Another Perspective: Tac-Con 3MR

    One of the popular booths at Media Day was the Tac-Con booth with their 3MR trigger. While Chris posted his review here, I thought I would throw my opinion out as well.

    Now I am a seasoned machine gunner, and have all kinds of experience turning money into noise with them so I knew going into this that the 3MR trigger would have to do a lot to dazzle me.


    The Tac-Con booth was very cool, and they had some really tricked out ARs on display:


    The reps were very friendly and went out of there way to show me how the trigger works too:



    The fact that the third selector position is used is quite neat I think.

    I was given two magazines and a very nice AR with which to test them on. My goal on the first mag was to see how fast I could manipulate the trigger with my pointer finger:


    All in all I would say I pulled off about 450 RPM this way while keeping all my rounds on the steel. The trigger pull is light, at maybe 2.5 pounds or so.

    On the second mag I tried to manipulate the trigger with a different hand position:



    This yielded much better results, and I would say my RPM was closer to 500-550!

    The method of operation is unique. You can feel the trigger being pushed forward into your finger and the pull is about a 16th of an inch to fire the next shot.

    As for my thoughts: my rate of fire was good, but I feel that I could have done just as well with any fancy drop in sealed match trigger. However, as Chris said, with practice and more than two magazines I believe I could really make this thing run. I also do not imagine that the learning curve would be too steep. Thus, before I either give the 3MR a big thumbs up, I would really like to get one to review and drop it in one of my own ARs.

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.