Taylor sent us photo of his IWI Tavor with a Meopta MeoTac 1-4×22 RD scope. He writes …

I consider the picture of the Tavor under heavy rain at the 500 yd range to be a personal favorite.

The gun is a Tavor Black 18″, with a Midwest Industries XL Keymod Handguard, a Meopta MeoTac 1-4×22 RD, and either a Harris bipod or Magpul AFG2 depending on circumstances. A homemade trigger mod and a piece of duct tape round out the accessories. A very capable rifle which can yield reliable 8″ groups at 500 yards with M193 ammo. The internals have never been cleaned in 2400 rounds, and the exterior is seldom cleaned. No failures have occurred. Handloaded 60gr VMAX bullets make short work of Badgers, Wolves, and Mountain Lions. This gun was designed for the spotter of deer and elk hunts to use against the increasing number of fairly dangerous predators in our local area.

The pictures were taken by myself in Humboldt County, Nevada (Birth State) and Omaha, Nebraska (Residence State)

Meopta @ 4x

Tavor by Safe

Tavor at the Bullet Hole

Thanks Taylor!



  • ScoreDude

    Not big on bpups in general, but that is a hard looking rifle.

    • forrest1985

      Same here, very nice looking rifle

    • Esh325

      There’s a good chance that the next generation of rifles will all be bulpups.

      • LCON

        Bulls have there place but really despite the Bullpup fans Conventional configuration weapons will remain for a long long time. The Advangate of a Log barrel in a short package is nice but the sacrifices of ergonomics and sight radius leverage against them in equal points.

        • Rob

          but sight radius is a bupcus idea when the main idea is to use optics, no?

          • LCON

            Back up Irons are still wanted

          • Esh325

            They are, but the chances your optic will go down would be in quite extreme circumstances. The sight radius is really the least of concern. I believe newer generation of bullpups don’t have a problem with off handed shooting I believe. The VHS2 has a collapsible stock.

          • LCON

            Adjustable not collapsible. as the stock of a bullpup is the Receiver. so if you “collapsed the stock” You would break the rifle. VHS 2’s stock works to give you some LOP by adding a extension to the end of the Receiver that is in essence a partial stock.
            The only way to really solve the off hand issue is either forward or downward ejection. there are a few bulls that do that, F2000, MDR, RFB, ADS and A91 for downward you have the P90 and RDB.
            of that list only the F2000, P90 and ADS are military. The MDR has yet to enter real production and solves most of the bulls issues save for reloads. However Will it totally justify the Extinction of the conventional Rifle? No. Nor is it’s improvements enough to justify it as the “Next generation of assault rifles.” It may be the pinnacle of the bullpup as it stands today or even the most state of the art Assault rifle as we know it but is it the next generation? No because what it features are already proven on bullpups and conventional rifles. The latest Generation of Assault rifles have taken the rifle modular with multi-caliber, Stocks , Hand guards and beyond.
            So what would justify the next generation? Electronics. Taking the Rifle to the technology age via a smart sighting system and trigger. we already have that proven in the tracking point system and the DARPA CWO. And that is retrofit-able technologies,

          • hikerguy

            The Poles may have the ideal concept with the MSBS system. It does take advantage of the bullpup and conventional layout with 80% commonality of parts and L/R ejection with sticking to a piston system. I think there is still a place for both designs in today’s militaries. As you said, electronics (and quite possibly telescoped rounds) are the next advancements of military weapons.

        • iksnilol

          Sight radius isn’t really relevant with how widespread optics are.

          Ergonomics isn’t a problem either. It is just that people are so used to the conventional layout so any deviation from it is scary and unusual. In short, it just requires practice.

        • RealitiCzech

          Ergonomics? There are some shortcomings (especially for lefties), and some advantages. I can fire a bullpup one-handed with ease. Not so with an AR.

      • Kelly Jackson

        People have been saying that since the Thornycroft Carbine.

        I don’t see a point in the foreseeable future that the AR15 isn’t the dominate platform.

        ACRs, G36s, Augs, FAMAS, SCARs, and we’re right back to the AR15 again.

      • Dual Sport


  • thedonn007

    The duct tape must be for the ejection port cover?

    • Giolli Joker

      It seems so as it’s visible in the main photo, bottom right corner.
      Black duct tape, blends in well.

      • thedonn007

        Ah, yea I think I can see it now. Does not help that I am viewing from my phone.

  • hikerguy

    The Tavor: the replacement for the G36 (In scifi tv anyway.Most likely not in the real world). I think a possible cleaning will be due soon, LOL.

  • Harley O.

    Great looking rifle! I’ve never wanted one more than now. Is 8″ @ 500 yards exceptional accuracy for the Tavor, or is this the norm. I haven’t done too much reading on the accuracy of the Tavor, so this is genuine curiosity, not looking to start a comments section CAPS LOCK fight. 🙂

    The Tavor is earning a place on my list of guns to buy, and these pics certainly helped.

    • Heretical Politik

      8″ at 500 yards with xm193 is damn good accuracy for any rifle. For a combat rifle with a chrome lined barrel it’s exceptional. (Unbelievable?)

      • Bosch

        I like to shoot at scrapped computers and whatnot from my job. Here’s a monitor with a 9 round group a little under 7 inches wide and 9 inches tall. (PMAG 10’s hold 9 if you want to insert it on a closed bolt)

        I’d also say 8″ groups because it hits the 8″ plates 9/10 times.

        M193 is roughly 2 MOA, probably better out of good guns. Hits transonic at about 600 yds.

        M855, with regards to accuracy, however… Let’s just say M193 stacks up in a neat pile when ejected and M855 does not. Haven’t bothered to calculate its range.

        All said, the Tavor is no slouch for accuracy.

        • Indy

          What range was the above group shot at? 500 yards?

        • Indy

          I get it now, you’re the guy with the Tavor in the pics. Duh me.

          So the monitor was shot @ 500 yards. Got it

  • Matthew

    How is the overall combo for you Taylor?
    Been seeing the price of these slowly come down and am close to biting.
    I do like the combo of the 18″ and the Midwest XL handguard.
    Still up in the air on the optic, maybe just stick with the Mepro 21 like is used in Israel…Thanks for sharing!

    • Bosch

      Overall, the combo works perfectly. The optic takes advantage of the bullpup shortness and when put to 4x it can reach out to hit plates at its 500-600 max range. Bipod and a lot of sandbags are necessary for this however. The MI forend barely weighs more than the stock forend so it’s good to have and covers the 18″ nicely. I got it for the bipod mounting and a future suppressor.

      I’d say go with a similar setup for an 18″ barrel. For the 16.5 go with the IDF variant with the Mepro. No matter what, it’s an amazing rifle.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    My bullpup fantasy: a DT MDR with an underbarrel Crye Six12 shotty.

  • ghost

    As a former paratrooper of the 82nd, 503rd, 173rd, 101st Abn, in the 1960s, I can assure you, we never used any rifle in adverse weather.