H&K G36 used by Czech Police

At least the Police in Brno are using the H&K G36 with an Eotech. Saw this officer looking official, there were some police cars and a police van up the street but you couldn’t see anything. I was more interested in the weapon he was wielding.

As you can see, he has two mags clamped together.
Police G36 1 Police G36 2 Police G36 3


Kind of hard to tell, but I believe the handgun is a CZ-75

Police G36 4 Police G36 5 Police G36 6

Nicholas C

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  • Dave

    That is indeed the grip of a CZ Shadow

  • Kovacs Jeno

    The pistol is a CZ75 D Compact PCR (Policia Ceska Republika).


    • J.T.

      Probably that or a P-01.

  • ColaBox

    Poor man using an HK…where his 805 Bren?

    • Moose

      Department probably bought the g36s before the 805 came out. So it’d be tough to justify new guns just because they are made in country.

  • Sam Schifo

    For the record that is a G36C variant.

  • USMC03Vet

    Traffic cops sure take their job seriously over there.

    Tier 0 operator status confirmed.

  • gggplaya

    When I was inthe Bahamas a few years ago on Nassau island. The security guard for the bank was weilding an m4 rifle in much the same manner.

  • Lance

    The G-36is a short G-36K model.

    • Michał Łukasiewicz

      G36C actually.

    • LCON

      Nein!! Itz Heckler und Koch G36C! Is Equal to Your American Mk18 Or Kolt Kommando, OR Russian AKS74U. Has a Barrel of 9 inches for you Americans who have yet to adopt the Proper Metric system. The G36Kurtz has 12.5 Inch barrel a full two inches Shorter then M4. And G36 has a 18.9 inch barrel 1.1 Inches Shorter then M16.

  • iksnilol

    Clamped mags are common among law enforcement in Europe. Allows you easier access to another mag since don’t have to mess around with pouches.

  • James Young

    That’s the best looking G36 I’ve seen. The full length ones are ugly, but that one looks awesome.

  • James Young

    Why is a police officer walking around with a rifle? Did something happen?

    • Man pippy

      Strange that he doesn’t have a shotgun with less than lethal rounds. Or at least have a taser. Maybe the pistol has rubber bullets.

      • DavyJones

        I highly doubt it….

    • Actually in some countries officers carrying a rifle or sub gun is standard procedure.

  • avconsumer2

    Tactical as f**k.

  • John Kelly

    Replace the pistol with a Glock (17?) or a Walter p99 and that’s a pretty much standard load out for british armed police.

  • PJJohnny

    It´s member of SPJ (Speciální pořádková jednotka – Anti riot unit), primary task is antirioting. But in this days this unit among all Czech republic start working like less intesive SWAT unit. G36 is primary assault rifle for czech police and this man have CZ 75D as side arm – stadart pistol of czech police. CZ805 is not very popular among armed forces, because first series don´t work very well and after udpgrade by CZ is CZ805 still too heavy on front and rails are sharp. And optic´s from Meopta are just … bad.