Caracal’s New Line of Pistols


After the complete recall of every Model C pistol made by the company, Caracal announced a replacement line of striker-fired pistols.  These pistols were announced in late 2013, and shown at the 2014 SHOT Show.

When I spoke with a Caracal rep at the show, he advised the major difference between the old and new pistols was the slide design.  He told me that the old design used a two piece slide, while the new design uses a slide machined from a single piece of metal.  While he declined to provide a detailed analysis of the semi-famous Caracal kaboom, he definitely gave me the impression that high pressure rounds were too much for the original slide design.

The new pistols are identified as the CP660, CP661 and CP662.  In general terms, they can be described as full size, compact and subcompact respectively, and replace the old Model F, Model C and Model SC.

According to the rep at the SHOT Show, the pistols are currently only in 9mm, but other calibers will be forthcoming.  The company’s “quick sights” will be available as an option on these handguns.  The Caracal representative was not able to provide a date the guns will be available for sale in the US.

Thanks to Gene for the tip.

Richard Johnson

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  • suchumski

    I do not drive arab cares, do not eat arab burgers, do not drink arab vodka

    and do not need any arab guns.

    The Caracal pistol is a series of semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Caracal International L.L.C.[1] a subsidiary of Tawazun Holding from the United Arab Emirates. Newly arrived on a competitive market, the Caracal pistol series are the first pistols made in the United Arab Emirates…..

    • floppyscience

      I’m assuming you dislike Arabs for some reason. What you have against the UAE in particular I have no idea, given they’ve been strong allies of the US for 40 years. It’s not Saudi Arabia. They don’t fund our enemies and aren’t religious fanatics. It’s a developed, (mostly) secular, friendly nation. It’s also about the only Arab country you can get bacon and alcohol. 😀

      • Lange

        Their human rights profile is shoddy at best.
        What’s more important: it is a country without an industrial basis to speak of, with few skilled engineers of it’s own, with few skilled workers, let alone gunsmiths. These guns are being constructed by foreigners, the production is overseen by foreigners. Firearms construction experience is rare in this country. I would not trust such a company to produce to the same standards as a company formed by engineers and workers with a background in firearms. The recall only reinforces that picture.
        I would also not trust a company formed from nothing, in a place not known for it’s industry, but all the more for it’s political instability, to exist and ship for the possible service life of a gun.

        • javierjuanmanuel

          Also its at the whim of a guy who did not earn his money in industry. White people showed up, told his grandpa there was oil, they sat around the last 100 years and took 6% off the top. It is like a crazed trust fund brat telling someone how to build a sky scraper etc.

          I do not care if the kid went to top schools in EU. He is still a sheltered, billionaire brat.

          He is the end of the line, so if he nixed something, and you want a job, you just go along with it. There is no other job down the road, and i do not even know if he will give you a visa to leave and go get another job.

          I would not trust him to find good people, or even care. This is a fun distraction from screwing models on the french riviera. From racing cars, from racing boats etc.

          This is like when athletes and entertainers think because they have $30 million, they can run a huge night club, breed racing horses, and start a restaurant. They end up broke.

          This sultan will just throw more money at in and in ten years they will be good.

      • Guest

        Human rights issues aside:
        How good is this company, created out of thin air and petrodollars in a country without an industry, let alone a firearm industry to speak of? How long will it exist in such a politically volatile region?

        • javierjuanmanuel

          The king, prince, or sultan etc started it. It was mentioned more in the early days of the company a few years ago.

          It will exist as long as this guy is king, prince, sultan and is worth billions to tens of billions.

          I doubt he has 20 million bucks tied up in the company. He liked has a multiple of that in cars sitting idly at houses he never visits.

          I liked the design in terms of looks and ergos, i warned others about jumping on board to soon. Not because they are not white, but because they do not make anything there.

      • Sulaco

        Post removed by writer.

      • suchumski

        oh yea, they are real angles, or how you call the bosses of hell.
        they are allies? oh, what we call allies now.
        no, i just know the histori of
        the company and
        the conditions
        the workers in the arab penincula live in. further i know the
        produkt they sold before of this, no thanks, ill stand with western stuff.

        Kings, Sultans, Emirs, Diktators are no man’s allies, nor mine.

  • patrickiv

    So are we going to get pictures of these new models or what?

  • floppyscience

    I really don’t like he forward slide serrations but I like that they’re re-introducing the Compacts.

