Supersoaker Shotgun Making The Rounds On Facebook… Again

Usually when I see stuff like this, something immediately doesn’t smell right and here is a prime example of that.  This post accompanied the picture on a Facebook page for Sheriffs Deputies of Ohio. As of this writing, there have been over 109,000 shares of the post.  Looking at the video below, there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal about the actual shotgun, being that it is over 18″.  While I am not sure about is whether Indiana law prohibits the disguising of a firearm.

This is a fully functional shotgun, disguised to look like a toy. I suspect that we’ll be seeing more and more of this. Be careful out there.


Here is my main problem with this photo. This photo is presented in a manner that would lead people on the internet to believe that it was just taken in Ohio. In fact this shotgun was taken in 2012 in Indianapolis, IN.  That picture was sent out across the country to various LE agencies.

I did apply some of my google-fu and was unable to find another story like this one where a firearm had been placed in a heavily modified toy for concealment anywhere else in the country.  While that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened.  It looks to be a pretty rare thing for LE to find.

Here is the original story.

In a comment under this photo an admin says:

I personally think that possession of a firearm altered to look like a toy should be a felony. Admin Jeff 1*

The problem here is what defines toy? Would cerakoting my pistol green and blue to match my beloved Seahawks colors be toy like colors?  What about throwing a FDE grip and forend on my rifle? Trying to define “toy alteration” could be a slippery slope to head down.  I will say this though, with weapons out there like this no matter if you are LE or civilian, stay frosty.


  • Anonymoose

    I don’t think most criminals would take the time, when they could easily just stick a Hi-Point in their pants instead looking suspicious as f— walking around with a large, ungainly Super Soaker when they’re 30-years-old.

  • USMC03Vet

    Saw it on FaceDerp. Must be legit!

  • greasyjohn

    I would think this is hazy territory for AOWs.

  • iowaclass

    I don’t see the point, even for a ruthless criminal. Walking into a bank or a booze shop with a giant super-soaker? Not a very effective modus. Maybe a way to conceal a gun from a housebreaker without using a gun safe?

  • Ted

    This is an AOW. The specs of the host weapon are irrelevant. It is disguised to look like something other than a firearm. A firearm that looks like a pen, a knife, a briefcase, a wallet, a cane….or a kids toy is an AOW under the National Firearm Act.

    • gunslinger

      “any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive”

      you said kids toy. there are ar15 kids toys. does that make regular ar15s aow now?

      i can see someone arguing that additional plastic doesn’t make it an aow. i can buy the argument that it closely resembles a supersoaker model ###.

      but i’m guessing the “pump action” (purple bit) needs some side bars to operate? would black steel bars help “define” it as a gun? idk. just curious

    • schizuki

      Han Solo’s blaster is a Mauser C96. Is it an AOW?

  • echelon

    Oh noes! A human used some ingenuity and did something outside the box! Oh noes! What about the children! Ban super soakers! Ban shotguns! Ban tinkering! Ban thinking! Bank living! For the children!

  • TDog

    The problem arises from the fact that most toy firearms are given, by law if I am not mistaken, a bright orange tip or cap to allow police officers to immediately identify it as a toy and not a true blue weapon. By encasing a real firearm into a shell with a bright orange muzzle cap, it not only endangers the lives of law enforcement, but also civilians by casting doubt on the whole orange-is-for-safety convention.

    We have a bad enough problem with people getting killed with toys in their hands and making the situation even worse by deliberately disguising a weapon as a toy is just plain foolish. Yes, we have a commentator here who seems hellbent on proving what a non-liberal he is by advocating “thinking outside the box” and approving of this ridiculous exercise in further eroding the civilian-law enforcement trust deficit, but his ill-conceived and kneejerk disregard aside, gun owners need to understand that guns are not toys.

    Understand? Guns are not toys. Repeat after me. Guns. Are not. Toys.

    Actions taken that given gun-grabbers a legitimate grievance should be condemned. Is this a slippery slope? Yeah, but in this instance it’s readily apparent it was some dumbass looking to camouflage his weapon that started things on the way down.

    We gun owners are always so proud of showing off how much we know about gun safety, but it’s astounding how often we fail to apply its tenets to other facets of our existence. Amongst the rules – do not shoot anything you don’t want to see destroyed and always be careful of what your target is and what is behind it. Disguising your firearm to look like a toy or poo-pooing it as harmless innovation pretty much ignores these two rules.

