Drone Munition – This Time, It’s Real

Editor’s Note: Shooting down model aircraft or drones complying with FAA regulations may have serious legal repercussions. If you dislike people flying illegal drones near you, contact the FAA and report them.

Some of you might remember the April Fool’s joke on Lucky Gunner back in 2013; they created a page for Tacnition Anti-Drone 12-gauge shotgun rounds, which spread like wildfire. Of course, if you actually clicked on “Add to Cart” you were greeted with the revelation that this was an April Fool’s joke – one you’d think would have been obvious if for no other reason than the fact it listed the bullet type as “depleted uranium buckshot.” And, in fact, the page still exists; you can take a walk down ammo-humor memory lane by clicking here: http://www.luckygunner.com/12ga-3-uranium-drone-load-tacnition-5-rounds.

But the very thing the guys at Lucky Gunner used as “gotcha” fodder almost two years ago has now become reality. Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Inc., is helping Drone Munitions market their new line of ammunition, and yes, it’s being marketed as a line of tactical drone defense rounds. They’re getting started with 12 gauge rounds, but they’re also going to sell a complete product line of shirts, accessories, and targets.


From Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Inc.:

“If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, or haven’t noticed the exponential growth of drones in the skies around the country, you should start! One of the fastest growing threats to our freedom, privacy, and safety, drones of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities are taking to the skies. The Drone Munition brand provides a cost effective solution as the Federal Government and States scramble to take action. Defending your privacy and safety is just as important as protecting your family! Our shot shell solutions provide a cost effective way to do just that! From standard lead free solutions to electronic defeating loads, and extended range platform, we have the products to defend against the most sophisticated drones.”


The line is set to be launched in 2015. When you visit the website there aren’t any product images or information available, just the aforementioned marketing paragraph. There have certainly been other marketing gimmicks for ammunition covering everything from the many zombie-themed offerings to pork-soaked Jihawg rounds, so while it isn’t too surprising to see another one hitting the shelves, this particular theme is bound to cause some interesting reactions.Thoughts?

For more information you can visit the website at http://snakerivershootingproducts.com/ or email the company at sales@snakerivershootingproducts.com.

Author’s Note: We are in no way endorsing any illegal activities whatsoever. This ammunition should be considered a gimmick; just as you’re unlikely to be taking headshots at zombies anytime soon we suggest you keep your Drone Munition rounds to stationary, legally-allowed targets.

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  • sianmink

    On one hand, drones are pretty fragile, and any steel waterfowl load should handily do the job. It’s not like you need specialized munitions to take down a quadrotor.
    On the other hand, this could be great ‘zombiemax’ style marketing for their steel waterfowl load, legal issues aside, as you can’t get in trouble for shooting real zombies, but shooting real drones is a trickier issue.

  • M.M.D.C.

    “If you…haven’t noticed the exponential growth of drones in the skies around the country…”

    I gotta admit, I have’t noticed any drones at all in the skies around my house. ‘Specially not any within shotgun range. Do I need special glasses? Or a tinfoil hat?

    I’m with sianmink, it’s a just a marketing gimmick and, as long as it’s taken with a grain of salt, it’s harmless.

  • Hokum

    If you are listening to this, you are the resistance…

  • James

    Just what I need to keep the neighborhood kid’s pesky drone cameras away from my next backyard hot tub pro 2A swinger’s party.

    • Tassiebush

      Gee you’ll want to give the guests the heads up before you make any sudden loud noises!

      • Y-man

        “O’ th’ spreading billows of brown…”

        • Tassiebush

          I don’t mean to be a nervous nellie but as the saying goes “once bitten twice shy”…

  • IXLR8

    It seems like a good use for that leftover lead shot you can no longer use on waterfowl….

  • Tassiebush

    I’m still dealing with the fallout from my error of judgment when I opened up on a zombie walk thinking it was the real thing…

  • ghost

    I am still on the run over tearing a tag off a mattress when I was 7.

    • Roger V. Tranfaglia

      SHAME!…SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!,

  • asdffdsa

    Why the hell would they use steel shot for this? Lead shot won’t slow down as fast and will allow you to shoot at drones that are flying higher.

    • Reise

      ^^ This.

      Their gimmick is that the steel shot is supposed to be ‘magnetized’, so that it would ‘veer’ (or etc) into the target. But the magnetic force [vs the distance and velocities involved] would have no functional effect whatsoever to aid in putting more pellets on target .. even if Drones were made out of a lot of heavy ferromagnetic material (ie- Steel) which they are not.

      Additionally, shock … like being fired from zero to 1,500fps out of a gun for instance .. negative affects remanent magnetism .. similarly to temperatures over 400 degrees, which might also be present.

      If someone wanted to to make a Drone round, they’d use lead ‘sinkers’ attached to a small net, with a max spread of 12 to 14 inches.. or, duh, just use a quality universally available Upland Game Load..

      • Reise

        I was being nice before, but after reading up on their website that their preposterous product is associated with Pentagon marketing canards Luttrell -and- Kyle .. I think it’s time to re-brand their whole weird effort as “Snake OIL Shooting Products”..

      • asdffdsa

        The depleted uranium joke anti drone ammunition makes a lot of sense compared to this stuff.

      • RocketScientist

        I assumed the magnetic properties were not to steer the shot to the target (especially considering most drones have insignificant amounts of ferrous metal in them) but was to degrade the sensitive electronics in the drone if the damage from the shot itself was not enough to incapacitate it. I’m not saying this is any more likely to be effective, or that this isn’t just marketing gimmickry, but if we’re going to make fun of these guys, lets make fun of what they’re actually claiming.

