Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

    So this picture was on social media. Shooting Illustrated posted this on their Facebook page and it looks like it was spotted at the NRA show. From the picture it looks like a modified Kel-Tec Shotgun. I am not really seeing the benefit to a double barreled pump shotgun. Sure having two magazine tubes in my KSG is wonderful and gives me options and higher capactiy of ammo. However I fail to see the benefit to a double barreled pump shotgun. I suppose you could have one smooth and the other rifled. Or you could have different chokes, if you have choke adapters. But I rather see tube extensions for the KSG. Or better yet, twin x-rails on the front of the KSG. I estimate it would be a 40 rd shotgun haha.

    Here is a video of someone who made their own double barreled pump Remington 870. He used left handed and right handed 870s. At 30 lbs, I don’t see this as remotely practical, but looks fun to shoot.

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