New Browning Citori Shotguns

Browning Citori

Browning extends the High Grade Program for a second year with the introduction of two new Citori 12 gauge over and under shotguns.

Browning Citori

The Grade III Citori has a colored case hardened finish on the receiver with high-relief scrollwork.  The stock and forearm are made of walnut and the 28″ barrel has a ventilated top rib.  MSRP is $4,669.99.

Browning Citori

The new Grade IV Citori also has a color case hardened finish but has high relief engraving that features mallards and pheasants.  The engraving has gold enhancements.  The gun will come with a canvas and leather fitted gun case.  MSRP is $7,339.99.

Browning Citori

Between the two shotguns, only 500 total will be made.

Browning Citori

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  • Sort of a Fan

    Too bad they put the tacky Browning deer head on the trigger guard. Took it from classy to tacky. Makes me think of the tacky pink camo sweatshirts and redneck stickers on beater Chevy trucks.

  • gunslinger

    talk about craftsmanship.