    Making a shotgun look like a Super Soaker may be thinking outside the box, but it also ignores the larger and wider implications involved. Your target is whom exactly? And what will others near the target think and how will they react? You wouldn’t want a can of bug spray looking like a six pack of energy drinks and you wouldn’t want a sharps box in a hospital looking like a cookie jar, so why would you want, need, or make a firearm look so obviously like a toy? We have enough trouble on our hands whenever a responsible and law-abiding gun owner shoots a home intruder because all of a sudden that crack-addled father of eighty-seven with fifteen convictions under his belt is suddenly transformed into a straight-A student who volunteered at soup kitchens and bathed the feet of the poor.

    Just because something can be done does not mean it should be done.

    And if it is and it’s injurious to our cause as responsible gun owners, we should condemn it. Remember: not everything gun related is worthy of our support.

    • BryanS

      Orange tips only apply to imports. I know of a few importers that go to the docs to claim shipments in customs armed with orange paint, because the manufacturers wont do it or thing its dumb.

      Ive run safety seminars for firearms and props, and part of that is a “is it real or not” where everything has orange duct tape on the tip. My advise is to know the law, and if you are going to be out and in public with a prop, let the cops know about the photo shoot ahead of time, and invite them to come out and see what is going on.

      • TDog

        “Know the law” and “don’t be a moron” are two key pieces of advice for anyone dealing with firearms whether said weapons are genuine or replicas.

        Disguising a genuine firearm to look like a well-known toy may or may not be legal, but it sure as hell is dumb as hell.

  • BryanS

    So, whats the overall length on this now? Looks like a stock was added.

  • Phil Hsueh

    My guess is that whoever did this did it so that they could carry the shotgun in the open without attracting undo attention carrying a shogun in the open until they got to wherever they’re going to. I also don’t think that it was done simply to hid the fact that they’re carrying a shotgun since they could do that with some sort of carrying case, I’m thinking that they were carrying it en route to committing a crime like robbing a bank or convenience store.

  • Grindstone50k

    “This photo is presented in a manner that would lead people on the internet to believe that it was just taken in Ohio.”

    Perhaps related to recent incidents? “Sorry for shooting your kids playing with supersoakers, but we totally thought they had a Mossberg stuffed inside it!”

  • dan citizen

    I remember a few years back 2 ganbangers got caught openly carrying orange painted hand guns, even with a plastic “+” from a toy stuck in the muzzle.

    They apparently got away with it for about 3 days. They were still high profile, and it just drew attention.

    • ab.martin

      Just came across this tidbit so I’m behind the curve on this.
      As the parent of a law enforcement officer I worry everyday that our son is going to be expected to decide in a split second toy or not a toy.
      It was spring break of 2013 when our son and his partner responded to a “pair of men with gun” call on the closed University of Illinois Campus. The report had come in from an FBI agent who spotted two guys duck into a campus building one of them holding a handgun. After meeting up with the FBI agent the officers deployed with rifles and began clearing buildings. Two suspects came running out of a building wearing long black coats, one with a black semi-automatic handgun in his hand.
      My son and his partner yelled “Police drop your weapon and get down on the ground”. One guy dropped to the ground with his hands out. They other guy stopped facing them with his hands to his side holding the hand gun. He yelled back “what? and why?” The officers yelled to drop the weapon and get down on the ground.
      The guy again yelled back “why?” At that point another campus officer had circled around on the guy’s blind side and tackled him.
      It turned out the two guys were college students doing a cell phone video and the handgun was a full size airsoft replica of a Beretta 9 mm painted all flat black to look more “real” for the video.
      My son’s partner told me later his “slack” was out of his trigger and that stupid kid was 1/32″ from losing his life.
      When questioned the kid with the fake gun was flippant with the officers saying “I wasn’t scared, I knew it was a fake gun, you guys need to chill out”. My son even went up to him and told him how close he came to being killed and the kid didn’t care.
      They were released to the University for discipline where I have since found out nothing was done.
      This whole thing barely made the local news and was buried on page 3 of the local paper as “Gun on campus, turns out to be toy”.
      Had this smart ass kid raised the gun and my son or his partner dropped him where he stood it would’ve been front page news and their lives would be changed forever.
      Bottom line, making toys look like guns or guns look like toys is a big deal. Cops don’t have the time to “GUESS”. Anyone and I mean anyone who says otherwise has no clue what is expected of our law enforcement.

      • Having done that job in a metropolitan I know exactly what you’re saying.
        I’m just glad he didn’t have to shoot. It’s a hard thing to live with.