Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion Rifle kit

Manticore Arms posted up a new project on their Facebook Page.

Alright, here are the first pictures of the Manticore Arms Compact Slider Stock for the Scorpion EVO!

(also show is a muzzle extension we will be making for those who want to put a stock on and don’t want to or can’t SBR yet)

No ETA or MSRP yet, working out a few details yet but it shoulders nicely and makes the gun VERY compact when fully collapsed with no additional width to the gun.

Manticore Arms

They are making a collapsing stock for the Scorpion as well as a barrel kit to turn the pistol into a rifle, for those who do not want to get a NFA stamp to make it into a SBR.

Manticore Scorpion rifle 4 Manticore Scorpion rifle 3 Manticore Scorpion rifle 2


Not sure how comfy this will be to cheek, but I like the aftermarket support for the CZ.  I still need to get a Scorpion.

Nicholas C

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  • Joe

    Two ways to roll with your pre-SBR firearm as you await your tax stamp from the ATF: pistol w/o stock, or rifle with fake suppressor. This kit seems great for the latter, giving the handling characteristics of an SBR w/ can.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Don’t forget. You can rock a stabilizer on a pistol if you use it as intended.

      • Dracon1201

        That sucks, though. Unless you have private land. Then you can play with it appropriately without facing a felony.

        • Nicholas Chen

          How often are ATF agents hiding in the bushes at the range? But I agree. It is much easier to do so privately.

          • Dracon1201

            I’m not worried about ATF agents in the bushes. I’m worried about rangemasters and rangemasters who happen to actually carry authority like state troopers and such. Many, like me, have to shoot at state ranges, so we have a problem. -.- Wish I had land to shoot on.

          • Don’t we all!

          • SteveK

            I dream of land to shoot on every night!

      • Marty Ewer

        I can tell you that we have been selling a boatload of Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizers to CZ Scorpion Evo 3 owners. Looks and works great. KAK Industry even has a package deal for the Blade, the tube, and the adapter on their site.

  • Giolli Joker

    I like the approach of Manticore Arms, they seem always to offer interesting products, usually at decent price as well.

    This stock look 10o times more fitting on the Scorpion than all the AR-type conversions.

    • Vitsaus

      They also aren’t affraid to make sort of niche products, but with the appropriate investment of resources so that they come out quality.

      • Dracon1201

        The thing is, it works. They do products other companies are afraid to touch because they “Won’t sell.” And do great business for their efforts.

        • I 100% agree with all the comments you guys made. They make quality innovative parts at a very reasonable cost. I use most of the parts they make for the Tavor.

  • Dracon1201

    Manticore Arms makes awesome products! I’m really excited for this! I’m gonna have to buy a Scorpion.

  • hking

    Its great that they are doing this. I would like to try before I buy since I am 50/50 on wire stocks. On AKs I hate them but on smaller guns like the MP5 I am fine with them.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I hate the A3 on my MP5. It serves a function of being the smallest stock I own, but it sucks to use. A2 goes on if the gun gets used.

      I’m convinced the only people that want these collapsible stocks, are people that haven’t used them yet. They suck.

      • Spencer W

        I have used them and I like them, but I am always the strange one of the group. They are hard to beat for making a rifle as small as you can get and still have a stock.

        • Alan Hodges

          The B&T MP5 stock rules…it has a great cheek weld. I had one and parted with it and got an French A3. This thing blows. No real cheek weld. I just re-ordered the B&T again from RTG.

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            good call

        • maodeedee

          A rifle? a 9mm with a 16 inch barrel has the same ballistics as a Glock 17 or a Browning Hi-power pistol using +P+ ammo.
          There’s a difference between carbines chambered for pistol rounds and actual rifles. And then there’s rifles like the AR’s and the AK’s that are made into “pistols”:.
          The Skorpion EVO is a short barreled rifle without a stock chambered for a pistol round. In that form I’d rather just have a regular handgun but in carbine from it has somewhat greater utility and slightly improved ballistics. CZ should make their own version of such a gun.

          • Spencer W

            I was not arguing the merits of the pistol caliber carbine. I was just stating my personal opinion that I like “wire” stocks. Though I can say I have very little use for a pcc they still look cool and are a blast to play with.

            *edit for dyslexia

          • Nick

            The scorpion being released to civis is a watered down version of the ones they provide for law enforcement and government agencies. That version had a folding stock and giggle switch. Unfortunately, since 922R doesn’t apply to machine guns, they don’t have any U.S. made parts, hence the pistol form for civilians. To convert to a rifle, 6 parts must be removed or replaced with US parts to meet 922R compliance. There are currently no US parts on the market though.

      • BaconLovingInfidel

        I assume they have some utility which isn’t relevant to me. They look wicked and I love the idea of big firepower in a small package (PDW in a small backsack).

        Must be useful for door kickers or high speed low drag units or something.

      • Dual sports

        You would be wrong. I am the one guy in the world that not only gets along with the factory AMD-65 stock, I do it well. I can make any package work for me if I want it to.

