DP-12 Double Barreled Pump Shotgun

We posted an image of this earlier this year. Apparently it is exclusive to Cheaper Than Dirt. According to Michael Bane’s article, the DP-12 MSRP is estimated to be $1k. They make some obvious remarks about the KSG and the UTS15. I hope to see this shotgun at SHOT SHOW 2015 in a couple months.  The DP-12 was designed to merge the best of a double barreled shotgun and a pump shotgun. So you have the capacity and loading of a pump. The most intriguing aspect is how the second barrel is fired.There is a single trigger. You press it to fire the right barrel and then you press it again to fire the left barrel.

According to this flyer, the DP-12 is made of billet aluminum and has a recoil shock absorber.


Nicholas C

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  • Zachary marrs

    CTD exclusive? F#ck that.

    • Standard Velocity

      Exactly. CTD was #1 in line to price gouge during the 2013 ammo shortage.
      Never getting a dime of my money even if they do have a really cool looking gun with little to no practical application that has already been done better by someone else.

      • The Shepard

        Your an idiot. The GREAT AMMO SHORTAGE of 2013. LMAO How did we ever survive the price gouging by CTD. Go back to the barn the Shepard needs to sheer you again.

        • John

          It wasn’t the gouging that was the problem, lots of websites did that. It was the fact that they canceled people’s orders, when those people ordered first, so they could sell magazines and ammo to people who paid more for them.

          Also their shipping prices are asinine and their warehouse “system” is patently ridiculous and exists solely to make you pay more.

          • Tim U

            Exactly. Prices fluctuate. But what CTD did was just plain unethical to make more money. An order is a contract, you don’t break it because you realize you can charge someone else more and they’ll pay it. Change the price going forward if you must, but honor the deals already made.

          • Sam Green

            You forgot about their $99 PMAG

          • RegT

            And when they were selling their $99 Pmag, Brownell’s offered a 10-pack of Pmags for $125 – $12.50 apiece. They didn’t have them in stock, but filled _every_ order (including mine 🙂 at that price when they were able to get them. Brownell’s did not take advantage of their customers the way CTD did.

        • Secundius

          I find it interesting the their an Ammo Shortage, and receive 6 e-mail alerts offering between 25% to 50% off on ammunition Surplus. How can there be a Surplus of Ammunition, when there’s a Shortage of Ammunition. That’s an oxymoron…

          • Rick

            so you actually buying 22LR? or getting “alerts” that are sold out the minute you received them?

          • Secundius

            @ Rick.

            Have you considered .22Long (.222/5.6×15.6mm) instead of .22LR (.2256/5.73×15.57mm) ammunition…

          • Rick

            I have an old High Standard (mid 60’s vintage) I inherited from my father. that is very picky about the ammo it takes. Too light and it stovepipes, too hard and it can crack the frame over time. Very few semiautos will cycle with the “wrong” ammo.
            I don’t have any bolt rifles currently, those took everything, even 22 short.

      • Rick

        still was a few weeks ago. When a 50 round box is listed for over $25, (and this is the internet price) something is wrong.

    • J S

      ^^^absolute best response.^^^

  • Steven Ling

    Not sure how this has an advantage over a normal combat shotgun? Perhaps less lethal ammo could be loaded into one magazine, giving the operator a choice depending on threat level?

    • TimothyT

      It’s a pump action gun that can fire twice. You can’t choose which tube it feeds from as it uses both.

      • Steven Ling

        Then that’s what engineers should focus on. Design a shotgun with two independent tubes of different ammunition. Once would be “less lethal”, the other normal.

        • Zachary marrs

          Uhh, you are looking at the keltec ksg

        • Will

          You’re not going to find many people who want to mix lethal and less lethal in the same weapon.

          • dan citizen

            sadly, I think many will.

        • Tallen

          It’s called the KSG. The author of the source article talks some smack about the UTAS-15 and KSG then goes on to say he’d load one tube with buckshot and one with slugs forgetting he has no control over which barrel is firing. Additionally he has no criticism about this prototype he handled. I for one am curious about the trigger pull. Kel-Tec mass-produces the best bullpup triggers in the world and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. This gun may have better reliability than the UTAS but I don’t see it matching the KSG.

          • RegT


            Spot on, sir. Being able to switch back and forth at will on the KSG is what makes it far superior to this DP-12, even without considering how much lighter it is.

            However – carrying lethal and less-than-lethal ammo in the same weapon is a disaster waiting to happen. Too easy to forget which tube was selected, and use a lethal round when you meant to use less-than-lethal.

            Remember the cop in San Francisco, IIRC, at a BART subway station – who meant to pull his Taser, and pulled his duty pistol instead, killing the man he wanted to simply subdue?

