MAC Does a Deep Dive Shooting Review of TacCon 3MR

    Released to considerable buzz, the TacCon 3MR triggers are now just starting to be released to the wild. TFB was fortunate to get a chance to shoot it at SHOTShow earlier this year. Both Chris Cheng and Alex C. posted their first impressions, and were unimpressed and impressed, respectively.

    Tim of Military Arms Channel was given a trigger at the show (lucky!) and has posted his thoughts and detailed shooting attempts and successes. MAC shares that there were two triggers at the SHOT range which could explain Chris’ and Alex’s different experiences. The detailed review, including comparison to a real full-auto lower receiver is below:



    MAC battles the Indiana snow to show that it is easy to rip short bursts, but mag dumps are more difficult. He admits that the cold may be affecting his trigger finger, but I had fun watching him turn money into lots of noise.

    My unsolicited opinion: At best, the 3MR is a giggle-switch that can go near-full-giggle. Worst, it is an expensive single-stage trigger and that for $500, it should have an ambidextrous safety selector. Will need to go hands-on to see if the giggle is worth the steep asking price.

    Nathan S

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