Another Important Training Lesson

    Last Friday, social media was a frenzy with this gem. It is another “worst tactical training video”. Dallas Lloyd of Premier Tactical Group posted a video of what he thinks people should do when caught in “some weirdo crossfire”. That solution? You should get out of your vehicle to engage the threat. He does not mention the obvious choice, which is to just drive away.

    Lloyd’s technique first involves a form of musical chairs with his vehicle. He gets out of the driver seat and gets back into the rear passenger seat. Then slides over to the other passenger seat.

    Truck musical chairs


    Then Lloyd opens the right side rear door and hangs down to shoot under the door.

    Truck shoot


    After than he drops his pistol so he can roll out onto the floor and into a prone position where he picks up his pistol and resumes firing.

    Truck drop


    Watch the video. It took him 13 seconds from the time he exits the vehicle to his first shot fired. When he stops shooting to perform his fall/roll onto the ground he loses 8 seconds to that maneuver. We do not get to see the target he is shooting. I do not know if he is shooting at a single steel target or multiple targets. But all the time he wasted moving and not shooting, his target could have moved out of the line of fire. His shooting positions and view of the threat are extremely limited unless he turns the side of the car to the threat. Not to mention that civilian vehicles are not very bullet resistant. So his choice of cover is dubious at best.


    Also he got a little flustered and mixes up his words: “We put enough targets on round”.

    He mentions the use of Crimson Trace lasers however I question his ability to see that laser at distance in daylight.

    The one decent bit of advice he gives is for people to go out to the range and practice/train. I concur but please do not try this. If you are concerned about fighting in and around vehicles please seek out people who know what they are doing.

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