Colin sent us this beautiful photo of his MP5SDN. It was build from an original H&K MP5SD parts kit and a receiver manufactured in the US by Parabellum Combat Systems (an original receiver or complete gun would not be allowed to be imported because of the BATFE restrictions on the import of non-“Sporting” guns.) The suppressor was made by Knight’s Armament and it is topped off with a Trijicon RMR scope.

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  • Phil Hsueh

    Out of curiosity, why does it have the external suppressor when the SDs are supposed to be integrally suppressed? Is it because it needed to have the longer barrel length to be legal/not an SBR?

    • kalashnikev

      It is most definitely an SBR. SD clones can use the factory correct, ported barrel and an SD suppressor (like this one) or just a short barrel and thread on a standard can.

    • Guest

      that’s what the first ones looked like.

    • It’s still integrally suppressed. The MP5SDN variant was a request from USN on behalf of their SEAL teams. The original suppressor was susceptible to corroding in salt water so Knight’s Armament designed a stainless steel version.

  • that is dead sexy. i am tempted on an sbr build but i want a full auto so bad!

    • Cymond

      Well assuming you want to get a transferrable machinegun (as opposed to becoming a manufacturer like Alex C.), you can build a SBR now, and then install a transferrable trigger pack (or sear?) when you can afford it.

      • yeah, sbr only because i don’t have 20k+ laying around

        • HSR47

          Most of the big dealers are selling them for closer to 25k these days…

  • Stevie T

    I wonder if slidefire will ever build a bumpfire stock for these?

  • Mike s

    If you want a clone built I would suggest contacting Jeff aka ghilliebear from Parabellum Combat Systems. His work, customer service, and turnaround time are unsurpassable. I have one of his great clone creations and I am already looking to do another build in the future.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I’ve heard nothing but good things when it comes to Ghilliebear and his work. I’m planning on adding one of his creations to my collection sooner or later, Hopefully sooner.