Bullseye Camera System Review

248 Shooter has reviewed the Bullseye Camera System, a wireless camera that can connect to a PC, phone or tablet and show you, and record, your shots. He writes

At first glance, it’s easy to scoff at this product and think, “What do I need this for I have binoculars”. The truth is yeah you can use binoculars but much like some people prefer a semi auto pistol to a revolver, new technology offers shooters advancements if they are willing to upgrade.

One such advantage and advancement this tool offers is the Bullseye Target Manager Software. This software included on the USB stick in each package is a Windows-based program that allows you to record, store and retrieve tons of information. Locations, firearms, ammunition, and target distances allow you to keep track of your performance and create a library of information to use in adjusting your optics.

It looks a lot more convenient than using spotting scope, but the main downside to me would be having to carry more gear to the range and taking longer to setup my equipment.

Steve Johnson

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  • erwos

    This thing looks like a surprisingly good deal. Good spotting scopes are in the same price range, and don’t provide the same level of easy-to-see feedback.

    My only quibble is that this thing isn’t going to work so well on a public range – you’ve got to put 4-8 feet away at 45 degrees. You may very well block someone else’s target like that.

    • yes

      not to mention someone could accidentally shoot it.

      • Spidouz

        Yeah, I don’t understand why they haven’t done a case with some AR500 back to protect the whole electronics and be used directly as a tripod for the camera. You open the case, place the camera, and everything is protected behind the AR500 back plate of the case…

        • You could also take an AR500 target and place it behind the back of the unit to protect it

          • Spidouz

            True, still doable as an alternative solution.

            However, I do like the idea to have an “all-in-one” solution. You go down to the range, the target in one hand, the camera system in the other one… no need for anything else, no need for cables, tripod, plate, whatever… just drop it on the floor, make sure it’s in the axis (even better if it would be a remotely controlled multidirectional zoom camera like some webcam) and done!

            Technically, it’s possible, there’s plenty of Ethernet camera that do allow this kind of feature. Maybe it will be part of the new Ammo Can solution I just saw… Who knows?

          • We are testing a Pan, Tilt, Zoom solution. We are always cost conscious, and try to find the best quality balanced with value.

          • Spidouz

            Good to know! Yeah, maybe for the next version or for a “premium” version in an AR500 Ammo can sold a little bit more expensive to cover the extras… I’m just thinking out loud 😉

          • We appreciate and consider all feedback. In over 5000 units in use worldwide we have had little to no hits on the equipment. I believe one was hit in a crossfire situation. I do understand your concern, we do offer our 2 year downrange protection plan for $29.95 that covers the system even if hit by a bullet – yours or someone else’s! 🙂

          • Spidouz

            Nice! It’s good to know… I’m not worry about my bullets (I mean, if I screw it, I’ll assume), but I’m very concerned about someone else’s, mainly when I see some of the guys at the range… LOL!

            Thanks for the info! I’ll keep an eye on the new Ammo Can… Christmas’s coming 😀

          • We’ll post the complete review within a couple of weeks after getting the unit. That’s my plan anyway. That should answer any remaining questions you may have.

          • Spidouz

            Thanks a lot for the info and the great work!

          • Thank you sir!

          • And do a very good job at it—-

          • Very true–all of the other units I’ve tested come in a large case with a bunch of cables, antennas, tripod, router, batteries and a bunch of other gear. This software is easy to use unlike some others which takes hours of reading the manual to understand and use.

    • You can position it below the target looking up as well. We also have our Bullseye AmmoCam product that has a smaller footprint and is designed for public range situations.

    • Like Bullseye Camera posted just place it in front which is very easy with the new one. Just lean it back and prop it up.

  • Gunnutmegger

    The downside is having to keep 2 devices charged up in the field (camera and tablet).

  • Guys we have the new Ammo Can version coming for review. One self contained unit in an ammo box with the camera mounted inside. That and a cell phone is all you need.

    • John Swinkels

      Mate its getting better all the time.camera mated to a cellphone is the way to go.
      similar to the more advanced trail cams with a sim card.data is cheaper to use than making a gsm call as its part of the plan.

  • CTF

    Tactical corset, on a dude.

  • John Double

    Pretty handy when you shot long distance.

    • They have a 300 yard standard model and a long range version for 1000 yards + I believe it was. The long distance version uses an antenna at the base with your laptop.

      • Phil – all our versions support iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Laptops. The software is the same for all versions, just the hardware differs to accomplish the different distances/goals.

  • It’s a really cool idea. I’d love to give it a try myself!

  • Joe

    Cool? Yes
    Useful? Yes
    Overpriced for what it delivers? Hell yes

    • Grindstone50k

      You can automatically record your shots with a spotting scope that costs about the same?

    • Joe – it’s not just a camera system – we have dedicated software for iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows Base Laptops (Mac OSX Coming Soon). The software allows you to see each shot flash when you shoot, so you can see exactly where you have hit. It also allows you to save your handload information, catalog firearms, etc.

      If you are looking for a cheaper solution, we offer the Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition for $349 that works out to 300 yards.

  • Aaron Russell


  • Jon

    That is a pretty cool tool!!!!

  • ghost

    I like this. If I could afford it. Should take less time to zero in. I know everybody has their own version, but my idea of “zero” is when I hit what I am shooting at. 300 meters is good enough, anything further than that, I can get a head start leaving town.

  • Geoffry K

    I could see using this for 300 to 1000 yards. At 100 or 200, not so much. If you can’t see the holes in your target through your scope, get new eyes. Any spotting scope that will let you see a 30 caliber hole at 1000 yards would probably cost as much. This would definitely be for the die-hard long range target shooters. Not so much for the everyday plinker at 100 yards. Heck, my AR-15 only cost $60 more than this system. But I wouldn’t turn one down if someone was to offer one to me. For free.

    • One thing to consider, is that even at 100 or 200 yards, once you have shot 5, 10, 20 times, you can not longer accurately determine where you last shot was no matter how good of optics you have. Our software “blinks” the last shot, or group of shots, so you can shoot the same target 100+ times and still easily see where you hit. Saves time and ammo when sighting in and practicing. For $349 it’s affordable to most shooters. 🙂

  • John Swinkels

    As i have said elsewhere iam not sure having the camera so close to the target is such a good idea.unless you want to sell a lot of cameras.I have experimented with this concept also as i install security cameras for a living. I used a sony 22 power zoom lens and could make out the target clearly at 100 mtrs. you still need a power supply for the camera but it sits at the bench with your laptop.a software programme would have been a bonus but out of my league .otherwise i believe its a great idea and i knew someone was going to put it all together.