Another Important Training Lesson

Last Friday, social media was a frenzy with this gem. It is another “worst tactical training video”. Dallas Lloyd of Premier Tactical Group posted a video of what he thinks people should do when caught in “some weirdo crossfire”. That solution? You should get out of your vehicle to engage the threat. He does not mention the obvious choice, which is to just drive away.

Lloyd’s technique first involves a form of musical chairs with his vehicle. He gets out of the driver seat and gets back into the rear passenger seat. Then slides over to the other passenger seat.

Truck musical chairs


Then Lloyd opens the right side rear door and hangs down to shoot under the door.

Truck shoot


After than he drops his pistol so he can roll out onto the floor and into a prone position where he picks up his pistol and resumes firing.

Truck drop


Watch the video. It took him 13 seconds from the time he exits the vehicle to his first shot fired. When he stops shooting to perform his fall/roll onto the ground he loses 8 seconds to that maneuver. We do not get to see the target he is shooting. I do not know if he is shooting at a single steel target or multiple targets. But all the time he wasted moving and not shooting, his target could have moved out of the line of fire. His shooting positions and view of the threat are extremely limited unless he turns the side of the car to the threat. Not to mention that civilian vehicles are not very bullet resistant. So his choice of cover is dubious at best.


Also he got a little flustered and mixes up his words: “We put enough targets on round”.

He mentions the use of Crimson Trace lasers however I question his ability to see that laser at distance in daylight.

The one decent bit of advice he gives is for people to go out to the range and practice/train. I concur but please do not try this. If you are concerned about fighting in and around vehicles please seek out people who know what they are doing.

Nicholas C

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  • Orion Quach

    Haha this was funny! He needed a bit more Multicam though. I wonder sometimes if people make these techniques up while playing video games.

    • Nicholas Chen

      If you look closely he is wearing Vertx Airflow pants. They have Multicam mesh.

  • Nicks87

    That is a familiar position but last time I was hanging out of a truck like that I was trying not to puke in the backseat.

  • Andrew Hobby

    I’m no tactical operator, but what about just “firing out the window as you drive away”?

    • Nicholas Chen

      I think that would be difficult. I cant even walk and shoot while trying to be accurate. So driving would be even harder. I am more concerned with bystanders.

    • Zebra Dun

      Drive by shooting attracts maximum attention of police as well as bystanders.
      Shooting from a vehicle is absolutely forbidden by law as is discharging a firearm closer than 500 feet of a road.
      That’s three felony weapons violations while armed, another felony for four felonies.

      • Bill

        I wouldn’t do anything he did, but if you are being shot at and are justified in using deadly force, shooting from a car or road isn’t going to be a real legal concern.

        Driving away is the beat option; unfortunately sometimes targeted vehicles get boxed in and you don’t have that option. there are better ways of using it for cover, though

        • Zebra Dun

          MMM No, it’s pretty clear, it is illegal for any reason or no reason to shoot from a car and inside 500 feet of a road. There are no exceptions. Better have a good excuse and a good lawyer.

          Say, what if you shoot an innocent bystander?
          what if an innocent but tacticool bystander, mistaking your GunCarFu mistakes you as a bad guy and shoots you?
          Do you two TactiFu’s by mistake continue to shoot at each other?

          What if both of you shoot some kid 1600 meters away by accident?

          Drive away or duck and cover, never pull a gun out unless it is you who are directly being threatened and you know without a shadow of a doubt who is shooting and who you are shooting.

          • whskee

            Even international law respects your inherent right to self-defense. If someone or several someones are attempting to kill you, and you have not provoked or caused said violence, you can essentially ignore the law to defend yourself within reason. You are right, shooting from a vehicle is illegal, but if you didn’t initiate the violence you aren’t bound by the law to respect it in defense of your own life. I’d be more concerned with handling the vehicle as the driver, shooting only if it becomes absolutely necessary.

            Personally, my belief is law be damned, I’ll live first and figure the rest out later and hope I made the right decisions to stay alive. The posted choice of tactics though…absurd.

          • Zebra Dun

            Do what thy manhood bids thee do, From none but self expect applause, He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self made laws.

            >Richard Francis Burton<

          • Bill

            Could you cite the stature you are referring to? Most municipalities have ordinances against discharging firearms within city limits, which by your logic would make any self defense shooting “Illegal for any reason.” Carjackings, kidnappings and the armed robbery of high-value cargo vehicles such as armored cars and pharmaceutical transports are all much more practical examples than this instructor’s of when it might be necessary to shoot from a vehicle. Executive protection specialists practice shooting from vehicles. “Inside of 500 foot of a road” could almost cover an entire city block, rendering any shooting on a sidewalk of inside most buildings “illegal.” The state I work in has laws pertaining to shooting from vehicles or across roadways that are primarily focused on illegal hunting tactics, but spotlighting deer is a far cry from vehicle borne self defense.

            If a child 1600 meters away is shot, it doesn’t matter where the round was launched from, inside a car, or a roadway, or a target range.

            The legal justification for the lawful use of force in defense of self or another is not location dependent.

