Pistol Brace Comparison — KAK Shockwave Vs. SIG Brace

AR15News.com did a review of the new KAK Industry Shockwave pistol stabilizer and compares it to the Sig SB15 Brace.


KAK Industry sells all of the new Shockwave components separately and as a Shockwave Package complete kit, which is what we received. The kit includes the new Shockwave AR Pistol Buffer Tube, Castle Nut, End Plate, Buffer, Buffer Spring, the Blade stabilizer and a copy of the Blade approval letter from the ATF. 



The kit only sells for $95! Which is cheaper than the SB15 alone. You can order them from KAK Industry’s website.




The KAK pistol buffer tube was designed with 12 dimples. The dimples work with the Shockwave to allow length of pull adjustment. The Shockwave is held in place with a set screw.

KAK-Shockwave-Blade-5 KAK-Shockwave-Blade-3


WEIGHT: The Blade is made of a hard polymer like many AR accessories and is much lighter than the SB15. Combine that with the weight savings of using the new Shockwave Tube over using the popular Super Sig Tube and you’re over a half pound lighter already.

–  KAK Shockwave Buffer Tube:  4.6 ounces
–  Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer:  5 ounces
–  Combined weight:  9.6 ounces

–  KAK Super Sig Tube:  6.3 ounces
–  SIG SB15 Arm Brace:  12.1 ounces
–  Combined weight:  18.4 ounces


AR15news also mentions that with the Shockwave fully extended out, it does not compromise the lock up. Whereas the SB15 gets less solid as it moves further out the pistol tube.

KAK-Blade-Vs-SB15-1 KAK-Blade-Vs-SB15-2


The Shockwave looks a lot nicer and save a bit of weight. It looks like it can be a true competitor to the Sig brace.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Vhyrus

    Too bad the whole point of the brace is moot now. The Sig brace actually works somewhat if you clamp it to your arm.

    • mig1nc

      Just don’t shoulder it.

  • MR

    I certainly like the look of the Shockwave offering better. Might even get one for my 16″ AR, just to have a simple, adjustable stock. Not a lot of surface area to spread out the recoil, but with 223 there isn’t much recoil anyway.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Can someone explain to me what this thing is trying to accomplish? I can’t for the life of me understand how you are “supposed” to use this. At least I get why the Sig brace was made.

    • Vitsaus

      Its trying to be as close to a stock on a sub 16 inch barrel as can be with out being classifiable as a stock, bottom line. Seeing the set screw and the dimples, I don’t see how BATFE approved it, but I guess they figure since shouldering any of these things is illegal, they can approve anything and just arrest the youtube yahoos that film themselves firing it from the shoulder.

    • Nicholas Chen

      The Shockwave is placed aganst the inside of the arm. You can use velcro straps to strap it down to the arm. So rather than two wings that straddle your forearm, this is a single blade that rests against the arm.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Okay I get it. The photos never show the straps which is why I was lost.

        • Warren

          You might also run a slightly longer LOP dimple than would seem obvious, and hold the blade low between your arm and ribs. With a quality laser sight this would be a good CQ/PDW design. Hopefully, since no shoulder is involved, that isn’t “shouldering”.

      • iksnilol

        Eh, if you are disabled and whatnot I think you will prefer two wings instead of a single blade. More support and all.

      • ARluv

        So they sell the product with two straps?

  • echelon

    This product would simply never exist if is wasn’t for government interference.

    In the words of John Galt: “Get the hell out of my way”.

    • iksnilol

      Yes, yes it would. Because there are people who actually use the thing as designed, shocking I know.

      • echelon

        I’m not saying there would be no room in a niche market for disabled people to use a brace as intended to shoot…but the original would not have been picked up and marketed by Sig the way it was and become the ubiquitous product on the market that it is. And it certainly wouldn’t have spawned this “blade” product to be a direct competitor…

        Without the NFA and .gov intrusion people would just have rifles with whatever barrel length they wanted, with or without suppressor (I’m guessing most would have one), and with whatever their choice of stock is.

        Heck most stocks already have sling holes so you could just strap that to your arm most likely, if needed.

        In the words of Sir Ulrich Von Leichtenstein: “Lash it to me arm, Wart!”

