Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion Rifle kit

    Manticore Arms posted up a new project on their Facebook Page.

    Alright, here are the first pictures of the Manticore Arms Compact Slider Stock for the Scorpion EVO!

    (also show is a muzzle extension we will be making for those who want to put a stock on and don’t want to or can’t SBR yet)

    No ETA or MSRP yet, working out a few details yet but it shoulders nicely and makes the gun VERY compact when fully collapsed with no additional width to the gun.

    Manticore Arms

    They are making a collapsing stock for the Scorpion as well as a barrel kit to turn the pistol into a rifle, for those who do not want to get a NFA stamp to make it into a SBR.

    Manticore Scorpion rifle 4 Manticore Scorpion rifle 3 Manticore Scorpion rifle 2

    Not sure how comfy this will be to cheek, but I like the aftermarket support for the CZ.  I still need to get a Scorpion.

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