          • Zebra Dun

            AR code 5-74-107 For starters, I picked Arkansas because it came up first on the google.
            It says a lot but basically it states it’s a Class Y and B felony.
            MS code 97-15-13 Mississippi states it’s a misdemeanor to do such but carries a jail term. Only LEO are exempt.
            Ohio code 2923.16 A) No person shall knowingly discharge a firearm while in or on a motor vehicle.
            A felony in the fourth degree.
            In most states and county/Parishes an Cities shooting is as if you were driving around and throwing missiles, stones and objects from a vehicle, at least being charged with an unsecured load to worse, assault and battery by projectile.
            Now it is up to the judge, Police and jury to decide if you were within your rights to do such an act for self defense.
            It all depends on who you shot and what they did.
            If they car jacked you maybe, but getting in a shootout while inside a crossfire of weirdo’s may not be covered.

  • 277Volt

    Nothing improves accuracy quite like all your blood rushing to your head.

  • WasThere

    Operators operating in operational operations. A day in the life of an operator. Serious training there.

  • santi

    “Oh no! A weirdo shootout!”… continues to drive away from said weirdos.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Pretty much. If I’m driving, and I have a 28,000,000gr bullet I have control of, and it’s likely that I’ll steer it the other way home.

  • Wolfgar

    This reminds me of all the martial arts nonsense that was being spewed out before mix martial arts settled the debate.The only difference is your going to get killed instead of getting your backside kicked with this nonsense.

  • avconsumer2

    lol – well… ok… let’s take a real look at this… if I was the aggressor, I suppose I certainly wouldn’t have expected him to drop upside down behind the back passenger door? Perhaps he would have indeed gotten the drop on me as I would have been completely immobilized by laughter? (but rly, would have put at least 3 well placed shots through the bottom of that door while he was getting situated)

  • Jeff Smith

    Why not go the traditional route of positioning your vehicle so thst the engine block is between you and the shooter and using that as cover? That seems much more practical.

  • Nicholas Chen

    A friend of mine pointed out something to note. He has so many camera angles. And yet these clips are the best he had on film? The roll was no executed well. He missed shots. He could have re-shot this until he got it better or perfect. Nope. Nailed it. No need to reshoot the drill or refilm a better run. This was the best he has to offer.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Looks like one of those grabasstic Chinese mortar crew videos where they’re doing cartwheels over the side of the vehicle and so on.

    Absolutely idiotic.

  • Zebra Dun

    The question arises is, Which party is the aggressor, which are the bad guys and which party may be the undercover cops.
    Your best tactical move? Drive away.
    It’s not your job to fight in a gunfight between weirdo’s or accidentally shoot good guys and cops.
    Drive away at the speed limit safely.
    If ya cannot drive away, duck and cover become a mouse in an empty car.
    this is about as bad as the advice given in a youtube video by Rejina Sancic.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    A legal question, if you are not dead after worming you way through several doors in a car, using like half a minute – are you allowed to shoot someone? Or even use the pistol as a threat?

    Dear grand jury, I swear I saw an operator on YouTube do it!

  • Don Ward

    To be fair, most tactical pistol training involving multiple reloads, clearing rooms and weapon clearing drills is every bit as fanciful as this. The Mark 1 Civilian is not going to be facing multiple criminals in a shootout unless they are flying a Confederate battle flag in a very bad neighborhood or have made some very poor personal lifestyle decisions which has drawn the attention of law enforcement.

  • MountainKelly

    tactitards, oh lordy.

    • Dave The Great

      Thank you for that. “Tactitards” is my new favorite word. 🙂

  • Assuming his scenario is he was blocked from the front the accepted method is to escape by reversing out of the line of fire. No ninja crap just slam it in reverse and go. If your skills allow at about 20-25 mph hit the brakes and spin the steering wheel as fast as possible clockwise. Clockwise places the passenger side toward the line of fire. Then slam the accelerator to the floor until you get a safe distance away.
    If you have a passenger they can shoot of course but that should not be a consideration for the driver.

  • DIR911911 .

    posted by “EasyBakeGunClub” . . . I think I’d have to be more than baked to believe this crap

  • Gmansaid

    You might have better luck dropping it into drive and running over your “target.” …roflmao

  • Gmansaid

    This reminds me of one of those “Karate” demonstrations where you require a great deal of opponent cooperation in order to be successful. Any “target” worth his salt with a rifle would ventalate this yahoo know-it-all and his truck fairly quickly without so much as having to set down his sandwich to do so. Seriously.

  • Zebra Dun

    Gunfucious say,

    If Man need dual wielding pistols to get out, man may be in too deep of kimchee to get out without shovel.

  • Zebra Dun

    From what I gather this is just Joe citizen CCW bearer caught accidentally in a crossfire.
    While ducking out the front door and in the back he must make an ID of who the weirdo’s are, are they cops, rival gangs, angry families at feud, a drug deal gone bad or some director making a bad action movie.
    While then sliding across the back seat he must extrapolate all the data.
    Then hang upside down from the off side seat and shoot his oil pan out.
    If the weirdo’s are shooting at each other they are NOT after YOU.
    If you get involved, both shooting parties will engage YOU. YOU will be fighting two angry armed groups of weirdo’s.
    Ask your self is this as smart as say, running through the woods during deer season dressed as a deer? Pointing a gun at a Policeman?
    Messing about with the underage daughter of a gun owner?
    If the answer is No, drive away.