Russian Anti Terror Squads

RT (Russia Today) posted this on their Facebook page. It shows Russian soldiers fighting Islamic Terrorists. WARNING: There is some graphic content. Images of dead terrorists are in this video.



There are some interesting weapons being used in this video. But I do not recognize them. Can our readers help ID these weapons?


This looks like an AK but what is that thing attached to the barrel?
RT AK attachment



Some type of grenade launcher.

RT Grenade launcher 2 RT Grenade launcher


What machine gun is this?

RT saw

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  • Rogier Velting

    The grenade launcher looks like a GM-94, and the machine gun is probably a PKP Pecheneg.

  • Olek

    1. It is probably a flashlight from zenit comapny (russian manufacturer of weapon accesories)
    2. Its called GM-94
    3. PKP Pecheneg

    • forrest1985

      My first thought was a flashlight but watching the video again not too sure

      • Guest

        there is a bright flash that appears to originate from the “flashlight” followed by an explosion, unless that was a coincidence??? Clearly not any variant of the GP25 thats for sure.

      • forrest1985

        See below

      • Guest

        maybe this flashlight is same one. I dont know what name is.

    • d_grey

      100% accurate!

  • forrest1985

    The grenade launcher is a GM94 and i guess that the MG is a PKP

  • MountainKelly

    Typo in title, also ditto on the pk and pretty damn sure that’s a flashlight

  • Esh325

    The first picture looks like he’s using an AK-104 judging by the curved magazine. I guess the 7.62×39 still has its place.

    • Rich Guy

      It is still quite common as it is a very capable QCB round.

      • Esh325

        Yes, but I wonder why you see some Russian military special forces and police using 7.62×39 rifles? Is it because the round has better penetration? Doesn’t deflect as much? Better lethality? Better for sound suppressors?

        • CMP5

          Better for sound suppressors, considering the Russians have decades of manufacture of the PBS 1 suppressor but not much in the way of 5.45 suppressor

        • Rich Guy

          5.45 require a different twist rate for SBR, and it preforms much worse.

          There is almost difference between a 14″ and 18″ barrel when it comes to 7.62×39, and it hits harder at close range.

  • Lloyd

    RT stands for Russia Today

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Top photo is an AK-104. It has the distinctive combo gas block and shorty muzzle booster.
    The thing on the barrel of the AK looks like maybe a flare/smoke grenade launcher?
    GM-94 is the grenade launcher.
    PKP Pecheneg is the machine gun.

  • iksnilol

    The grenade launcher is a GM-94. Cool piece.

  • USMC03Vet

    Tactical glow belts confirmed!

    2 terrorists in the building? Let’s level the whole block….

    I love Russians. They just do not care.

    • anon

      its not all that different from the US. We just use airstrikes

      • Sulaco

        Under the current ROG air strikes only release weapons on average 1 out of 4 sorties. Rules of engagement stop the rest. Lets see the Russians care near that level…

      • FourString

        Uhh not even close. We don’t airstrike 850 of our own just to get 40-50 terrorists. Even a jaded cynic wouldn’t claim that.

        • Tassiebush

          Russians used a gas which should have been survivable with proper after care. They just botched that part but in a lot of ways it was well done given the upper hand the Chechens had.
          As for US govt if I recall correctly it was suggested that at Waco fatally toxic levels of teargas were used. I’m only going on that Waco rules of engagement program though for that.

          • JohnWhite

            It was the blame of mayor of Moscow, who didn’t believed in success of operation and was preparing buffer trucks with sand around captured building in case if IEDs of suicide bombers will explode and whole building will be leveled to the ground. That’s instead of preparing medical support. Command of Special Operations didn’t have power over medical service in the city – everything has to done through mayor. Plus those trucks blocked the roads for medical emergency.

            In case of assault suicide bombers would explode IEDs thus destroying the building with 850 hostages, 50 terrorists and special operations team. By the way some of terrorists had gasmasks and were making resistance. Paralizing gas was the lesser evil.

          • Tassiebush

            That’s interesting to know about the role of Mayor.
            It looks like there was no communication about what the gas was too. But even with all those shambles it was the way lesser evil.

          • JohnWhite

            That gas was the special development of counter-intelligence scientific departments for counterterrorist operations. Name and structure are classified. It’s odorless and colorless, pretty unstable and decomposes very quickly. That makes it suitable nonlethal weapon for quick territory seizure.

            What we know is that microdosage of gas almost instantly makes person paralyzed and unconscious and it was released precisely at locations with suicide bombers. Even if one detonated something the casuaties could be unforgivable. If you will find videos of Nord-Ost you will see that there were at least 5 women with suicide IED belts around the hall and at least one at central ontrol of many planted explosives among hostages including one SPG shell in the center. Explosion should go from egdes to the center covering whole hall. During the assault all unconscious suicide bombers were shot in the head upon visual contact.

        • Bal256

          You say collateral damage, I say mission accomplished.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Posted by anon..

        you’re such a badass little leftie, aren’t you?

    • barry

      Yea, don’t forget the Moscow Theater Nord-Ost Siege. 40-50 armed Chechens with 850 hostages. What did the Russian “special” forces do? Pump the buidling full of toxic gas and killed 130 hostages in the process. But they got the bad guys, so…mission accomplished?

