MAC Does a Deep Dive Shooting Review of TacCon 3MR

Released to considerable buzz, the TacCon 3MR triggers are now just starting to be released to the wild. TFB was fortunate to get a chance to shoot it at SHOTShow earlier this year. Both Chris Cheng and Alex C. posted their first impressions, and were unimpressed and impressed, respectively.

Tim of Military Arms Channel was given a trigger at the show (lucky!) and has posted his thoughts and detailed shooting attempts and successes. MAC shares that there were two triggers at the SHOT range which could explain Chris’ and Alex’s different experiences. The detailed review, including comparison to a real full-auto lower receiver is below:



MAC battles the Indiana snow to show that it is easy to rip short bursts, but mag dumps are more difficult. He admits that the cold may be affecting his trigger finger, but I had fun watching him turn money into lots of noise.

My unsolicited opinion: At best, the 3MR is a giggle-switch that can go near-full-giggle. Worst, it is an expensive single-stage trigger and that for $500, it should have an ambidextrous safety selector. Will need to go hands-on to see if the giggle is worth the steep asking price.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Fiscally_conservative

    $495? I could buy 10 stripped lowers or 2K rounds of .223 for that price. I wouldn’t want to drop that much dinero that “sorta” works. Pass

    • Fiscally_conservative

      *Edited to add: “on a trigger that ‘sorta’ works”

    • Andrew

      You lost me at “2K rounds of .223 for $495”

      • Micky

        Steel .223 is back down to 25¢/round in some places

  • TangledThorns

    Full auto or GTFO.

    • gunslinger

      i guess 500 is better than the 15k? (haven’t checked recently for a true fun-gun price)

      but if you want pseudo happy switch, why not spend 200 less on a slide fire stock, and use the extra 200 for some ammo?

  • Lance

    Looks nice but for $500 you can almost buy another AR for that price.

  • SLF F

    I’ll wait for a part 2 from MAC before I pass judgement or pony up $495 for one.

  • Simon

    the price will go down its just the hype train that’s letting them get away with $500, within 2 years it will be $300ish for sure and probably a newer easier version to use

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    To me it looks like another effort to BAN semi-auto ARs. The Congresscretin sez, “SEE! JUST DROP IN A PART! IT’s a machine gun! BAN ‘EM ALL!”
    Who is not big on people lining pockets with a disaster!

  • me ohmy

    not.. NOT ..NOTTTTtttt.. feeling a 500.00 trigger pack that then “requires” you to spend another 300 rounds to get “good with it”.. with learning curve negated by not constant familiarization drills, and practice to stay on top of the “feel”
    also I am not a fan of wasting ammo spraying hillsides and hoping for a hit..

  • Talisker

    I’ve had one since before SHOT. It works and it doesn’t require 300 rounds to get the hang of it. It took me one 30 round mag to figure it out and one more to get good at it. I’ve let 4 other people shoot it. I made them bring their own ammo. That stuff ain’t cheap! All but one had the trigger figure out within 3 mags except my cousin. He’s hopelessly Caucasian and has the rhythm of an epileptic ferret on Meth.

    This trigger DOES NOT like hard primered ammo. Every mag I tried loaded with federal XM 193 or 855 would FTF every 8-10 rounds with a light primer strike. It did this very very consistently with a 300+ round sample. I switched to PMC and the gun ran just fine with no FTF.

    With a muzzle brake keeping a burst or mag dump on target is very easy once you figure out that you need to push the muzzle up a smidge. I’ve shot 3 different brakes/uppers on my lower. The SureFire dives the worst followed by the BattleComp1.5. The BCM Comp is the least obnoxious blast wise and pretty neutrally stable when shooting a burst.

  • SAR

    Me? Not spending 500 on something that gets so many mixed reviews. When I want to play or lay down suppresive fire I’ll stick with slide fire stock. This just isn’t filling me with warm fuzzies.

    Seems like a gimmick that will pass pretty soon. It might appeal to those who have never shot full retard but eventually the hype will pass.

    Still good to see another review that confirms my impressions of this 3MR.

  • Hyok Kim

    Do we really need that loud heavy metal soundtrack? Not only this is annoying and it actually distracts from the main theme of the video.