        You can acclimate to different ergos if you are willing to work with it and put in the training. I also believe that if it does not work for you that is fine as well.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Some “wire” stocks are pretty decent. Some suck. I haven’t encountered an HK PDW-style telescoping stock that provides a decent cheekweld. They look cool but suck.

  • James

    The fact that this silly workaround is necessary is annoying, but the stock in and of itself looks very good.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    so there is a new barrel in this kit ? if so why not offer an integrally suppressed barrel for only one tax stamp and states that don’t like SBRs, that was the case in Michigan but we have since evolved and can now own both SBRs and Silencers.

    • Andrew

      Great idea!

    • Llewellyn Franks

      Integrated suppressors are expensive and require a bit of R&D to put on a new system if you want them to be user-serviceable. Thats not to say they arent rad though.

      • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

        if i’m not mistaken Manticore arms is at this time in the tail end of trials with rat work usa on their own integrally suppressed Tavor kit so they do not seem to lack the ingenuity or drive to bring a product like that to market.

  • Slim934

    Clarification: I am I to understand that the SBR provisions go away if you add what is essentially an extra tubelength (just like a false tube not a supressor) to the end of the shortened barrel? The SBR regs make no sense to me and I just want to make sure I understand what does and does not count for getting to the arbitrarily determined 16 inch barrel length for something with a stock.

    • Mike

      If it is permanently attached to the barrel (i.e. welded / pin and weld etc…) the ATF classifies it as part of the barrel, so any length achieved through muzzle devices, fake cans, etc is considered part of the barrel length.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      “arbitrarily ” is the key word here.

  • John

    I find it ironic that the CZ Scorpion comes with a bigger hand stop than the Kel-Tec bullpup shotgun. Probably doesn’t need it, but it’s there.

    Gun research and quality control in former Soviet Union countries seems to keep going up, while Western gun companies seem to keep going down.

    • Giolli Joker

      Could be, but the mother country of the Scorpion wasn’t part of the Soviet Union.

  • Maxpwr

    Wonder what parts they used to make that 922r legal.

  • JLR84

    Is there something about the design that precludes using a 16″ barrel, instead of the weird pinned on fake can?

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      CZ doesn’t sell them in a legit rifle form, so you’d have to source your own barrel.

      Of course, a longer barrel would defeat the entire purpose of a machinepistol even in semi-auto.

      My only purpose for pistol caliber carbines is range fun, so the B&T APC 9, the Sig MPX, and the LWRC all appeal to me more. If looking for a serious work tool, the more affordable CZ looks like best option around depending on what one thinks about the B&T TP9 and whether IWI ever brings the new mini-Uzi to market.

  • Patrick Mingle

    I’m getting my scorpion in a couple days and I am really excited to see the aftermarket support. Real excited about a barrel kit. I am hoping that stock is just a mock up because it looks awful I would rather go with the CZ stock or AR buffer tube

  • Patrick Mingle

    Either SBR or barrel kit/faux suppressor you would still need to be 922r compliant, correct?

    • Rob

      Yeah, that stock looks like a one way ticket to a $100,000 fine and 10 years in Federal prison. 922r would definitely apply, and so far as I know there aren’t any American parts extant yet.

      • Patrick Mingle

        I have heard rumors of quiet a few parts but nothing being sold yet. From what little I know about 922r what is really needed is aftermarket trigger packs and magazines

      • Nick

        I believe its only five years, but that doesn’t much matter. No one wants a free pass to club fed for any period of time.

        Converting to SBR without US parts is basically like running a red light in plain view of a cop. The ATF will know YOU assembled it into an illegal configuration because you’re the only one allowed to with a form 1. If you didn’t, they’ve got you there for unlawful transfer from whoever did it for you.

  • gunther

    part of the Warzaw pact, not part of the Soviet Union, technicallity perhaps but still a difference

  • Touche sir- and to think, I was a history major!

  • noob

    Is the muzzle extension equipped with a heat shield so it could serve as a functional forearm? You could even mount a light down there and it would be useful (so you don’t make the fake can into a “lightsaber” at night)

  • SteveK

    I’m glad to see aftermarket parts for the EVO. I like folding stocks even when they’re uncomfortable to shoot. I gladly make the tradeoff. (and I’m not even a paratrooper)

  • CZFan

    I rally like these guns cant wait for them to be available

  • maodeedee

    Why doesn’t CZ sell their own version of this? Why not manufacture the gun as a pistol caliber carbine rather than a semiauto “subgun” pistol that isn’t allowed to have a stock because that would make it like a pistol caliber carbine with a short barrel which poses a danger to the public because it’s “concealable” even though a “pistol” with a collapsible stock and a short barrel it’s LESS concealable than a real pistol like a Glock 17.
    Has anyone ever stopped to think that we have a federal law that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever?
    This item is very well thought out and all, but I just can’t see paying $7-800 for the gun itself and then another $3-400 for something the gun should come with in the first place or at least be offered as an option for maybe a hundred bucks more.

    • Nick

      Simple. 922R. All the parts are made in Europe. If it’s a rifle its regulated by 922R, pistols however aren’t. As a rifle it would be prohibited from import. They have a rifle version for cops, but it’s full auto, so 922R doesn’t apply.