Caracal’s New Line of Pistols


    After the complete recall of every Model C pistol made by the company, Caracal announced a replacement line of striker-fired pistols.  These pistols were announced in late 2013, and shown at the 2014 SHOT Show.

    When I spoke with a Caracal rep at the show, he advised the major difference between the old and new pistols was the slide design.  He told me that the old design used a two piece slide, while the new design uses a slide machined from a single piece of metal.  While he declined to provide a detailed analysis of the semi-famous Caracal kaboom, he definitely gave me the impression that high pressure rounds were too much for the original slide design.

    The new pistols are identified as the CP660, CP661 and CP662.  In general terms, they can be described as full size, compact and subcompact respectively, and replace the old Model F, Model C and Model SC.

    According to the rep at the SHOT Show, the pistols are currently only in 9mm, but other calibers will be forthcoming.  The company’s “quick sights” will be available as an option on these handguns.  The Caracal representative was not able to provide a date the guns will be available for sale in the US.

    Thanks to Gene for the tip.

    Richard Johnson

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