Supersoaker Shotgun Making The Rounds On Facebook… Again

    Usually when I see stuff like this, something immediately doesn’t smell right and here is a prime example of that.  This post accompanied the picture on a Facebook page for Sheriffs Deputies of Ohio. As of this writing, there have been over 109,000 shares of the post.  Looking at the video below, there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal about the actual shotgun, being that it is over 18″.  While I am not sure about is whether Indiana law prohibits the disguising of a firearm.

    This is a fully functional shotgun, disguised to look like a toy. I suspect that we’ll be seeing more and more of this. Be careful out there.


    Here is my main problem with this photo. This photo is presented in a manner that would lead people on the internet to believe that it was just taken in Ohio. In fact this shotgun was taken in 2012 in Indianapolis, IN.  That picture was sent out across the country to various LE agencies.

    I did apply some of my google-fu and was unable to find another story like this one where a firearm had been placed in a heavily modified toy for concealment anywhere else in the country.  While that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened.  It looks to be a pretty rare thing for LE to find.

    Here is the original story.

    In a comment under this photo an admin says:

    I personally think that possession of a firearm altered to look like a toy should be a felony. Admin Jeff 1*

    The problem here is what defines toy? Would cerakoting my pistol green and blue to match my beloved Seahawks colors be toy like colors?  What about throwing a FDE grip and forend on my rifle? Trying to define “toy alteration” could be a slippery slope to head down.  I will say this though, with weapons out there like this no matter if you are LE or civilian, stay frosty.