pistols. I got mine as a gift from my father back in 2010 and have loved it since.

  • idahoguy101

    The Charles Daly HP made with Hungarian parts in a gem. Just remove the godawful magazine disconnect “safety”

  • Ninja Clerk

    I regret trading mine off. It was amazingly accurate for the sights that it had. I couldn’t afford a ‘real’ Hi-Power so I got the FEG.

  • ColonelColt

    To Hell and back? More like lead a sheltered life. Mine’s *seen* things. Mostly a lot of sand. Please excuse the quick and dirty desk shot.

    • 624A24

      It still looks beautiful. Hi Powers are truly timeless.

  • Mike

    Love mine>much cheaper than the real ones. have two of each. Wish they made a compact version

  • Phil Elliott

    I had a Browning made in India made on Canadian Inglis tooling, little rough with machine marks and sort of a Parkerizing, but it shot ok.

  • Charles Brumbelow

    I have an FEG with the safety in the slide. It is a DA/SA and the safety drops the hammer putting the gun into DA mode for the first shot. That manual of arms is one reason this became my nightstand gun.

  • Broz

    I still have an FEG HP I bought back in the early 90s for around $200…I replaced just about all the parts with C&S and other aftermarket parts…eventually had C&S’ SFS system installed by them…the Hungarians did a wonderful job of reverse engineering the BHP…runs like a champ…great value BHP if you can find one….now I have two of the ‘target’ BHPs (bought by my w*fe) with the extended barrel and counterweight…one is marked ‘Belgium’ the other is marked ‘Cassi, CO.

  • Matt

    you can buy a nice small booklets about all the different iterations of these pistols
    “DECODING THE FÉG HI-POWER”, available also on Kindle 1.15 $ or paperback 5-6$

  • Full Name

    I’ve had one of these for about 20 years now. It is still my IDPA piece. Weird thing, though: The sights have gotten really blurry over the years.

    • ironhat

      Yah, you got that too?! It doesn’t matter how much you clean them. The grease smeare just won’t go away. I just recently picked up a GKK-45 (.45 ACP) which is identical to the 9 mm, complete with decocker. These are real sleepers in my book. In my 20 years of ownership I can count on one hand the failures to feed, fire or eject. It’s not finicky and will eat whatever diet that you feed it.

  • Chris U5

    Can I please ask what the differences are between the FN Hi-Power and the FEG clone? I’d be really interested to know.

    • William

      These are basically exact replicas of a late first gen (external extractor) Browning Hi-Power. Many or all the parts interchange without fitting. They are not a “rip-off” of the design, as FEG did not start producing these until after the patents had expired.

      If you’re thinking of getting one, I too recommend “Decoding the FEG Hi-Power”.

      • Chris U5

        Thank you very much for the info William.

    • richard kluesek

      Hi Chris U5, I posted above about the FEG I previously owned. I also have had 4 Hi Powers of various vintages, but presently possess only 1 later issue, of the Portguese assembled variety. Kept that Browning because the frames are reinforced to be chambered for .40 S&W, but mine is a 9MM. Basically the materials used in the FEG are softer steel almost interchangable with FN, the magazine was crude, and I spent some money on Cylinder & Slide upgrade small parts. I eventually gifted the FEG to the gunsmith who helped resolve an out of spec trigger pin hole issue in the frame brushed off by the warranty department of the importer . In addition to the parts I swapped out he also installed a matched hammer and sear from Cylinder & Slide after acquiring the FEG from me. I would not endorse a new purchase BUT if a deal is available for something used to be an expendable beater or trainer or loaner then go ahead. For the effort and money spent I would have just not bothered and would have purchased another genuine Hi Power, but I was collecting / accumulating, and I learned. Best of luck and good shooting, keep your gunpowder dry and bayonet sharp.

  • richard kluesek

    I had one of these when first imported into the US. The extractor was soft and when shot out replaced it with a Cylinder & Slide upgrade, as well as their ambidextrous safety, slidestop lever, and larger sights,. The trigger crosspin would ‘walk out’ during firing. A gunsmith diagnosed that the frame hole was just slightly too large and advised sending the pistol back to the importer for remedy. (He recommended a larger diameter trigger crosspin). The importer disagreed stating that the replaced trigger spring was supposed to hold the pin in place. ?? Wrong, problem persisted and I had the pistolsmith fabricate a custom sized pin. Other than poor warranty service and a condescending failed solution, a good workhorse gun.

  • nova3930

    I have one of these I picked up in college from a friend of a friend. Gave $150 for it never looked back. Great shooter. Probably one of the best dollar/fun values in my collection.