Pistol Brace Comparison — KAK Shockwave Vs. SIG Brace

    AR15News.com did a review of the new KAK Industry Shockwave pistol stabilizer and compares it to the Sig SB15 Brace.


    KAK Industry sells all of the new Shockwave components separately and as a Shockwave Package complete kit, which is what we received. The kit includes the new Shockwave AR Pistol Buffer Tube, Castle Nut, End Plate, Buffer, Buffer Spring, the Blade stabilizer and a copy of the Blade approval letter from the ATF. 



    The kit only sells for $95! Which is cheaper than the SB15 alone. You can order them from KAK Industry’s website.




    The KAK pistol buffer tube was designed with 12 dimples. The dimples work with the Shockwave to allow length of pull adjustment. The Shockwave is held in place with a set screw.

    KAK-Shockwave-Blade-5 KAK-Shockwave-Blade-3


    WEIGHT: The Blade is made of a hard polymer like many AR accessories and is much lighter than the SB15. Combine that with the weight savings of using the new Shockwave Tube over using the popular Super Sig Tube and you’re over a half pound lighter already.

    –  KAK Shockwave Buffer Tube:  4.6 ounces
    –  Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer:  5 ounces
    –  Combined weight:  9.6 ounces

    –  KAK Super Sig Tube:  6.3 ounces
    –  SIG SB15 Arm Brace:  12.1 ounces
    –  Combined weight:  18.4 ounces

    AR15news also mentions that with the Shockwave fully extended out, it does not compromise the lock up. Whereas the SB15 gets less solid as it moves further out the pistol tube.

    KAK-Blade-Vs-SB15-1 KAK-Blade-Vs-SB15-2

    The Shockwave looks a lot nicer and save a bit of weight. It looks like it can be a true competitor to the Sig brace.

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