    • wetcorps

      Even if it had two triggers, shooting more than one time with one side would force you to eject fresh rounds from the other side.

    • Nicholas Chen

      As others have mentioned this shotgun will fire from both tubes. You cannot select the round you want to fire. Unlike the KSG or UTS-15, you can manually select one tube to load from. Then switch to the other tube on command. This shotgun has to fire the first and second shot. If you don’t it will extract a live round and you wasted that shot.

  • Vladof

    finaly my childoud dream come true 🙂 did you remember the “super shotgun” from Quake2 ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1cIgpDoYJk

    • Ah, the beloved super shotgun. Childhood here I come again.

  • mechamaster

    Remind me of this fictional Wolfenstein shotgun although it’s different concept.

    • Vladof

      yeah but the concept is much more older 🙂 remember Quake2 from Id Software (this game is good in every aspect, try the OST) http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8377/8380157323_75acc98e02_c.jpg

      • mechamaster

        Id Software shotgun is very cool !

        • Jean Luc Picard

          Actually quake II’s shotgun was based on a single barrel twin top magazine shotgun. The neostead 2000

  • ghost

    I lost count of which barrel I fired first. Lethal or nonlethal. Do you feel lucky punk?

  • Tim U

    Unique, sure. But the only possible advantages I’m seeing are the bullpup style to cut down OAL and the capacity. the trade off being higher cost and added complexity.

    Any other good points?

    • iksnilol

      This one is much simpler mechanically than the KSG or UTS15.

      • Tim U

        Simpler than a ksg? Sure. Simpler than a conventional pump action or double barrel? Not at all.

      • Laserbait

        I’m not sure it’s mechanically simpler than a KSG with having 2 x the barrels and that trigger.

        • iksnilol

          Trigger is the same mechanism as in double barrel shotguns. Two barrels with each having its own mag tube is simpler than one barrel with switchable dual mag tubes.

          • RegT

            And it absolutely removes any choice of what you fire. Each rack of the slide reloads whatever ammo you have in the mags, with no choice of slug vs buck. If you have buck on one side and slugs on the other, your second trigger pull fires a slug, whether you want it or not. The only plus is that the DP-12 allows a quicker second shot.

            The KSG allows you to choose, via the mag lever, which magazine will load, giving you a choice if you have buck in one tube and slugs in the other. Give me a KSG over the DP-12 any day.

          • iksnilol

            why is the whole mixing tubes thing seen as a plus? Noone is going to have lethal and less lethal ammo in the same gun, mixing slugs and buckshot isn’t smart either because operator error or because you will eventually need one ammo type but have only the other left in the gun (i.e. need buckshot but the remaining tube has slugs).

            + you can fire two rounds before pumping instead of the pump-fest (that sounds kinda dirty now that I think about it) that is the KSG or UTS.

          • RegT


            Anyone who has worked in law enforcement or in the military will tell folks who don’t know any better – such as yourself – that there are many situations where you may wish to shoot a slug instead of buckshot. Magpul has training classes in which they teach the proper way to quickly switch from one to the other with semi-auto or pump shotguns. With two separate magazines, the option is already there, and each tube can be reloaded with the proper rounds easily and quickly.

            With the DP-12 you have no choice.

            Please show a little maturity and realize that your ignorance doesn’t mean someone else’s experience is “stupid”. You’ll notice I haven’t called you stupid, merely ignorant.

          • iksnilol

            If Magpul has these classes then why is nobody talking about them and why can’t I find out anything about them (my Google-Fu ain’t weak)?

            And no matter how you cut it, having lethal and less lethal ammo in one gun is stupid. There is a reason why police and a bunch of other people have separate shotguns for lethal and less lethal (usually they have orange markings on them).

          • RegT


            Magpul has training classes which they have filmed, producing a set of DVDs which can be purchased and used to educate yourself on the versatility of shotguns and how to properly operate other various types (pump, semi-auto, etc.)


            If you were any kind of “operator”, you would know this. I am not demeaning you, simply trying to get you to be honest. Being ignorant means you do not possess the knowledge, not that you aren’t bright enough to utilize it, if you had it.

          • iksnilol

            I know about their shotgun classes and all but you are the first and only (so far) person to mention quickly changing ammo types with shotguns.

          • RegT


            Then you obviously have not watched their videos. They have an entire section on switching/speed loading slugs in place of buckshot.