    What boggles my mind about the kB! and Caracal’s reaction is that there was only one reported worldwide and they only recalled the C models. What about all the fullsize F models? Did they have two-piece slides too? If not, why did the C and F differ in such a major way? Why wasn’t the C just a smaller F like every other pistol series out there?

    • Steve Truffer

      compact = smaller slide & barrel mass = more rapid opening. Throw in +P+ pressures, and the C couldn’t take it.

  • John

    Their hammer fired pistols look interesting but I would prefer the new Russian/Italian pistol being imported into the US. I wish they would also import the KBP Gsh-18.

    • mechamaster

      Love the Gsh for capability to shot P+ armor piercing 9x19mm and interesting rotating barrel pistol.

    • Raven

      I find the Russian 7N21 kinda funny in a way. NATO countries go through all this effort of designing specialized PDW rounds that gain very little acceptance (5.7×28 4.6×30, 6.5x25CBJ etc…), and what do the Russians do? They just take a standard 9×19 case, load it with a super-light steelcore bullet and run it at upwards of 41,000PSI (for 7N21, the even hotter 7N31 is probably higher).

  • dp

    It amuses me how people adopt belief that something “machined out of billet” or “from single piece” is something like guarantee of better quality. Of course it is not. When machining something out of chunk you first of all disrupt fiber created during rolling process. Further, tool marks and sharp corners add to potential weak points. Conversely, composite design, if done right may be more integral and even stronger; it depends on detail od design conduct. Case in point – earlier SIG and HK pistols slides are made that way and no one doubts their quality. But for argument’s sake let’s believe that new Caracal is indeed a better gun.

  • ABeiruty

    The question is when those new pistols would be available for sale in US. All other blah blah is just noise. Caracal is a solid co with solid background. A sisiter co to Caracal is Merkel

  • Lance

    Apart from a GSH-18 other striker fired pistols are just Glock rip offs. YAWN

  • strongarm

    On last a few decades, there is a manufacturing method used by gunmakes called as “MIM”

    and its weight limit is roughly about 250 grams at heaviest. This is very near to the “C”
    model Caracal slide weight and most probably the producers wanted to build those slides
    using this way. Optimal weight of this process is about 60-80 grams and though it gives
    durable units very close to the spects of cast or forged pieces, its density is not higher than
    98 percent of original and on at limit weights it needs near perfect quality conrol which
    Caracal people seems unsuccesfull if they choosed that method.

    The handness of broken Caracal “C” slides, was about 30 Rockwell C which was soft for a
    piece like slide and this value tends to be bent rather been cracked.

    It seems that Caracal people has changed the manufacuring process.

    • strongarm

      It should be stated that, MIM and Investment cast process is not same. There
      are numerous investment cast slides in existence, but even not one MIM examle known. Investment cast slides with suitable alloys gives nearly same

      spects with forged kinds. MIM unıts shrink roughly 30 percent of starting size
      when finished and old Caracal C slides might be made using that way for the
      first time in the World.

      On the other hand, it was said that, old Caracal C slides were also made as
      cut from solid billets, but slide and breechbolt being of separate pieces. In
      current products it is said slide and breechbolt is made as a unitary piece as
      cut from billets thereby blaming of old type partial construction.

  • spencer60

    I loved my Caracal C and I’m really PO’d that they are taking this long to come up with a replacement.

    Sadly, they have horrible customer service as well, and don’t seem to understand the concept of returning phone calls or updating people who call them when there is new information.

  • kikassfem

    The Caracal is the most beautiful handgun I have ever seen. End of story. Why can’t a reliable manufacturer obtain the design or entice the original design team to design a similar weapon that is engineered with enough changes as to avoid any design infringements and get this out to the American public. I would love to have this in a .22 for target practice and a 9mm for general use. I am female, so the design has particular appeal. FYI: Caracal is a desert animal that is as sleek as a panther, and this weapon definitely reflects that.

  • EaziPZ

    I have one each of each brand of current striker fired polymer pistols, XD,Glocks, Steyr, Ruger SR9c,FNS9,PDQ. The Caracal C was by far my favorite. I put 3000 rounds through mine without issue. It is accurate,ergonomic, dependable and has the lowest bore axis of them all which makes recoil feel like a .22 almost.Great trigger.I shoot it better than the others too. The first time I shot it was one of my best groups ever at ten yards. I guess I should send it in finally.