      • n0truscotsman

        In defense of the Russian forces facing such ghastly hostage scenarios, there are no other western forces I know of that have faced such similar circumstances. Israel is the only one I can think of.
        (if someone has an example, ill gladly recant that point)

        • LeParigot

          ~ France…In 1979, the GIGN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) faced to the Grand Mosque Seizure in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) during Hadj with 200-500 activists group!!! the three GIGN commandos trained and equipped the Saudi forces and devised their attack plan (which consisted in drilling holes in the floor of the Mosque and firing through the perforations gas canisters wired with explosives), but did not take part in the action and did not set foot in the Mosque (only muslims can do it)
          Algeria…Remenber the In Amenas hostage crisis, the Algerian special forces raided the site, in an effort to free the hostage…At least 39 foreign hostage were killed along with an Algerian security guard, as were 29 militants. A total of 685 Algerian workers and 107 foreigners were freed. Three militants were captured.

      • Tassiebush

        From what I recall the biggest reason so many died was a lack of after care immediately after using the gas. The hostages basically needed to be put outside in the recovery position but weren’t. It was a great plan except for that… Even with that stuff up it was still remarkably successful given the number of heavily armed ready to die hostage takers.

        • Bill

          Yes. There were no provisions made for trauma care, nor were hospitals notified or supplied with the right antidotes. The core element remains that the Russians aren’t overly concerned about collateral damage, but some forethought could’ve reduced the death rate at Nord-Ost significantly.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Let’s see- they took action and saved hundreds of hostages, versus not taking action and losing all of them.

        Seems like a good move to me, but I love how folks Armchair quarterback things…

      • John Sjöström

        Say any other country that has had any Hostage situation that even is close to that number of hostages. The only thing I can think of a huge hostage situation that west has dealt with is tthe GIGN raid of AIR 8969 with over 200 hostages.

      • Daniel

        Yup, mission accomplished. Good job team! *high five*

  • Alex Nicolin

    They were shooting as if the Predador and Xenomorph Queen’s love child were lurking in that apartment.

  • superflex

    Another reason not to mess with Russia.
    Too bad Obama and the rest of the zionists running this country dont get this

    • anon

      good job comrade, your daily allowance of of potato and vodka will be upgraded to two potato

    • Phil Elliott

      Pretty damn sure Obama does not belong in the same sentence with Zionist!

      • Kurt Akemann

        You’re right of course. This guy is probably one of the anti-Semites who show up here every so often. I flagged his post and if he’s one of them the admins will boot him.

    • tfb.lurker

      Looks like, “The Hun,” is back all trying to be sneaky like…

    • Tired_Ol_Sarge

      Obama hates Israel. He definitely is not a Zionist.

  • KestrelBike

    When they had the closeup of the dead guy’s hand, did he have a grenade pin keyring around his thumb???

    • Pete

      I wondered the same thing.

  • Lance

    Easy a Ak-74 with a flash light attached. While many use flashlights on M-1913 rails earlier flashlight attachments where on the barrel. Check out Blackhawk down the actors who were Delta Force operators had XM-4s and CAR-15s with flashlights on the barrel. the other guns shown are AK-105s, PKMs, and a double shot GL.

  • dannye


    The only terrorists in the video are Putin’s death squads.

    • mosinman


  • Roc

    Right side feed, stock shape, and AK-like front sight on the MG means it’s a PK variant. Possible handle on top of the barrel means it’s most likely a PKP “Pecheneg”.

  • jerrydgeek

    That ‘thing’ attached the the barrel of the “AK” might very easily be nothing more than a weight, intended to minimize ‘muzzle flip’

  • Freddy

    For moar of the ultimate russian gunporn you can check out karden blog on livejournal. If you read a little russian, the man offers insightful commentaries on their equipment and general logistical situation of average MVD operative in provincial unit. Having all the cool stuff from the point of view of westerner, these guys dream wistfully of plain jane glock in 9×19.

  • I wonder if those are real EOTechs or Russian versions of them. I first noticed one around 0:18, but there are several throughout the video.

    • quintassentially british

      They are probably legit as western optics are cheaper/better than the ones on the russian market IIRC its something like 1000 rubles for a kobra sight but 750 rubles for a aimpoint t1 however chinese knock-offs are proving to be popular but western made sights are still favoured amongst russian spec-ops.

  • Sankt Muzhik

    And this is why nobody is messing with Russia. You threaten a Russian, they’ll kill you, film it, take pics of your dead body, then show everyone you ever met in life while screaming at you “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MESSING WITH MOTHER RUSSIA!” As a result, very little gets aimed at Russia.

    • anon

      good job comrade, your daily allowance of of potato and vodka will be upgraded to two potato

  • Nicholas Chen

    I dont think that is the same thing. Look at the screen cap pic above. It is attached at the rear of the hanging object.

    • Core

      You can slide the mount to the rear. It’s the FOT-2C variant, the government contracts a higher quality variant with a QD mount.

  • Bill

    Actually, messing with Russia might not suck, not as nearly as some of their tactics did. Smart shooters generally don’t brace against a window sill and blaze away, or stand on roof tops against the horizon, or keep their heads stuck out from behind cover for long periods of time, all of which make for clean, one-shot solutions, from someone shooting through a mouse hole from deep inside a room.

    Of course, there’s 10 guys behind him to drag his body out of the way and take his place.

    • John Sjöström

      Yeah its easy to judge in front of a screen. Every soldiers makes mistakes. If you look at how the US and UK forces fight in Afghanistan they do the same “mistakes”.

      • Bill

        Um, sure, the only problem is that those are mistakes you only make once. It’s pretty basic stuff.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Last pic, the unindentified machine gun, reminds me a good bit of a Minime….

  • brainy37

    Why the hell is everyone still shooting after they put so many grenades into the apartment? I mean DAMN that was a lot of grenades. Those apartments are mostly wood and single layer brick. That PKP would have zinged though it like butter as well. Talk about overkill! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They did after all bring in and fire a T-72 several times and RPG-26’s during the Beslan school hostage crisis.