Bullseye Camera System Review

    248 Shooter has reviewed the Bullseye Camera System, a wireless camera that can connect to a PC, phone or tablet and show you, and record, your shots. He writes

    At first glance, it’s easy to scoff at this product and think, “What do I need this for I have binoculars”. The truth is yeah you can use binoculars but much like some people prefer a semi auto pistol to a revolver, new technology offers shooters advancements if they are willing to upgrade.

    One such advantage and advancement this tool offers is the Bullseye Target Manager Software. This software included on the USB stick in each package is a Windows-based program that allows you to record, store and retrieve tons of information. Locations, firearms, ammunition, and target distances allow you to keep track of your performance and create a library of information to use in adjusting your optics.

    It looks a lot more convenient than using spotting scope, but the main downside to me would be having to carry more gear to the range and taking longer to setup my equipment.

    Steve Johnson

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