A Possible (Free) Solution To the G36 Issues from Strike Industries

One thing I love about the guys at Strike Industries is that when they come up with an idea they don’t think is worth commercializing, they release the idea for free to the internet. One of their engineers, Sam C., who is an H&K G36 fan, came up with a handguard/rail concept that could prevent the loss of zero that the German military claims happens when the H&K G36 heats up. They have allowed me to publish the design and told me that any manufacturers can use it royalty free (if any manufacturers want to confirm this or want more details about the design they can email info@strikeindustries.com).

Sam’s idea is a barrel clamp combined with a new handguard. The CAD render below shows the new parts and the clamps Sam designed. I have rendered the clamps differently to the rest of the handguard so you can see them better.



The lower half of the clamp slots into dovetails on the lower handguard and is bolted into place from the side of the lower handguard. The upper half of the clamp is bolted over the rifle barrel.

slot g36





In this CAD render I have shown the barrel so you can see how it all fits together ….


Sam also designed an optional top rail cover which can be opened for easier access to the gas piston block.

There are two downsides to this rail. The first is that the barrel no longer free-floats. Because the free-floating system has accuracy problems I don’t see this as a disadvantage as long as the clamp system improves accuracy. The other disadvantage is that the SI rail is bulkier than the factory G36 rail and would be heavier with the relatively large clamps inside.

A big thanks to Strike Industries allowing us to share this design with you. Last week we reviewed one of their upcoming handguard designs. You can read the review here.

Our own Alex C. got hold of an H&K to see if he could replicate the accuracy issues. The video can be watched below …

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  • MPWS

    Not particularly simple solution, but it is fair attempt. I presume that plastic parts are new, not recycled (modified) existing. Anyone who goes into this will face inconvenience of pruning new on old – it is not a fresh start design and therefore burdened with compromise.

    In case of large metal clamps, there is good chance that they will act as heat inter-mediary between barrel and plastic components before quantum of heat enters them. It is also beneficial there are two of them. So, this is good thing.
    Still, I wonder, if there cannot be direct connection of mentioned clamps and rail with studs. The rail construction (its base) looks kind of subtle and chances are that movement due to heat expansion will occur. The clearances look substantial and that allows for heat ventilation into ambient air. In addition there is handle assembly connected to action which should help exchange.

    The issue of free-floating I’d leave on side completely, there is no need to apply it so stringently, nota-bene on assault rifle. Over all I remain sceptical that HK/ Bundeswehr will be enticed by this. As previous discussions indicate, this may be ploy aimed to re-arming and thus assisting HK to their future survival. G36 served long enough and Germany is rich (in relative terms).

  • Herbert Davidov

    Is this around the Piston? That would be very strange, to bring the rail far back enough to the Shooters eye, it will be very unstable. Because it must be free floating
    When you weld 2 Studs on the front and back egde of the trunnion you can weld a STANAG 4694 rail which reaches 100mm back or even a little more onto it.
    You simply mill 2 holes into the plastic so that you get a flat metal surface on the bottom of them.
    You can fasten these stumps by friction or electric bolt welding, maybe even without removing the barrel first.
    if you are anxious about bending the rail you can put its end into a clamp on the original upper plastic rail. But siting in the clamp with a little air-gap around the new rail(I personally think it is to complicated to keep the airgap clear all the time).
    The original night vision can sit directly on the part of the rail over the two welded bolts.

  • NewMan

    interesting.. So what’s the latest on the G36 testing by TFB? Will we get to see and hear about the result soon?

  • N703

    The “K” has a 12.5″ barrel. The issue was also concerning the more widely issued, longer barreled G36 (almost 19″ long).