  • Random Disabled Person

    There are several big differences which were missed by not having disabled people review it. Disability, and the loose of use of your body, comes in many forms and each brings with it annoying B.S. for needs to adapt to work around the limitations. Even similar people with
    similar problems don’t fully have each others’ body limited abilities or understandings of such.
    Equally non disabled people can get by with less information and have less extra issues to consider. Small minute differences can be very large for what was the intended market. Which that is highly frustrating in and of itself. The braces open the ability to shoot AR style (and others) pistols for many. Far more than the marketing image of a wounded veteran with a missing limb. Although that is the where the heartfelt original desire of design came from.

    Please note, I’m referring to the “Sig SB15 Brace” model used in the review and not the “Sig SBX Brace” model , which also has some of the similar issues/choices of the “KAK Brace” in comparison. An example, for me the older version is far better with the larger amount of rubber. For someone else the newer SIG model may be better. So I get to worry about the first generation going away, as I save up to buy several.

    The KAK brace has the perk of locking down and adjusting for various lengths. Which helps accommodate more people for best positioning for reach and section of arm used for attachment. Plus if one side of the forearm is damaged, sore, etc. then hopefully the one sided placement will allow the straps to attach at points that do not aggravate these areas.

    A problem may occur from the difference of the side bracing verses the all the way around the arm. With the buffer tube directly over/inline with the bone structure, instead of being beside them. Although that may transfer the force to more joints which could cause more pain for some. So the winner is divided between different groups.

    The Velcro straps (more so on the KAK) have a small surface area for load dispersion. If you don’t understand the force being applied over the surface area formula, I’m sure someone here will write out a better physics article/reply than I could.

    One problem is speed of use, while both use straps, you can ram your arm through the center of the SIG Brace, which while not preferred or secured properly, does give some instant assistance. At least getting you into a better position while you try to get the velcro straps adjusted. While you’ll likely leave both attached & assembled in loops, getting your arm through both on the KAK over the SIG might be harder. Unless you/they have stiffen them up in some way. The SIG has one strap going around the back half which having the rubber hole/keeper helps hold the rear Velcro loop open and in place.

    The KAK doesn’t have disadvantage of the form of the SIG brace rubber’s memory offering resistance against tightening the straps down. Again when disabled, if you have the pistol in dominate/best arm/hand, you are working with the secondary limb, perhaps your mouth, or even feet to operate tightening the straps, if you don’t have someone to assist you. Which most disabled people like living and functioning as unaided as much as possible. If this is their home defense weapon, you get the picture…

    One issue that is sure to open debate, is with the KAK’s plastic design, does it make it better to brace against something? How would say the frame of a wheel chair or crutch count? It sure is not “shouldering the weapon”…. Yet is it bracing the assembly like it was SBR stock? *Note* Please don’t start another letter writing campaign with this to the BATFE, let us take our aid options and go by quietly, most of have enough fights and struggles in our life. The risk here is high for lost of option to us, where non disabled have more options and don’t loose a specialized accommodation tool.

    An AR pistol with a brace is a good home defense gun. The ability to chamber a round comes into play. Imagine having to downgrade calibers in self defense weapons until you find a weapon that that doesn’t have higher powered springs for recoil reduction. Which has to be overcome to chamber a round, so you’re dealing with part of your body out of the fight before you even get started. Griping a slide can take a lot of force for some and even adapters don’t help enough, when the AR upgraded charging handles give you far more ability and different
    muscle usage.

    Hopefully the competition will bring down the price of the SIG, or even both which is good for everyone. It might be wise to buy disability aids before you need them because when you become disabled costs are often more burdensome.

    Standing by for disabled hated and prejudice, for pointing out how much of a serious issue and how helpful of an item these braces are. With the fact they are far more than “Bubba’s taticool wannabe teir-1 range toys to dodge paying the sbr tax” to a group with a small voice. Along with the length complaints, which the info will help other disabled people think about the options before they spend limited resources. I hope the majority reading this never have to decide on all these different nuisances and can buy what ever model appeals to them first. Instead of having to factor in for limitations and the accommodation factors.

  • Daniel

    It takes nice pictures, but I’ll give it a few months of research before I make up a better opinion.

  • DIR911911 .

    and I thought that Sig was taking the piss with theirs , but really this just looks like they left off the recoil pad and put on a couple of extra sling points to confuse the feds.