      • iphonetechtips

        This actually makes a lot of sense & much more feasible for this application than the advertised load. I’ve seen a similar idea used in ammo that used a Kevlar cable imbedded in two balls, when fired they spread to approximately 8″ with a small projectile on either end. Can’t remember the name or if it was a shotgun load or handgun load, I seem to remember the manufacturer had a few different offerings of weird ammo like this . Anyone remember this stuff?

    • darthcoder

      That makes no sense to me. If action == reaction, and it takes more energy to get a heavy lead pellet moving, then that same amount of energy will move a steel pellet faster. What am I missing?

      • iphonetechtips

        The next step in the chain of action/reaction. While the denser/heavier projectile is slower & takes longer to accelerates, the opposite is true as it decelerates, the lighter projectile is losing velocity at a quicker rate than the heavier projectile as it is effected by atmospheric & gravitational forces (as long as both are equal in diameter). The denser projectile loses velocity slower than a lighter projectile, retaining velocity & energy for a longer distance than the lighter one. Also they are not as easily effected by wind drift. Of course analyzing these atmospheric effects on projectiles are more often discussed in relation to long range rifle shooting, not shotgun loads, but the basics still apply.

  • Will

    Normal 12 ga ammo won’t work?

  • Bill

    This whole drone uproar cracks me up. Estes had camera kits for model rockets in the 60s, and guys have hung cameras from surplus weather balloons longer than that. But I suppose I should get one now before they become the 30 round magazine of this era.

    • Panzercat

      And when was the last time your model rocket or surplus weather balloon could hover stationary just outside the bedroom window taking 720hd video of your wife undressing?

      Granted, I’m not buying into it either, but at least use an apples to apples corrollary.

      • Bill

        Voyeurism has existed forever. If you want apples to apples, “drone control” is equal to “gun control” because people are trying to restrict and blame the technology because of it’s potential for misuse, or its misuse by a small percentage of criminal users.

        And I’ll be shooting in 4K 😉

        • ^This^

          We of all people should know that freedoms should not be restricted to the many, because of the misuse of a few.

        • Roger V. Tranfaglia

          Ahh …What kind of ammo is that??

      • GoPro duct taped to a broomstick is more effective than RC helicopters.

        These “Drones” are loud and have no zoom.

        Also, telescopes or binoculars would work better too.

        • Bill

          Sounds like you’ve put some thought into this 😉

          • Multirotors are an emerging hobby of mine. I also plan on using them to film some of my YouTube show.

            I’ve had the “Drone Privacy” discussion a number of times now, so I’m well versed in trying to convince people that there are more efficient ways to be a pervert, and that multirotors are not a threat.

            TL;DR I’m not a perv. =)

          • Bill

            I’m getting into them also, like I need another expensive hobby. I’ve wanted to apply them to LE and firearms training as a means of giving trainees a different perspective of their actions, and to get cameras into places where it isn’t safe to get a human. They have a lot of potential. plus being just flat fun.

          • I’ve always wanted to fly, and multirotor FPV is as close as I can get!

      • Hunter

        Its louder than a mariachi band playing lawn mowers instead of instruments, it flies for ten minutes if you have a feather hand on the controls, and the cameras typically don’t have a lens with any zoom functions. not to mention all the motion blur from wind effects.

        I wouldn’t worry about drones unless you did something to piss off barry over in dc and he has a predator assigned to you.

  • mikenz

    something like the old cannon shot used against sailing ship rigging. kind of bolo round might work?

  • noob

    Is it okay to go to the desert and shoot your own drone? or have your own drone tow a clay on a long string while flying in erratic patterns?

    that actually sounds kinda fun.

    I remember there was also a guy on youtube who put an airsoft gun on a model airplane and used it in a game to strafe airsoft players (with their consent). I don’t know how that turned out.

    • Bill

      Tie a helium ballon, or duct tape a stick with a balloon on it, to a radio control car. It’s a hoot, and about $3,000 dollars less than an armored radio controlled target carrier.

  • ehw2

    Better than the stuff marketed to the zombie fanatics…

  • Tassiebush

    Animal Liberation here in Australia have self righteously boasted the aquisition of a drone to spy on farmers so there is an appropriate niche for this.

  • wetcorps

    Well if drones (and maybe robots) get to be the next fad, at least all the products won’t be plastered in neon green.

  • gunslinger

    buddy at work said he lives near an RC “airport” basically a nice field where people can take their RC planes and copters and fly them. thing is, the runway is right at the end of a hill/cliff and there’s state gamelands below. a number of people have lost their planes due to “less than honorable sportsmen” lurking in the woods below.

  • MR

    I thought that’s what fifty cal was for?

    • gunslinger

      50cal may be good for predator style drones. but for the little quad-copter i don’t think it is as good as a spread of shot

  • Andrew

    Hmm…what round should I use on an object that flies at around the same speed and altitude as a bird, has approximately the same size and mass as a bird, and shouldn’t be any harder to take down than a bird? No, not plain old bird shot, that’ll never work…

  • Tassiebush

    So that’s what a drone strike looks like!!!

  • Laserbait

    I was hoping to see some small Surface to Air Missiles (SAM), like a SA-11 Gadfly in RC form. 😀

  • hackenslash

    …Ill just keep waiting for the heat-seeking tactical nuclear 12GA rounds… should happen sometime around 2020… 😉