Drone Munition – This Time, It’s Real

    Editor’s Note: Shooting down model aircraft or drones complying with FAA regulations may have serious legal repercussions. If you dislike people flying illegal drones near you, contact the FAA and report them.

    Some of you might remember the April Fool’s joke on Lucky Gunner back in 2013; they created a page for Tacnition Anti-Drone 12-gauge shotgun rounds, which spread like wildfire. Of course, if you actually clicked on “Add to Cart” you were greeted with the revelation that this was an April Fool’s joke – one you’d think would have been obvious if for no other reason than the fact it listed the bullet type as “depleted uranium buckshot.” And, in fact, the page still exists; you can take a walk down ammo-humor memory lane by clicking here: http://www.luckygunner.com/12ga-3-uranium-drone-load-tacnition-5-rounds.

    But the very thing the guys at Lucky Gunner used as “gotcha” fodder almost two years ago has now become reality. Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Inc., is helping Drone Munitions market their new line of ammunition, and yes, it’s being marketed as a line of tactical drone defense rounds. They’re getting started with 12 gauge rounds, but they’re also going to sell a complete product line of shirts, accessories, and targets.


    From Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Inc.:

    “If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, or haven’t noticed the exponential growth of drones in the skies around the country, you should start! One of the fastest growing threats to our freedom, privacy, and safety, drones of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities are taking to the skies. The Drone Munition brand provides a cost effective solution as the Federal Government and States scramble to take action. Defending your privacy and safety is just as important as protecting your family! Our shot shell solutions provide a cost effective way to do just that! From standard lead free solutions to electronic defeating loads, and extended range platform, we have the products to defend against the most sophisticated drones.”


    The line is set to be launched in 2015. When you visit the website there aren’t any product images or information available, just the aforementioned marketing paragraph. There have certainly been other marketing gimmicks for ammunition covering everything from the many zombie-themed offerings to pork-soaked Jihawg rounds, so while it isn’t too surprising to see another one hitting the shelves, this particular theme is bound to cause some interesting reactions.Thoughts?

    For more information you can visit the website at http://snakerivershootingproducts.com/ or email the company at [email protected]

    Author’s Note: We are in no way endorsing any illegal activities whatsoever. This ammunition should be considered a gimmick; just as you’re unlikely to be taking headshots at zombies anytime soon we suggest you keep your Drone Munition rounds to stationary, legally-allowed targets.

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