DLamz sent us a photo of his Accuracy International rifle/stock collection. They are (left to right) …

  1. Custom Remington 700 in .308win with AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System)
  2. Custom Stiller 7mm WSM with AX AICS
  3. Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (AW) in .243 Win
  4. Accuracy International AX in .308 Win.

This is an impressive collection of long range tack drivers. I can see that writing up the POTD posts is going to be a constant drain on my credit card …

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  • USMC03Vet

    How much to touch?

    • Cornelius Carroll

      If you have to ask…

  • Guest

    • hami

      Shoot the foot, get a kill

    • Mystick

      I miss that game. AWPeons!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Heh, way more than $1000 in bipods alone 😉

    Atlas lover I see. Man I tried, I own two, ran them for a couple years…. Moving back to Harris (and LaRue/Harris)

    • Nicks87

      What made you switch back? I’ve always used Harris bipods, liked them, never really had a reason to try anything else.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Atlas are made well, but they pivot on a ball, they are “loose” in every direction until you load it. But… If you can’t load it, it’s wobble city. There are times you just cannot load a bipod.

        So on the Harris, I can deploy and retract WAY faster and with one hand.

        There are things the atlas is unbeatable at, like if you want steady on a very narrow beam, you can position on 45 forward and one 45 back, that’s cool. If you would had to load backwards, atlas can do that. But I find I would do that about a million time less often than just deploy normally.

        The atlas is great if you only need one and can drop $290 on a bipod, but I’m not going to do that for a 22lr. I never load at 45degrees. It rattles and is too loose for walking around. Deploys slowly.

        If you get on the hype train at Snioershide, they would eat anyone who talks bad about atlas bipods alive. But… All the best shooters I know, the people that win events like Orgeon Sniper Challange, 24hr Sniper whatever, Steel Challange, almost exclusively use Harris or some version of.

        I’d be interested in an Atlas v2 thst takes features from harris, but as of right now, I think there may be a lot of hype from people that paid $290 for a bipod.

        • Nicks87

          Yeah I just have a hard time spending that much money on the high end ones when the Harris bipods work just fine for me. I guess, like you said, there are circumstances where they might come in handy.

  • MoPhil

    Insane amount of money spent here. But I don’t have to complain: I own a Barrett MRAD with .308 Conversion Kit and a Sako TRG-42. :-/ 😀

    • Nicks87

      Long range is a rich man’s game. I’ve seen some great budget builds but at the end of the day the guys that spend the most money have the least amount of trouble ringing the furthest gongs.

      • noob

        *cough* tracking point *cough*

        • Commonsense23

          Except tracking point doesn’t solve long range shootings biggest problem. Making the wind call.

  • Michael

    Would love an AI, but way too much money,
    Only worth it for very long range shooting. And I am too cheap to buy match grade ammo, which you would also need.