          • RegT


            Are you a liberal? Do you really imagine that simply because _you_ can’t think of a reason that no reason exists? Have you never heard of an officer shooting at a vehicle that is trying to run him down? Have you ever fired buckshot at a vehicle windshield, and seen it deflected? Have you ever fired a slug at a windshield and seen it pass completely through, continuing through the driver’s seat? I’ve done it myself, when training with the San Diego Police Department, back in the early ’80s.

            Get a little experience in the real world before convincing yourself you know all the answers, buddy. Find some police officers or some military men who have done more than march in a parade. I knew a guy from Sweden who went to Africa as part of a UN response, and he saw some real action, so I know there are folks in your part of the world who could straighten you out.

  • Giolli Joker

    It’ s ugly… UTAS15 and KSG have a visual balance that this one is lacking.
    And unlike some homemade Rem1740’s, this, having a single trigger, can’t legally be made to shoot twice with one trigger pull… that’s a pity. 🙂
    Basically I don’t see a reason for this gun to ever be designed other than will to make something odd, in that case they should couple it with Arsenal Firearms double barrel 1911.

  • William Johnson

    I expect to see this is some scifi movie in the near future.

  • blargh
  • William Johnson

    Bang, bang, cycle does get the 2nd round on target faster. I assume their is a mechanism for preventing you from cycling the action prior to the 2nd short, unless you want to. Based on another video on the internet, it appears to eject down behind the pistol grip. Coming soon to a sci-fi movie near you.

  • dan citizen

    “he most intriguing aspect is how the second barrel is fired.There is a single trigger. You press it to fire the right barrel and then you press it again to fire the left barrel.”

    Kind of like all other single trigger, double barrel shotguns.

  • wetcorps

    OK I fond a use for this: keep it for home defense, and say Mr. Biden told you to.

  • Saw/handled one at NRAAM.

    Hopefully their production units will be of better quality than their prototypes. Like, orders of magnitude better.

  • How about a bullpup shotgun with one magazine tube to keep it simple & reliable? Anybody? *crickets*

    • Cymond

      Mossberg did it a few decades ago. Supposedly they did not sell well. It probably didn’t help that they’re incredibly ugly. It’s just a standard 500 in a bullpup arrangement.
      I once saw one in the add bulleting for $300 back in college. I wish I had scraped together the money for one, because they sold for a fair bit more than that online.

      • st4

        I’ve always wanted one of these only because I recall them in 80’s action flicks for being, ‘futuristic.’ They’re like the hipster version of the SPAS12.

        • I shouldered one at the Kentucky bullpup event this year. It was . . . weird.

      • 10/10 for anti-style style.

    • Laserbait
    • Michael Blum

      The High-Standard Model 10 was a one-tube bullpup shotgun. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Standard_Model_10

  • mosinman

    I’m not an engineer but I personally would have used two triggers arranged vertically, kind of like a paintball gun, allowing you to fire one or both barrels, although it would probably be hated by most shooters.

    • iksnilol

      I would too do that. That way you can fire both barrels at once [evil grin].

  • Would it be possible to press the trigger once and fire both barrels? Or would you have to press it two times, every time? I’d imagine they’d have some sort of option built in.

    • Cymond

      Press it 2 times, every time, as demonstrated in the video. Firing both barrels with 1 trigger would probably classify it as a “machinegun”, no different than a 2-round burst mode. Technically, it would be legal to get the same effect if it fired one round when pulled and another when released, but that would give you 2 separate recoil impulses instead of 1 big kick.

      • Ah, okay, sorry. I forgot all the cool stuffs illegal.

  • Cymond

    I think maybe they did it just because they can, after years of jokes about double-barrel pump-action shotguns.

    The second barrel will probably make it a bit muzzle-heavy.

    How long until Bubba modifies it to fire both barrels? Of course, it would be illegal in the US to modify it to fire 2 shots with 1 trigger pull, but I’m sure someone will put it on Youtube.
    On second thought, what is the setup on that Arsenal double-barrel 1911? One trigger or 2?

    • iksnilol

      Two triggers really close to eachother on the Arsenal.

  • Axel

    Wow! Quake2!! The nostalgia is rushing through my veins!

  • ChrisK

    So… it’s two complete bullpup pump shotguns with extended tubes arranged side-by-side with one trigger group? How much does it weight, 37 pounds?

    • iksnilol

      Doubt it will weigh more than 5-7 kg.

      • ChrisK

        My Mossberg JM Pro weighs just under 8 pounds empty. The Mossberg 500 Bullpup weighs just over 9 pounds empty. Even if they don’t double the weight (saving a bit here and there, like with the unified trigger group), it’s still likely to be over 15 pounds, for only 60% more rounds than I have (and a pump, while I have a semi). And the shells add more too – 10 12 GA shells weigh about 1 lb (my JM is just about 9 lb empty), so you’re adding another nearly 10oz in extra ammo (6 shells), with a loaded weight of nearly 17 pounds, at best.

