The Chilean manufacturer FAMAE now has a US importer, AD&R Imports is currently bringing in Law Enforcement and dealer samples of the FAMAE product line.

The AD&R Imports website is currently just a placeholder, but they are in the process of gaining approval to import some of the FAMAE guns as semi-auto pistols for the USA civilian market. They will be selling stocks and foregrips for NFA owners that chose to convert their weapons as an AOW or SBR. The pistols currently planned are the SAF, SAF200 (shown above), Mini SAF, and SG543. It has taken a year and a halt to gain approval for the restricted firearms, it can’t be easy to import these from Chile, the earliest we can anticipate seeing these civilian legal firearms would be the fourth quarter of 2014.

Regardless of the long wait, this is great news for collectors and fans of the SIG line of rifles. Cold War rifle collectors will be anxious to hear of an SG542 import, the first time a 540/550 variant would be available in .308 to the USA market.

Listings below are From the AD&R Imports dealer price sheet, LE prices would be lower for quantity and tax exemptions.

famae usa product line

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • Very cool!

  • Brandon

    Those 5.56mm guns seem really expensive. Why would and LE agency pay that when they could get a great AR platform based rifle for less money?

    • The last sentence states that LE prices are lower than the dealer pricing shown, however that is a lot of money.

  • Chief

    This is the kind of post I like to see on TFB!

  • Proofread

    It has taken a year and a halt

    • Yeah, I saw that after it got published, my proof reading has failed you all.

    • john huscio

      Lol, With the the ATF involved, “a year and a halt” might not be a bad description of the importation process.

      • hami

        Haha that’s pretty funny right there

  • Mark

    These are….very expensive. $2700 for a 9×19 blowback?

    • Yep—pretty high dollar!

      • Mark

        I don’t want anyone to think I’m running down the product because the rifles look great and I love that Sig rifles are getting play now.

        It’s just when you make the HK 416 look like a bargain…

    • Cheaper than an H&K 😉

  • Lance

    Maybe the MP-5 clone be nice not much of a fan like Chilean ammo I tested Chilean small arms not the best quality.

    • Man pippy

      Chilean military which is respectable uses them so quality can’t be that bad.

      • Mono

        LOL nope, not respectable in any way you can think, and ask anyone who did the Mandatory Military Service. Those rifles are shitty as hell, and the SMG are worse. A LOT WORSE. Like, 3 jams per mag.

        • walter

          Take in count that rifles from mandatory military service are a very old versions with easily 30 years on service in some cases! and considering that the maintenance of them is very poor and it is made by the own privates, against the brand new ones that are going to be sold on the US or Canada. Here ( i’m chilean ) those rifles are that “bad” as you say because have a very bad treatment by the rookie soldiers recieving hits,mud,water and who knows what else during all year and years after years.

    • DW

      Grammar please?

  • Vhyrus

    I can haz pretty lazor gun nao?

  • Free Soiler

    Can someone explain to me why stamped reciever “pistols” are nearly $3000? I’ve looked at buying a Mp5 clone and the prices are outrageous, how does something that’s imported from a 2nd world country cost so damn must to make.

    • The only imported MP5 clones I know of, to come into the country recently, were the MKE’s from Turkey. Those sold for under $2k and are now worth close to $3k for really no other reason than a high demand.

  • Blake

    Looks nice, but you can get a SIG 716 for a kilobuck less than the MSRP of the SG542…

  • Congrulations America! I’m a big fan of the FAMAE family, and am pleased to see it gaining a wider audience. Make sure to manufacture lots of accessories and parts that we can buy up in Canada eh?

  • st4

    Oo… I always wanted a 552 but didn’t want to shell out close to ten grand for a genuine Swiss one. This might be the next best thing if they come here.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Nice, very nice, and no doubt quite well-made and thoroughly functional — if you read carefully, the mini-ads indicate that these weapons are selective-fire, with full auto capability. That may be one main reason for the high pricing, along with the implication that they are full Mil-Spec as well. Does anyone have additional information that can clarify or deny this?

    • The ads are from their flyer, which does not list the civilian models because they hadn’t made one for civilian models yet; they are waiting on ATF approvals (as far as I know). I am expecting pricing for the semi-auto’s to be similar.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Thanks for the clarification — much appreciated! I do hope the semi-auto model pricing will be a bit more affordable, but then again, who knows?

  • ReverendFranz

    Any news of these from SHOT show?

    • No, and they were not at SHOT. I’m following this and hope to post anything new as soon as I have anything to update. Thanks for reading.