        That’s as much as an M249… really? How is this thing useful?

        • iksnilol

          Eh, not said it was useful. Heck, shotguns in general aren’t useful. That’s why I don’t even have one.

          • RegT


            There you go again. If shotguns weren’t useful every law enforcement agency and every military in the world would get rid of the millions that they issue to their troops. I’ve been in the military and have also worked for five different law enforcement agencies, all of whom issued and trained us in the proper use of shotguns.

            Are you British? Is that why you are ignorant about firearms?

          • iksnilol

            For me they are not practical. .308 and .22 LR does everything a shotgun can while being much quieter (in Norway suppressors are uncontrolled) and much more accurate.

            That and shotgun ammo is much bulkier and heavier. For two 12 gauge shells you can have 6 7.62×39 or about 8 rounds of 5.56 and don’t get me started on .22 LR.

            Sure, shotguns are more usedul for less lethal and breaching than a rifle.

            Not ignorant, just see things differently.

        • Laserbait

          The only bonus that I see is that the weight is closer in to your body, so it should make the weight easier to mitigate. At least that’s been my experience with bullpups.

  • TDog

    While it certainly looks cool, weight and reliability are my top concerns. A pump is simple, a double-barrel is simple… mashing them together may not be that simple.

    • iksnilol

      They did it the simplest way possible. It is just two pump shotguns next to eachother.

      • TDog

        I read the full article and it looks like a larf and a half. I want one… because in getting one, I’ll actually be getting two! ;-D

        • iksnilol

          Buy another trigger and a hacksaw and you get two shotguns. That has to be a good deal.

  • iksnilol

    I like it, no complex switch magazine system. It is much simpler mechanically than a KSG or UTS. That and, y’know… double barrels are better by default.

  • boo

    I can see this as a cool skeet shooting option, if the ergonomics are good.

    but Cheaper than Dick’s can kiss my pale white ass if they think i am handing any money over to their filthy liberal gun grabbing paws *breaths heavily*

    ok im done.

  • Countryboyfx4

    So does this count as a “Joe Biden gun” you know fire your double barrel shotgun and scare off intruders? This one just has fast ability to reload!

  • echelon

    Great…now KelTec will get out the Sue Hammer…

    • Laserbait

      Why? Did they sue Ruger? UTAS?

      • echelon

        This was kind of a joke post…I had commented on Magpul’s suit against ETS and SlideFire’s suit against Bump Fire previously. Then I saw this and thought it was funny since the new design draws…inspiration from the KSG. 😉

  • Laserbait

    From CTD, oh hell no. Not interested. I’ll wait until they’re no longer “exclusive”.

  • ihatelibs

    I saw a clip on Cam and Company last night on a Double Barrel Bolt action Rifle . Chambered in a .416 . Scoped . Only because the man was charged Twice by two Elephants at once . and wanted a Faster follow up shot . it also had a clip for 2 or 4 more loads . Now That’s what you call Wicked . Made in 1989 I think

  • Secundius


    The CSMC or The Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company, produced 79,000 shotguns over a 13-year period (or, ~6,077/year). From 2008 to 2011, they produced ~6,100 shotguns (or, ~2,033/year). Today, they produce ~345 shotguns per year. Do you see where this is going. If a company producing only 345 shotgun per year, going to meet the demand of a shotgun hungry society all wanting to get their hands on DP-12. Where the asking price starts at $1,000.00 USD. I’ll let you do the math…

    • RegT


      I imagine CSMC understands that the DP-12 is a niche item that probably will not develop the same number of buyers that other shotgun companies generate. It is an interesting – if unwieldy – design, and there is always a market for the unusual (I once bought a four-barrel C.O.P. .357 Magnum derringer to use when working plainclothes for San Diego PD). They obviously make the major portion of their income from very expensive custom shotguns (all of them so very “un-useful”, per our friend Ikky), and will likely be content with manufacturing a few of them each year for sale, if they get enough business to make it worthwhile.

  • efred1

    Wasn’t this inspired by “The Simpson’s” double-barreled shotgun? There’s generally one in about every fifth episode, usually brandished by Moe the bartender.
    I personally don’t see what tactical advantage to a double-barreled pump shotgun; two barrels makes it heavy, and tube magazines are slow to reload.

  • MichaelPerkins

    Lost me at Cheaper than nobody, Price gouging pricks wont ever see a dime of mine again.

  • Adam

    Anyone remember who built the double barrel pump action in the early to mid 80’s, I think it was Jansa Arms in Australia????